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14 Best Portable Speakers 2015: Bluetooth Speakers to Buy

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Jawbone Mini Jambox

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Jawbone Mini Jambox

Originally reviewed by Andrew Williams 01 November 2013

Key features:

No | NFC: No | dB at 4 feet: 67dB | Tone: Balanced, but quiet | Mic/Calls: Yes | Aux in: Yes | Netflix test: Pass | Battery life: Up to 10 hours

The Jawbone Jambox Mini has a problem. It’s the best-sounding tiny speaker in this test, with a more refined tone than the i-box Slix and much better composure than the Monster Superstar. However, its top volume is rubbish.

Reaching just 67dB at four feet, it’s much quieter than any other speaker we listened to. We can guess why Jawbone did this: it wanted to make sure the speaker doesn’t sound bad when you crank the volume to the max. It doesn’t, maintaining a nice and balanced tone at all volumes. However, poor maximum volume severely reduces the situations in which the Jambox Mini will be useful.

For outdoors — summer BBQs and the like — the Jambox Mini just won’t have the output to compete. It’ll get lost. As such, it’s only really of use as a ‘personal’ portable speaker. You need to care a lot about portability, as it costs more than our favourite here, the Sony SRS-X5, at £150.

In return you get funky metallic looks and the sort of build that means it could be used as a murder weapon. Such things don’t rank as highly on our list of priorities as sound quality. Still, if style is a priority, the Jambox Mini is the most style-infused speaker on test.

Price: £149

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