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Xbox Scorpio vs PS4 Pro: Which is the better console?


Xbox Scorpio

Xbox Project Scorpio vs PS4 Pro

We take a look at the specifications of the PS4 pro and the freshly-specced Xbox Scorpio to see how they stack up.

The PS4 Pro and Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Scorpio mark a notable shift in console gaming, doing away with the idea of generations in favour of an iterative hardware model. At least, that’s what it looks like.

Both machines will support all existing PS4 and Xbox One titles while also adding plenty of new features and hardware improvements. This blurring of the lines is something we’ll be seeing plenty of in 2017, with Sony and Microsoft pushing their 4K flagships further than we’ve ever seen before.

At this point, let's be very clear on the fact that these consoles are two completely different machines that aren't going to end up fighting for the same turf. They fill different gaps in the market and will almost certainly be priced differently. Still, a side-by-side look at specs never did anybody any harm, did it?

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Xbox Scorpio

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PS4 Pro vs Project Scorpio – Pricing and Availability

PS4 Pro is already out on the market, having launched in November 2016. Retailing at £349.99, Sony’s upgraded console is pretty good value considering the quality of its specs.

Project Scorpio is scheduled to launch in winter 2017, acting as the driving force for Microsoft’s festive period. E3 2017 will see Microsoft reveal extensive new details on Project Scorpio, hopefully shining a light on its release date and launch games.

Price? Your guess is as good as ours. We'd reckon at least £500 considering the specifications, but it could well end up being more. However, with Microsoft not even hinting at this, this is simply speculation.

PS4 Pro vs Project Scorpio – Processor

Xbox Scorpio: 8-core, 2.3GHz processor

PS4 Pro: 8-core, 2.13GHz processor

PS4 Pro is using an improved version of the original model’s chip with a slightly boosted clock speed. The Pro now runs at an impressive 2.13GHz, while the vanilla console lags behind at 1.6.

The Scorpio meanwhile, has stolen a bit of a march on the Pro and has a slightly faster processor, but the real meat of this comparison lies in the graphics.

PS4 Pro vs Project Scorpio – Graphics

Xbox Scorpio: 6 TFLOPS, 326GB/s, 12GB GDDR5

PS4 Pro: 4.12 TFLOPS, 218 GB/s, 8GB GDDR5

First, let's bust the jargon: TFLOPs stands for trillion floating point operations per second, which is the simplest way of measuring graphical horsepower. GB/s is the bandwidth of that memory, which tells you how quickly the GPU can move frames through the memory and out to your TV or monitor. The more memory, the more high-resolution textures the GPU can access quickly at any one time, increasing performance.

The PS4 Pro possesses 8GB of GDDR5 with an additional 1GB of RAM set aside for handling background processes, while the Scorpio nets a full 12GB of GDDR5. Both consoles will share their memory between the GPU and CPU, although how much each gets is unknown.

As you might expect, the newer Scorpio has more, better-performing memory, which is why it's going to be able to put in some pretty monstrous Ultra HD gaming performance when the time comes.

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phil spencer

PS4 Pro vs Project Scorpio – Games

If you’re worried about being left behind with this new wave of consoles, don’t be. PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio will support all existing PS4 and Xbox One titles, with some even benefitting from notable visual and performance enhancements.

Microsoft has also confirmed that Xbox One backwards compatibility will roll over to Project Scorpio. The service currently has more than 300 titles, which is nothing to sniff at.

There will be no Scorpio-exclusive titles with the exception of experiences that support certain virtual reality peripherals – support for which still remains unconfirmed.

All Xbox One games will run better on Xbox Scorpio, whether or not they've been specifically updated to do so. You'll be able to play Xbox Scorpio games at Full HD, too, and you'll get the choice as to whether you want to downscale from Ultra HD resolution for ultra-sharp graphics, or simply run games at 1080p for better performance. This is notably different to the PS4 Pro, which has a habit of hiding these settings from the user unless they've specifically opted to run their console at Full HD only.

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Xbox One SThe Xbox One S was Microsoft's baby step towards upgrading its current hardware

PS4 Pro vs Project Scorpio – Conclusion

Since launching several months ago the PS4 Pro has come into its own with an assortment of improved specs and the newly implemented Boost Mode. Introduced in PS4 update 4.50, this new feature amps up the performance of all PS4 games to varying degrees, enhancing some titles by almost 40%. It’s the best PS4 iteration on the market today, although it’s not entirely worth it for those without a 4K display.

