MWC 2019 Phones, Dates and Events: Everything you need to know

MWC 2019 (Mobile World Congress) is mere weeks away. The biggest mobile-focused show of the year takes place every February in Barcelona, and we’re just days away from seeing what the likes of LG, Huawei and Sony have ready for the year ahead.

Here’s everything we know (and think we know) about what’s going down at MWC 2019.

MWC 2019 Dates: When is MWC 2019?

Officially, Mobile World Congress 2019 takes place between February 25 and 28. You’ll likely see lots of launch events on the days immediately before the show officially starts though, and of course, Samsung is holding its Unpacked event the week before on February 20.

Qualcomm MWC 2019

Chipmaker Qualcomm has announced the new Snapdragon X55 5G modem, ahead of Mobile World Congress. This component, part of a complete package comprising new antennas and components better able to track devices in real time while reducing the drain placed on a phone’s battery, is promising top download speeds of 7Gbps and 3Gbps.

While we’re not expecting the first 5G services to go online for a while yet, the X55 also promises, in the meantime, support for top 4G download speeds of 2.5Gbps. As for which phones will be the first to feature Snapdragon X55 modems, we’re expecting to hear more from some of the phone manufacturers listed below over the next few days.

Nokia MWC 2019

There were lots of Nokia-branded phones at MWC 2019 (HMD licenses the Nokia brand name and uses it on phones) including a modern interpretation of the ‘Banana’ phone originally made famous by its appearance in The Matrix film. We wouldn’t be at all surprised if HMD repeated this again and unleashed a new version of a classic Nokia design.

The Nokia 9 PureView is also highly rumoured and this could sit above the Nokia 8.1 as the true flagship. We fully expect the Nokia 9 Pureview to pack a five-camera array on the back along with a Snapdragon 845 chipset and 8GB RAM. There might be a 5G version too.

nokia 9 pureview

Image Credit: @OnLeaks/@91Mobiles

Huawei MWC 2019

Trying to guess Huawei’s MWC plans is always tricky, as it doesn’t always announce its new phones at the show. We saw the P20 and P20 Pro arrive at a dedicated event in Paris last year, however the P10 (released in 2017) was shown at MWC two years ago. So what will see at the brand’s Feb 24 event?

We wouldn’t be surprised to see the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro unveiled. Judging by early rumours it looks like Huawei will introduce a ‘dewdrop’ notch style display, likely with the same Kirin 980 chipset you’ll find in the Mate 20 Pro.

Huawei unveiled new high-end laptops and tablets at the last MWC, so if phones weren’t to be its headline feature this year then we see updates to those product lines.

Finally, Huawei has teased a 5G foldable phone, which may also make an appearance at MWC. Considering the invite to Huawei’s MWC event – which you can see below – details what looks like a foldable phone this could very well be the headline announcement,

Samsung MWC 2019

We were expecting Samsung to headline Mobile World Congress in 2019. All signs pointed to the South Korean brand unveiling its much-rumoured (and seriously exciting) Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone during the show, just like it did last year with the Galaxy S9. However, we now know that’s not the case.

Instead, Samsung is holding an Unpacked event on February 20 – that’s the week before MWC kicks off. Of course Samsung hasn’t confirmed the S10 will be announced at the event, but we’re almost 100% sure it will be.

samsung galaxy s10 plus leak

Image Credit: AllAboutSamsung

This doesn’t mean we won’t see anything from Samsung at MWC though. We could see more details about the Galaxy X foldable phone if that’s left out of the S10 launch event, or possibly an update to the brand’s line of tablets. Maybe something cheaper to sit alongside the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4?

Other rumours suggest a redesigned Gear Sport wearable.

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Motorola MWC 2019

Motorola’s flagship phones tend to come later in the year, usually during the summer months, so don’t expect to see an update to the Z series here.

Moto’s other big line is the G series and this has already seen its official announcement. It launched the Moto G7, Moto G7 Plus, Moto G7 Play and Moto G7 Power at an event in Brazil on February 7.

So, what does that leave for MWC? Well, the rumours are swirling that we might see a rebirth of the iconic Motorola Razr. This flip phone was stunning in its day, and there’s talk it could be revived with Android, a foldable touchscreen and hefty price-tag.

Nokia has previously used MWC to release modern versions of its older phones, so it could work well for Motorola.

Sony MWC 2019

Sony has a quick turnaround with flagship phones and even though we only saw the Xperia XZ3 towards the end of 2018, we wouldn’t put it past the Japanese company to unveil the Sony Xperia XZ4 at MWC.

Little is known about what Sony will include on its next flagship, as there has only been a smattering of leaks so far. We’d hazard a guess it’ll be one of first flagships announced that will be powered by the Snapdragon 855, though Sony has hinted that there won’t be a 5G version just yet.

Other leaks have pointed to triple-lens rear camera and a possible 6.5-inch screen with a 21:9 aspect ratio. It’s also possible Sony might reveal a smaller, ‘Compact’ version of the XZ4, however we didn’t seen this with the Xperia XZ3.

Xiaomi MWC 2019

Xiaomi is finally selling its excellent phones in the UK, after years 0f us having to import the Chinese version. It’s known for churning out high-spec phones at affordable prices so it’s great to see it officially come to Blighty.

It still remains unclear what plans the company has for 2018 and whether it’ll have any presence in Barcelona for MWC. We suspect it might though, especially if it wants a big stage for its next major device.

LG MWC 2019

LG has confirmed it’ll hold an event at MWC 2019, where it’ll likely release the successor to the LG G7. Little has so far leaked about the rumoured LG G8 (or LG G8 ThinQ) but it’ll likely use the latest Snapdragon 855 chipset. LG could also take a page from its own V40 phone and add three cameras onto the back of the phone.

lg g8 teaser

Image Credit: LG/YouTube

LG’s announcement of the event teased the slogan ‘Goodbye Touch’, which could mean there’s going to be a new way of interacting with the UI.

Honor MWC 2019

Honor has already released the first real flagship phone of 2019 with the Honor View 20. It has also recently unveiled a new smartwatch (Honor Watch Magic) plus wireless earbuds and the Honor Band 4. So what’s left?

Honor could update some if its more budget-orientated lines and bring the launch of the its next mid-range flagship (a replacement to the Honor 10) forward from its usual summer release. Or it might just skip MWC altogether.

HTC MWC 2019

HTC released arguably the worst flagship phone of 2018 with the HTC U12 Plus, so it’s got a lot of work to do this time around. We’ve heard very little about what might be included in the rumoured HTC U13 and HTC doesn’t normally announce high-end phones at MWC. So we might have to wait until later in the year to what it has in store.

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