Best Xbox One Games 2018: The top One S and One X titles

The Xbox One family of consoles is nearly five years old, which both makes us feel old and want to look back on the memorable library of games it’s left in its wake. Whether it’s Halo 5: Guardians, Quantum Break or State Decay 2, there’s plenty of titles out there.

So, without further ado, Trusted Reviews has compiled a list of all the best games available on Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox One X. We’ll be changing the selection with regular updates so keep this bookmarked!

Forza Horizon 4


  • Great map
  • A great variety of cars
  • Honestly, it’s all good here. Sound, graphics, driving


  • Driving to the individual races grates after a while

Forza Horizon 4 is potentially the best racing game I’ve ever played in terms of the sheer amount of stuff and how much fun I’ve had. I’m not a devout racing game fan, so I’m not going to say it’s the best racing game ever, but I can say absolutely that it’s the one I’m going to be comparing the genre to in my head, moving forward.

Sure, Forza Horizon 4 is just an iteration of Forza Horizon 3 with extra bells and whistles, but it’s hard to care too much about that as you power through the streets of Edinburgh. Forza Horizon 4 is the complete package.

Far Cry 5


  • Spectacular action in stunning scenery
  • Four great villains, each with their own style
  • More immersive and organic than previous Far Cries
  • Brilliant specialists and animal allies


  • Sometimes sticks too closely to old Far Cry templates
  •  Loses pace when the Seeds aren’t around

The latest entry in Ubisoft’s Far Cry series doesn’t disappoint. Set in fictional Hope County, Montana, Far Cry 5 has you playing as a Deputy who find themselves up against Eden’s Gate. This mysterious cult has enslaved the local populous into mindless puppets willing to carry out their every whim.

At the front of this phenomenon is the Seed Family, a quartet of crazy, compelling villains who you’ll have to defeat on your adventure. They all have stand-out narrative moments with excellent performances, even if their motivations remain a bit muddled.

Far Cry 5 features all of the same crazy, over-the-top open world mechanics of its predecessors including outposts, hunting and the return of the companion system not touched since Far Cry 2.

Buy now: Far Cry 5 for £48 / $48.90 from Amazon

Resident Evil 7


  • Amazing sound design
  • Genuinely terrifying
  • Superb voice acting across the board
  • Stellar visuals


  • Some plot points aren’t as impactful as they should be
  • VR experience is quite nauseating

Resident Evil 7 is a glorious return to form for the iconic survival horror series. Switching the action to a first-person perspective, the infected horrors and gross environments have never felt so tangibly real.

You play as Ethan, a man searching for his missing partner in rural Louisiana. He soon stumbles upon The Baker Family, a group of strange people infected with some form of deadly virus.

Making his way through sprawling mansions, filthy swamps and other strange locales, Ethan will have to solve puzzles and best horrifying enemies if he hopes to survive. This is essential for horror fans, and a masterful reboot for the troubled franchise.

Buy now: Resident Evil 7 for £14.99 / $25 from Amazon

Dishonored 2


  • Incredible freeform stealth gameplay
  • Absolutely gorgeous world from start to finish
  • Inventive, fabulously well-designed missions
  • More varied than the original and no less deep


  • PC performance is frequently a mess

Dishonored 2 is a fabulously immersive stealth experience that improves on the original in almost every way. It never abandons the core traits of the first that made it so immersive and fun. Instead, it refines them with some truly impressive level design with immense depth and creativity.

Set in the city of Karnaca, you play as either Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano, each with their own unique arsenal of devastating powers and equipment. The usual suspects are back with some nifty f improvements perfect for dispatching the world’s many guards.

Fans of Thief and Deus Ex will have an absolute blast with this fantastical adventure. And the best part is when you’re done with Dishonored 2, there’s Death of the Outsider to enjoy.

