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Edward Chester was a relatively late developer when it came to computers. Though he'd always dabbled as a child, it was only during studying for A-Levels that a bit of casual tinkering turned into a fully fledged interest, fuelled by his discovery of Counter-Strike, and a realisation that maybe there was a career to be had in knowing your way round these dull grey boxes.

While studying Mathematics and Computer Science at Leeds University his passion for all things technological grew and eventually it was decided that IT was indeed the way forward. Throughout the years Edward's experiences have included everything from studying quantum mechanics and functional programming to designing websites and writing Access databases for friends, family and businesses alike.

When not writing about, playing on, tinkering with, breaking, fixing, and, generally getting frustrated with computers, Edward likes to get out into the countryside to blast the cobwebs away. He also has a long background in music and spends as much time as possible playing and writing with his band.

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