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Best Gaming Headset for PS4, PC, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360

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Sony Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0

Whether you’re looking for a gaming headset to take your Xbox One, PC or PS4 multiplayer gaming to the next level or something that will work across all your devices, you’ll want the best gaming headset for your needs. We’ve run through all our gaming headset reviews to pick the best for you.

2015 was a great year for gaming headsets. We finally got a fantastic range for Xbox One and PC, while the PC headset market continued to grow and offer a plethora of options across all budgets.

This time around we've added a fantastic sub-£100 PC gaming headset in the form of the Plantronics RIG 500E. It's a versatile headset that comes with a choice of earcups, a fantastically comfortable and lightweight design and superb audio quality.

What's great about gaming headsets is that there's plenty of choice, with a solid entry for every budget. Want a headset for under £50? There's the Gioteck HC-4 for just £29.99. Got a bit more dosh to blow? Then we'd recommend the Turtle Beach Elite 800 for PS4, Turtle Beach Stealth 500X for Xbox One or the Sennheiser PC 363D for PC.

Rallying your fire team in Destiny: The Taken King? Feeling the roar of the engine in your eardrums with Forza 6? Wanting some company in the middle of the night while playing Until Dawn? Playing cops and robbers in Battlefield: Hardline? Or performing the perfect double jump in Halo: The Master Chief Collection or battling it out in Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer?

It doesn't matter which game takes your online fancy, owning a good quality headset means you can get involved with voice chats without losing audio quality. Or just take your gaming experience to a more personal audio level.

turtle beach

What to think about before buying a gaming headset

What are the qualities to look out for in a gaming headset? The first thing to do is check whether they are compatible with your computer or games console. If you've got an Xbox One, you may need to buy the additional Stereo Headset Adapter for these headsets to work unless they come pre-packed with the adapter. PS4 owners won't need to worry about buying that extra bit of kit.

Comfy ear cushions and a lightweight headband should be high on the list of priorities as well, especially if you are going to be using them for long sessions. If you want orders to come out nice and clear, a good mic with noise cancelling to filter out the background noise is going to be useful.

Something with surround sound support can help create a greater sense of sound positioning like hearing the footsteps of an enemy creeping up on you. If you want the freedom to walk downstairs when you are taking a break and not get tangled up in cables, considering a wireless option instead of a wired headset is also something to think about.

Turtle Beach, Tritton, Steelseries, Corsair and Razer are some of the biggest names in the world of gaming headsets right now but headphone-makers like Sennheiser also have strong contenders.

Whether you are after a dedicated headset or a versatile pair of headphones that also works for gaming, we've looked back at our most recent reviews and picked out our favourites to consider.

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