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iPhone 6S Live Photos take up twice as much space as normal photos


iPhone 6S camera

It seems Apple's new Live Photos feature, which it unveiled alongside the iPhone 6S on Wednesday, will take up a fair amount of space.

During Apple's September 9 'Hey Siri' event (as many have dubbed it), the company showed off an interesting new camera feature: Live Photos.

This feature sees brief video snippets automatically shot every time you take a photo. At the time Apple was a little vague over how much space these Live Photos would take up, venturing only that they wouldn't take up much more space than an ordinary image.

According to TechCrunch (via MacRumours), that's not exactly the case. The website recently claimed that Live Photos would in fact take up around twice the space of a regular image.

We should note that this is twice the space of an iPhone 6S image. At 12-megapixels, an iPhone 6S image will be significantly bigger than its 8-megapixel predecessors as it is.

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We like the sound of the Live Photos feature, and its seamless integration and sharable nature (the files will be based on the JPEG format and open to third party support) means that there's every chance it could become a hit with users.

But as Apple has stuck with 16GB as the iPhone 6S's entry-level storage option - not to mention its introduction of 4K video recording - things are going to get tight even quicker than before.

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