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Destiny 2 release date, news, gameplay, trailers and everything we know


Destiny 2

Everything we know about Destiny 2

Destiny had a shaky launch before slowly winning the hearts of its now passionate fanbase.

Initially, Destiny's multiplayer-focused shooting offered a solid FPS experience with engaging MMO-inspired elements, but failed to provide a cohesive solo campaign worth caring for. However, past expansions have made up for such shortcomings.

2015's The Taken King expansion sought redemption to the early speedbumps, finally giving this gorgeous universe some engaging characters and universe-expanding lore. Now all we can do is hope Destiny 2 builds upon such momentum, pushing the franchise to the ambitious new heights it is, in the right hands, fully capable of reaching.

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destinyImage taken from Destiny

Rise of the Iron, launched at the tail-end of 2016 and continued to add more, but fans are beginning to clamour for a sequel. Finally, Activision confirmed in its earnings report that the game will be getting a sequel this year, but very little is known beyond that. However, we've gathered all the information we can on the title, including some features and improvements we'd like to see.

Destiny 2 at a glance

Is there a Destiny 2 release date? Autumn 2017

What's new about Destiny 2? All we know thus far is it's coming this year

Destiny 2 price? To be confirmed, but most likely the same as Destiny at launch with special editions

Be sure to check back here for any new information on Destiny 2.


Destiny 2 coming to PC?

According to recent reports Destiny 2 could be launching on PC simultaneously alongside PS4 and Xbox One.

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After the first game only came to consoles, PC fans will no doubt be delighted at the prospect of the next entry coming to the platform. NeoGAF user benny_a claimed to know inside sources whom had seen a presentation which saw PC listed as a launch platform. This was later backed up by Kotaku's Jason Schreier.

Destiny 2 release date - when is it coming out?

Activision confirmed in its most recent earnings call that Destiny 2 is well into development and on track for an Autumn 2017 release date.

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Platforms are currently unconfirmed, but our money's on PS4 and Xbox One making a return. The Nintendo Switch is also a distant possibility, though with the specs it offers this is pretty unlikely

Destiny 2 Gameplay - How does it play?

Destiny 2 will presumably expand upon the formula found in the original game with new weapons, abilities and mechanics. Bungie has a solid foundation to build upon, with fans consistently returning to its galaxy thanks to the satisfying combat and gunplay.

destiny 2

Destiny 2 - Things we’d like to see


Destiny’s single player experience was brief, underwhelming and incredibly disappointing for a lot of players. Each mission consisted of a series of generic battles followed by defending a specific point on the map. This got old quickly, with the occasional boss battle doing nothing to alleviate the monotony.

Bungie needs to give Destiny 2 a complete overhaul in this department, providing players with a dedicated campaign on release. A compelling, cohesive story that does away with all the confusion of the first entry would be welcomed by fans.


Instead of a fun, planet hopping adventure we were treated to a predictable sequence of levels broken up by confusing cutscenes. Rarely were we given any context for our actions, left to stew in a pool full of arbitrary motivations and two-dimensional characters. The original story for Destiny was completely rewritten during development, according to Kotaku. This gives Bungie the perfect oppurtunity to produce a story worthy of the game's fantastic universe.

Destiny 2, though as predictable as it might be, could benefit from a storyline told throughout a linear campaign. The characters, locations and lore established here could be expanded in the game’s multiplayer through additional exploration in the many raids and strikes. This could also provide Bungie the opportunity to produce some magnificent set pieces, harkening back to its Halo roots.

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Destiny’s hub area was a neat little environment ripe with vendors, dynamic social features and gorgeous visuals, and the sequel could make this even better. Imagine a unique, sprawling city populated by other players going about their business.

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Such a space would be a joy to explore, with neat little easter eggs and secrets nestled in the most unlikely places. The level of social interaction with fellow players could also be refined with a selection of new emotes and chat options. Bungie always intended for Destiny to mimic an MMORPG, and now is the perfect time to make that vision a reality.


Destiny’s gunplay felt fast, responsive and satisfying, but this was seldom emulated in the game’s mission design. You were either defending a point from hordes of enemies or firing constantly at a bullet-sponge boss. The objectives rarely felt satisfying outside of high level raids, leaving much to be desired for the majority of players.

Bungie should shake things up with significantly improved missions for both the campaign and online multiplayer. Have us hunt down a unique enemy or complete objectives in unorthodox ways. The gameplay is robust enough to support vastly different playstyles, so why not implement these into the challenges set for the player.

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Early on in the original Destiny you stumbled upon a spaceship, one that you would soon fix up and call your very own. Except, this was nothing but a glorified loading screen. Customising your ship or replacing it with shiny new model was purely aesthetic, contributing nothing to how you play or approach missions.

Bungie should try its best to implement your ship into the game, whether this be through open-world exploration or exciting dogfights in the emptiness of space. Either way, we’d love to see this feature in Destiny 2, adding an essential slice of variety to the overall experience. An addition such as this could even lead to new multiplayer modes and missions to explore, something many players would love to see.

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destiny 2


Upon its initial reveal Destiny promised to have hundreds of unique weapons and equipment pieces for players to discover across its vast, dynamic world. This, unfortunately, wasn't the case, leaving many with a thirst for more. Destiny 2 could easily rectify this problem, providing a sense of depth to a slew of new weapons, acting as the ideal foundation for extensive player customization.

