Nokia 8110 4G first look

Key Features

  • Sliding keyboard cover
  • Smart Feature OS
  • Wi-Fi
  • 4G
  • Basic apps
  • 20-day battery life
  • Snake
  • 2.4-inch colour screen
  • 512MB RAM
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Nokia 8110 hands-on – The Matrix phone has been reloaded

The Nokia 3310 took MWC 2017 by storm, even though it was a clear marketing ploy. The company told me it has sold a lot of those phones, and this year at MWC 2018 it’s following it up with another reworked classic: the Nokia 8110.

Nokia 8110 4G release date and price

You’ll be able to pick up the Nokia 8110 for around €79 when it ships in May. Nokia hasn’t confirmed UK or US pricing.

Nokia 8110 4G design and features

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I have to admit that I don’t feel any nostalgia or fondness for the 8110. That’s probably down to the fact that it launched in 1996 and I hadn’t even started school then. When I asked the rest of the Trusted Reviews team about the device, they responded with equal ambivalence. The single memory being that it featured in the original The Matrix film.

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It might not be as iconic as the 3310, but it certainly has a quirky design. It looks like a banana, especially in the bright yellow colour I  was shown. The phone curves, with the keyboard hidden behind a retro sliding cover. I haven’t seen anything like this in years; it did make me smile.

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Unlike last year’s Nokia 3310, the 8110 feels a little more feature-packed. It has Wi-Fi, basic app support and 4G. However, this is still very much a ‘feature phone’, so don’t expect it to come running Android or offering access to the Google Play store. Nokia reps stated that you’ll be able download a Facebook app, and hopefully more in the future.

The screen measures 2.4 inches, there’s 512MB of RAM, a camera on the rear, and it can be used as a 4G hotspot for other devices. But, really, specs don’t matter here. This isn’t a device most of us would buy as a main phone; it’s more likely to be a secondary phone purchase for festivals.

The one spec that puts modern smartphones to shame is the battery life, however. Nokia said it should last 20 days on a single charge, and will last through a single eight-hour phone call. Can your iPhone X do that?

First impressions

It might not be as iconic as the 3310, but the 8110 certainly leaves less of a sour cash-grab taste in my mouth. This has a few features that could genuinely make it a decent secondary phone, plus the design will bring a smile to your face.

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