Project Scorpio is still several months away, but Microsoft clearly has some ambitious plans in the pipeline with new features, and IP yet to be announced for the console.

We know that Xbox Scorpio be more powerful than the PS4 Pro and will likely become the new 4K console benchmark, but with its price likely to be in the region of £500 (and the rest), it won't appeal to everybody.

Let us know your thoughts on the consoles in the comments.


November 2, 2016, 9:29 am

It's simple. Buy the PS4 Pro now and then buy the Xbox One Scorpio next year. That's what I plan to do. I wasn't impressed with PSVR when I was given a try, it's great for short periods, but the quality is not as hot as it should be, even Sony admits that, but it will be great watching the grannies trying out PSVR at Christmas time, my kids will just love that!
I love competition, I love tech.
BTW Sony: I'm disappointed the PS4 Pro doesn't have a 4K BluRay player, I'll have to keep using my Xbox One S for that.


November 2, 2016, 3:26 pm

PS4 Pro not having a 4K UHD is mind blowing considering it's being pushed as a "4K Device" fact of the matter is, not every consumer is gonna have internet fast enough to stream 4K content. What people need to realize is that the Xbox One of today isn't the same Xbox One of 2013. They've made real leaps and bounds to regain consumer confidence and the Xbox One of today is just awesome.

Alex Walsh

November 2, 2016, 4:21 pm

The switch to x86 architecture will at least ensure backwards compatibility whenever a new machine launches- going forwards a new console is simply going to be an upgrade version of whatever it replaces.

The Xbox One S is the machine that MS needed to release (okay, without the UHD BD) back in 2013 really. It's a much better machine than it was at launch.

Jeff Wulf

November 3, 2016, 5:47 pm

Not a great article. I read a more complete one a few days back where the guy behind the sony architecture listed great details not mentioned here: and scorpio is so far down the road that EVERYTHING is a guess. Saying things like "it's the least we can expect" just cements the idea that this article is one big guess: not a comparison at all.


November 3, 2016, 11:04 pm

That's because they changed everything the Xbone was intended to be. Not exactly confidence inspiring.

michael andrews

November 4, 2016, 12:55 pm

Did I mention the Wang2018 console I'll be releasing in 2018 with a 12Tflop GPU and built in VR headset. I can make up specs of imaginary consoles and compare them to a real product too.


November 4, 2016, 12:57 pm

well no, at that time it was not possible, the specs we are talking about were not doable in a 28nm chip, if you look at the S model with a 14nm chip you see the massive difference in power use which allows a much smaller case or in the case of scorpio a much more powerfull machine while still using lesse power


November 4, 2016, 1:01 pm

true and 4k streaming will never look as good as uhd br just as full hd streams dont look as good as regular br.

i think it is a mistake made by sony, they bought into the uhd br will be a high end product in the 500plus price range, but with millions of uhd br capable xbox one s players that might not be the case.


November 4, 2016, 4:35 pm

So with the One S you have 4k Blue Ray player but games run at 720p priorities I guess.

Jason Crouse

November 5, 2016, 6:26 am

I really wish sony or ms would dump amd and start going with intel processing and nivida graphics. And Microsoft putting a full blown operating system to support 3rd party apps.


November 6, 2016, 12:33 am

Up until a few months ago they didn't even make a UHD player,it was all 4k upscalers and streaming. Not that mind blowing,dude. The only 4k content was digital when the Pro was being made,hence the absence of a UHD player. I was surprised that the Pro was announced so soon for November until I saw that there was no UHD player and it made perfect sense. If it released next year like I guessed I'm sure it would have one.

Xbox One of today is the same underpowered gaming console its ever been. Ooo it plays 4k movies but still games like crap.


November 6, 2016, 12:37 am

PSVR is in it's infancy,wait until the second or third iteration before brushing it aside.


November 6, 2016, 2:56 pm

Oh ... you mean the DRM? It's funny, because a week after PS4 launched, Sony changed there Terms of Service to allow them to implement DRM if they saw fit. Now that she's not inspiring. Especially with their vision of 4K Streaming on the PS4 Pro.

Alex Walsh

November 7, 2016, 8:25 am

I'd agree with you if I didn't have a PS4, with an integrated PSU and slightly higher clocked components than the original Xbox One at launch, which is still smaller than the S .