Granted, weapons such as the Touch of Malice and Jade Rabbit are brilliantly iconic, but lack a sense of meaningful identity to each individual player. Destiny 2 should give us a reason to care about the precious loot we spend hours scouring for with ways of making it our own. Attachments, paintjobs, insignia, you name it, anything like this would be a fantastic addition.

So that’s our wishlist for Destiny 2, what would you like to see in the upcoming sequel? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Markie Straub

May 20, 2016, 5:22 pm

Who would fucking buy Destiny 2? I'm even surprised they are still keeping this up.


September 27, 2016, 8:12 am

"Rarely were we given any context for our actions, left to stew in a pool full of arbitrary motivations and two-dimensional characters." So, so, so true.

Rolando Gonzalez Quezada

November 21, 2016, 5:30 am

it would be perfect if i can use all 3 super by pressing LB or RB and like pressing A,B,X,Y buttons for an example and leveling them up all at once instead of choosing one by one when we need to do a task? if its a good idea perfect or if its not then correct me??


November 21, 2016, 6:06 pm

this method would suck horribly in PvP. Good idea but it's not mortal kombat.


November 21, 2016, 6:07 pm

Probably you and everyone. The game does still have a huge following even if you acknowledge it or not.

Matt Hargreaves

November 25, 2016, 12:16 am

It's still the best game by far for me. The only game that dragged me away was division and boy did that go tits up rapidly. I think bf1 could be a contender to take up my spare time. But whatever game I play, I always go back to destiny.


December 24, 2016, 11:53 am

so the article is about what you would like to see, and not what you know! click bait. now...where is this downvote button? hmmm

David McBride

January 9, 2017, 12:24 pm

My buddy and I had an idea for a shield-type weapon in the special category that could bring in interesting new tactics in PVP. Raising the shield creates a wide barrier that can be taken down by repeat fire from the enemy. It should last long enough under fire that fast-healing warlocks can use it as a respite. When raising the shield, you can't shoot, but you can melee anyone who gets a little too close. I can't remember if we thought about sidearm or hand cannon usage alongside it. If we did, it was hip-fire only, and you couldn't do it with the shield raised. Finally, we had an idea for throwing the shield, at the cost of your energy shield. You hit your opponent, they're either K.Oed, or within a ball-hair of death. You miss, and you're screwed. The beauty of this idea, though, was that they'd be able to slide under the projectile, finally adding some actual worth to that otherwise useless move.

I doubt Bungie would ever implement this, but by goodness did we get excited over the idea. It would improve group tactics beyond 'Let's all bunch together here and shoot anything we see, and the other team just has to live with that'. It'd allow teams under pressure to advance closer to the enemy line and get some shots in, rather than rewarding camping strategies. It'd also give more strategic variety to those on point. Come on Bungie, make me proud :P


January 9, 2017, 6:49 pm

knowing bungie it will be sept 22.they will show it at e3 and launch it in sept,

Jeremy DeShazer

January 11, 2017, 6:31 pm

They need to have dedicated servers.


January 17, 2017, 7:27 pm

Could it be thats it gonna be a whole new story?or can you drag your warlock or titan or hunter along the ride???or must you start all over again with your light?


January 17, 2017, 7:39 pm

Maybe for the future... better rewards..nightfall..daily bonus..pvp..that all players get nicely rewards.and maybe a fusion weapon that you can merge another weapon with another weapon to create another powerfuller weapon..or armor??

Carlos Riviera

January 18, 2017, 12:39 am

While i still play destiny for fun i don't play it for keeps anymore. Everyone i know who played destiny stopped playing a long time ago. While destiny excels at being a good fantasy/sci-fi shooter it fails horribly at being a RPG and a MMO. The game also has a very crappy reward vs effort system in which you're grinding and grinding for hours and hours and getting so little in return.

What destiny two also needs to do is change the gun classes. In my opinion Hand Cannons aren't viable anymore as primary weapons but Sniper rifles should be. They should make Sniper files,Scout rifles,Auto rifles and Pulse rifles primary weapons and have Hand cannons,Shotguns,Fusion rifles and Sidearms as secondary weapons.

When it comes to heavy weapons they should introduce a grenade launcher to add in more variety. They should also remove the restriction to only equip one piece of Exotic gear and one Exotic weapon. While I'm not a frequent MMO player this was a stupid rule in my opinion. The while reason that people keep grinding and grinding is to get the best gear and weapons possible but the best possible items are Exotic so there is hardly a reason to grind for more Exotics if you can only equip one.

There are so many things that destiny got wrong which can be improved upon but its simply to big of a list to put down here. I'll do add one thing and that's concerning the Warlock class. While i personally always like Magic users in most RPG's and MMO's i hate the fact that destiny has turned their Warlock class in nothing but a name. The whole point of being a Warlock having access to the arcane is to not use weapons because your magic is the weapon. Why need guns and bullets when you can trow lightning?


January 27, 2017, 8:43 pm

I would really would like matchmaking in Raids. It is one of the more frustrating part of the game, and it means there are entire sections of the game I have never even played. Also year round SRL racing. This is one of my favorite features of the game.


February 6, 2017, 9:00 pm

You wouldn't, so ... naturally no one else would either.


February 20, 2017, 5:29 pm

Same here. I'm not naturally outgoing, preferring to take the game at my own speed in my own way. (I'll get to some good locations on the dreadnaught, for example, and just snipe to help others in things like the Court of Oryx challenges.) Making it a bit easier to go on raids would be good. As it is, Vault of Glass is closed completely.

I'd love to see SRL as a year-round thing.

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