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Best Wireless Speakers: Sonos and other multi-room alternatives

Michael Sawh


Best wireless speakers

A quick look at the best wireless speaker systems, including Sonos and the best alternatives to Sonos currently available.

Sonos is no longer the only multi-room speaker solution available. But while there are hundreds of 'wireless speakers' out there, if you want a setup to dot around the house and stream music direct from your smartphone or computer without trailing wires everywhere, there aren't as many options.

The good news is that the likes of Samsung, Bose and Panasonic and smaller less known companies like British-based company Musaic are getting in on the multi-room act. Most offer streaming over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Apple Airplay, liberating the iTunes music from your iPad or iPhone.

Whether you want something that's compatible with Android or iOS or something that doesn't require extra hardware to get it on the network, we've picked out the best wireless speaker systems to get you started.

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