1. SRS-XB3

    Sony SRS-XB3

    A rugged portable speaker with a price that won't make you wince

  2. Sony NW-ZX100 1

    Sony NW-ZX100

    A Hi-Res player with awesome battery life

  3. Sony NWZ-ZX2 Walkman
  4. Sony NWZ-F886

    Sony NWZ-F886

    Sony brings high-res audio to the masses with this innovative Walkman

  5. Sony CMT-V758BTiP Dock 1

    Sony CMT-V758BTiP Dock

    Sony uses 'Magnetic Fluid' to create an ultra thin Apple dock & CD player. Is it as smart as it seems?

  6. Sony CMT-CX5 Hi-Fi System 1

    Sony CMT-CX5

    Don't be seduced by cheap docks, Sony has a superior audio alternative.

  7. NWZ-B173 12

    Sony NWZ-B173

    A ciggie lighter-sized MP3 player with 4GB of internal memory and just 27g of weight.

  8. Sony SRS-BTV25

    Sony SRS-BTV25

    The Sony SRS-BTV25 is a great sounding Bluetooth speaker with a cute spherical design. But it's a flawed concept.

  9. Sony NWZ-Z1000
  10. Sony NWZ-A866

    Sony NWZ-A866

    Can Sony's latest £200-plus MP3 player really take on Apple's iPod Touch?

  11. Sony NWZ-E463

    Sony NWZ-E463

    The colourful 4GB MP3 player that'll scan through your songs to find out whether they're for rocking out, or chilling out, to.

  12. Sony RDP-M15iP

    Sony RDP-M15iP

    An iPhone dock for days in the sunshine (sun not guaranteed).

  13. Sony NWZ-B162 2

    Sony NWZ-B162

    Cheap and cheerful, this sub £30 player gives hours of playback from a 90 second charge.

  14. Sony Walkman NWZ-B152

    Sony Walkman NWZ-B152

    A 2GB gym-companion MP3 player much cheaper than an iPod shuffle.

  15. Sony Walkman A845

    Sony Walkman A845

    Sony takes on the iPod nano with built-in noise-cancellation and an OLED display.