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Latest Samsung Surround Sound System reviews for Under £250.

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  1. Samsung R3

    Samsung R3

    Samsung fires on all cylinders with this marvellous midrange multiroom speaker

  2. Samsung R1

    Samsung R1

    Bring the noise with Samsung’s entry-level multiroom speaker

  3. Samsung M5

    Samsung M5

    Make multiroom easy with Samsung’s superb streaming speaker

  4. Samsung M3

    Samsung M3

    Samsung knocks us for six with its entry-level Sonos rival

  5. Samsung HW-H600

    Samsung HW-H600

    Samsung brings the noise with its super-slim soundbase

  6. Samsung HT-H5500

    Samsung HT-H5500

    A cheap and cheerful 5.1 home cinema system

  7. Samsung HW-E450

    Samsung HW-E450

    An impressive soundbar system with Bluetooth and a wireless sub.

  8. Samsung HW-C450 home cinema soundbar

    Samsung HW-C450 home cinema soundbar

    It’s not designed with Blu-ray in mind, but this stylish soundbar is still a terrific performer

  9. Samsung BD-P3600 Blu-ray Player

    Samsung BD-P3600 Blu-ray Player

    The attractively styled Samsung BD-P3600 combines a plethora of features with excellent AV performance.

  10. Samsung DVD-F1080 DVD Player

    Samsung DVD-F1080 DVD Player

    Samsung's DVD-F1080 is a fun and stylish upscaling deck that'll look great in the living room or bedroom.

  11. Samsung DVD-SH875M DVD/HDD Recorder

    Samsung DVD-SH875M DVD/HDD Recorder

    Samsung's DVD-SH875M DVD/HDD Recorder has a few foibles, but also many strengths.

  12. Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-ray Player

    Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-ray Player

    If you're looking to upgrade to Blu-ray on a tight budget, Samsung's BD-P1500 player is a worthy candidate.

  13. Samsung DVD-1080P8 DVD Player

    Samsung DVD-1080P8 DVD Player

    If you're looking for a simple, reasonably-priced DVD upscaler to pair with your Full HD TV, then look no further.

  14. Samsung DVD-SR150M DVD Recorder

    Samsung DVD-SR150M DVD Recorder

    The DVD-SR150M recorder shows off Samsung's ability to undercut the big guns, but is there anything lacking as result?

  15. Samsung HT-X30 - 5.1 DVD System

    Samsung HT-X30 - 5.1 DVD System

    A full 5.1-channel DVD system for well under £200 sounds good, so let's hope it is...