November 7, 2016, 10:14 am

true lets just say they could not

Alex Walsh

November 7, 2016, 10:17 am

IMHO, it was probably a conscious decision to avoid the whole RROD experience they had with the 360. Lots and lots of space and cooling, an over engineered solution to the reliability issues that dogged early 360s.

I'd have been fine with it if I could have put the XBO vertical, but since I couldn't, it wouldn't fit in to my AV unit so it lives in the kids playroom instead :)


November 7, 2016, 12:17 pm

yes, they did put in a few extra bits but that should not have been an issue, must say i have had the one s in my hands, they had a really good deal with fifa 17 included and for that price inc the uhd br player


November 7, 2016, 11:18 pm

No, I don't mean the DRM.


November 10, 2016, 8:13 pm

By the time Scorpio rolls out, the 'console war' will be over. The likes of Tomb Raider have already ensured that MS won't be getting any 3rd party exclusives again. You'd have thought they would have at least given the S a tiny power boost to get it to 1080p gaming...

Aryan Singh

November 12, 2016, 12:39 am

I think ms is just going for raw power in the Project Scorpio

Jay Mcfly

December 1, 2016, 10:33 am

Would drive the costs up for no good reason. AMD makes good stuff for an affordable price. Nvidia is for PC and mobile nowadays. Intel sucks at making graphics cores on their integrated CPUs so it only makes sense to use AMD. You'll never see a console with a separate CPU and GPU again.

Michael Oresteen

December 12, 2016, 2:44 pm

The amount of RAM in the Scorpio CAN in fact be speculated from the picture MS released - shows 12 modules surrounding the SOC - not 8.


January 12, 2017, 5:42 pm

Apples and Oranges both are good speed and res matter but we should not focus on which is better it may only hold that title for a year or never. I believe it is about community we are all gamers and we should not think about who has the best system but who can give use the community we want and need, don't get me wrong games matter but the specs of the system should not be at the top of what matters if it is go to PC gaming all the specs and speed you want. I am a gamer I play on PS Xbox Wii and PC, in fact any game I can play I will. We are a large community and we have power over the gaming industry if we would just ban together and use it. Stop fighting and arguing among ourselves and push for reform from game devs to push for new tech and new games we can all win. This year Project Scorpio releases but PS4 has VR now not as good as Xbox will have but it is here on console now so they where first not the best but first. Project Scorpio will be VR ready for HTC and Oculus as partners with MS, so Xbox will have a VR headset at the forefront of VR tech. This dose not mean they are better because without the community they have the support we would all be playing off line by ourselves. PC has had a few VR games for year but yet we still prefer consoles, why? For the Community they offer us and the support we cant get on PC, yes ease of use has a part to play no updating parts to get a game to work no hardware or software incompatibility, well not as often. LOL The point is we all want the same thing better games better support better online community better hardware better software just better and we can get it if we stop our childish notions of who is better and push for us all to be better. Yes I have a Preference but I play them all. So why criticize a system you don't play and know like you do your own? I know them and criticize none of them they all have pros and cons but most of us will go where our friends are, PS Xbox and Wii are not trying to get gamers to change our preference of system they are trying to get new gamers to pick one but they always will improve how far depends on the tech of the day and needs of gamers. When PS5 come out I am sure it will be at least as powerful as Project Scorpio if not more so, with newer tech in it. Gamers unite tell console and game devs what you want, what you need and tell your friends to do the same. If an idea I like comes my way I send it to who needs it and try to get my friends to do the same no matter what system it is for. We can get along if we wanted to, I know there is always going to be haters out there that have no idea what they are talking about but don't give in to them be a positive force for what you believe in.


January 12, 2017, 5:44 pm

it dose show 12 and 12gb of gddr5 would just barely give the 320gb/s if done just right but I am hoping for gddr5x ram and 16b to be honest remember it just a pic not an actual spec listing.


January 12, 2017, 5:51 pm

AMD is good and put out good tech Ryzen as new as it gets and has the ability to adapt to power needs by its self. Vega is good as well and both can run higher than 6tf so there is room to grow. I think AMD works well for consoles because of the ability to customize is easier than some other chip sets. As for the OS, MS is using for Project Scorpio supporting Xbox One OS and Win 10 gaming I think it is a great idea and will make it easier to get some cross platform games going. Xbox has a lot of 3rd party apps already so dose PS they just have to be verified by the consoles to run properly and with out conflict. Don't get me wrong nivida would be good but changing could make more issues than it would solve, so I see why they are sticking to it.

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