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Trusted Reviews’ editorial independence and ethics guarantee

Earning our audience’s trust is central to what we do – it’s in our name after all – so here’s what we practice to ensure that. 

Founded in 2004, Trusted Reviews exists to give our readers thorough, unbiased and independent advice on what to buy

We do this by employing experienced expert reviewers, who thoroughly test everything they recommend, to explain what’s best for most people. It’s that simple.

This is our guarantee to our readers. Please write and tell us how we’re doing, to editor@trustedreviews.com

Who we are

Our team includes many of the most experienced technology writers in the UK. They will tell you what is and isn’t worth buying, in straightforward plain English.
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Why we’re different

Unlike other sites, we thoroughly test everything we recommend. We use industry standard tests, in properly equipped facilities, to evaluate products in order to compare them properly against each other.
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Why you should trust us

Our writers always say what they think, not what someone wants them to say. Manufacturers don’t vet our reviews and we never, ever accept money to test something. Read on for how we deliver that.

Our values

Trusted Reviews lives by six core values which we apply across everything we do:

  • Integrity: we may be critical of products or companies that we cover. Because of this, we maintain a strict separation between our editorial and advertising teams. We always say what we think, not what an advertiser wants you to hear.
  • Rigour: we make every effort to justify our opinions and views, and use standard tools to generate objective test data where possible.
  • Expertise: products are tested and reviews written by experts in their fields. That enables us to make comparisons where applicable.
  • Helpfulness: we focus on what our readers need to know and seek to deliver that in all that we do. We actively look for new ways to aid our readers’ decision-making and understand that not every product is right for everyone.
  • Enthusiasm: we have a passion for technology and innovative products, and we’ll recommend those that we think you’ll most enjoy owning, too.
  • Balance: we understand that products cost money and that value is often an important consideration when buying something new. 

We have policies designed to protect and ensure the above:

Editorial independence

Editorial independence means being able to give an unbiased verdict about a product or company, with the avoidance of conflicts of interest. To ensure this is possible, every member of the editorial staff follows a clear code of conduct:

  • The final decision on what to review is the Editor’s.
  • When covering a story, we don’t accept preconditions that restrict what we can say.
  • We don’t vet our review scores with PRs, advertisers or manufacturers.
  • We never accept money or non-cash incentives to review or score something – ever.
  • The editorial team does not review individual products in order to make money from affiliate sales, and is not made aware of any commercial relationships that exist before reviewing a product.
  • We do allow our staff members to accept small non cash gifts, provided it does not create a conflict of interest, for example gift bags. Anything worth more than £100 must be refused.
  • We occasionally allow our staff to retain review units on long term loan, in order to improve product familiarity, enable updates to our reviews, and inform coverage over time. We don’t allow kit to be retained indefinitely.
  • Some kit cannot be returned after testing, for example, electric toothbrushes. In these cases we may recycle or give it away. Kit we have bought ourselves, may be re-sold.

Professional conduct

We also expect our journalists to follow clear ethical standards in their work. Our staff members must strive for honesty and accuracy in everything they do. We follow the IPSO Editors’ code of practice to underpin these standards.

In common with other UK-based sites, we allow our staff to go to product launches in order to cover the story or get access to the product. Sometimes this involves foreign travel paid for by the manufacturer.

We don’t allow our journalists or freelance journalists, to cover manufacturers where they have a potential conflict of interest.

Our fact checking policy

Trusted Reviews writers and testers will always be as accurate and precise with their words as possible. Any statements made in reviews will be based on real world testing and pre-release articles will be clear about the source of the information. All reviews, buying advice and opinion articles are double checked for accuracy during the production process by one of the site’s editors.

Corrections and updates

The nature of technology and product releases means many articles are under continual revision. We provide updates to:

  • Correct factual errors, or, very occasionally, amend review scores based on errors in testing or due to significant revisions to the price, software or hardware of a product. We’ll make this clear when we do.
  • Conduct long-term reviews on products with a long shelf life.
  • Add new information or detail on a rolling basis, as it becomes available.
  • Include or remove products from our lists of recommended products (‘Best Lists’) as new products appear or old products stop being sold.
  • Remove content where we are subsequently informed that it infringes the intellectual property rights of a third party.

How we make money

You do not have to pay to benefit from the articles and reviews on Trusted Reviews.

We fund the costs of the editorial and development teams from the money we make from advertising and money received if you purchase a product via clicking on a price we have shown.

Price comparison and Deals units

On many of our pages, we show prices and deals to help our readers purchase a product.

When a reader completes a purchase with the selected retailer via the Trusted Reviews site, Trusted Reviews can earn a small fee. These fees are paid by the retailer to anyone who refers a customer to them (the ‘affiliate’).

Our affiliate links are either added automatically post-publication by software, or manually post publication by a member of the affiliates team. Our ‘Best overall’ and ‘Best value’ units can be added by a member of the editorial team, as they also act as summaries of our buying advice.

We automatically query thousands of products every day to try and find the best deals available for a product. We will show the cheapest price on the market that we can find unless:

  • the retailer lacks repute.
  • or generates poor rates of purchase completion (which we use as a signal of retailer quality).

Whenever possible we’ll also highlight Recommended Deals that may not be the cheapest but come with good customer service.

Sometimes, we will agree to advertise a specific offer from a specific retailer. On those occasions, we will clearly label that this is the case.

Voucher codes

Trusted Reviews runs a Voucher code site, in partnership with provider Upfeat, to provide discount codes to our readers who are looking to buy a product.

When a user completes their purchase we may receive a commission on that sale should a commercial arrangement exist between the retailer and Upfeat.


Our advertising and editorial teams sit in separate offices and report into different parts of the business. We are always clear with our advertisers that they can have no influence over reviews or their scores.

On occasions, Trusted Reviews may create content which is paid for by trusted third parties. This content can take a variety of forms, but we always clearly label content of this nature with one of the labels listed below, as described in our Terms and Conditions so that you can identify where this is the case, understand how the content has been created and be clear on the extent of the third party’s involvement.

“In partnership with”

This term is used to describe content which is wholly or partly funded by a trusted third party but which is editorially independent and over which Trusted Reviews has full editorial control. The content is written by our editorial teams and is subject to the same rules, regulations and standards of professional journalism as apply to all of our editorial content. The content will not be submitted to our partners for approval.

The partner may approach us with ideas and themes for inclusion, which are discussed with our editorial teams before entering into a partnership arrangement. Our editorial teams are not obliged to accept a partnership arrangement and will only do so where they decide that the proposed partnership does not compromise their editorial integrity.

“Promotional Feature”

This term is used to describe advertisement features, the content of which is paid for and controlled by the advertiser, or jointly controlled with Trusted Reviews. This type of content is created by our commercial teams in collaboration with the advertiser, who will have the right to approve the content and suggest amendments. The content is subject to the regulation of the Advertising Standards Authority, the UK’s independent regulator of advertising across all media.

Trusted Reviews never allows its Reviews article format to be used in the above.

If you find that we’re falling short, please email the editor and we’ll do our best to put it right.