Buy now: Dishonored 2 for £10 / $19.94 from Amazon 

Gears of War 4


  • Still the best third-person shooter there is
  • New weapons are great
  • Multiplayer is still utterly addictive
  • Story takes you on a good ride
  • Marcus Fenix


  • New characters are a little limp
  • Robot threat is a bit dull
  • A couple of really slow moments

The latest entry in Microsoft’s ultra-violent shooter franchise could very well be its best yet. Developed by The Coalition, Gears of War 4 marks the beginning of a new trilogy with all new characters, enemies and gamplay mechanics.

As always, you’ll be clinging to chest-high walls as locust and robots rain down bullets upon you. It’s your job to pick the perfect window of oppurtunity to peek out and take a few precise shots. Few thrid-person shooters play better than Gears with its beautiful mixture of tight cover shooting and truly breathtaking set pieces, and its debut on Xbox One more than proves this.

Fans of the series’ chaotic online multiplayer and addictively challenging horde mode will find a lot to love here, as both return with refreshing new iterations. Sure, Gears of War 4 doesn’t exactly rewrite the rulebook of modern shooters, but it certainly has what it takes to be the best.

Buy now: Gears of War 4 for £18.72 / $20.99 from Amazon



  • Incredible ’30s-style cartoon visuals
  • Challenging boss battles and imaginative boss design
  • Different combos of arms and charms help you improve your odds
  • Every bit as addictive as it is tough


  • Arguably crosses the line into stupidly difficult
  • Can be hard to pull off key parry move

Cuphead is an incredibly challenging but rewarding 2D platformer with a beautiful art-style that’s used all-too-rarely in modern video games. Reminiscent of classic cartoons from days gone by, the visuals are simply stunning, complimented by wonderfully responsive controls.

However, be prepared for an incredibly tough run of bosses where simply surviving is as difficult as overcoming the enemy. But for those who stick around and triumph, the reward is well worth it.

Buy now: Cuphead for £16 from Amazon

Sea of Thieves


  • Hugely imaginative and expansive pirate world
  • Rewards creative gameplay
  • Countless customisation options


  • Tougher for solo players
  • Can be tough to put crews together
  • Current server issues

Want to explore the seas with a pirate crew of friends, hunting for bounty and completing epic quests? Sea of Thieves is the game for you.

The bet part about Sea of Thieves is the stories you get to create with your friends. The tales of hilarity as you drink too much booze and fall into the hull of your ship, proving useless to your crew during a ship-versus-ship battle. Or the time you take on hordes of undead to get that treasure chest, or swim across vast distances to survive and flee a chasing enemy. All of this is possible.

Also, thanks to Xbox Game Pass, you can have the game for under £10 per month. Click the link to find out more about Microsoft’s great subscription service to save yourself some money.

Buy now: Sea of Thieves for £40 / $43 from Amazon

Halo 5: Guardians


  • Classic Halo combat
  • New co-op and movement mechanics blend in well
  • Amazing set-pieces and alien worlds
  • The Xbox One’s most awesome visuals
  • Brilliant and addictive Arena and Warzone modes


  • Some really clumsy sequences
  • Story will be divisive

The second entry in the new trilogy, Halo 5 is a great debut for the Spartans on Xbox One. The campaign is brilliantly paced, with some of the best set-pieces of any game in the franchise. Plus the multiplayer is absolutely superb.

While the campaign has its inconsistencies, the multiplayer on offer here is one of the best experiences not only for Halo, but on the Xbox One. This is an essential purchase for all Xbox One owners.

Buy now: Halo 5 for £9.90 / $18.80 from Amazon

Rise of the Tomb Raider


  • Excellent storyline
  • Strong RPG elements
  • Stunning graphics
  • Plenty of gameplay content


  • Lara’s hair
  • QTE still a slight issue

Taking everything that was successful with the 2013 reboot, Rise of the Tomb Raider takes it that one step further.

It offers stunning graphics and that more mature, reimagined Lara, along with a better crafting system and the return of traditional Tomb Raider puzzle tombs

Rise of the Tomb Raider is the ultimate game in the series, and if you’re not swept away by Fallout 4, this is the game for you.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is another worthwhile adventure from Lara Croft, but it sadly never reaches the thrilling heights of Rise.

Buy now: Rise of the Tomb Raider for £29.86 / $29.95 from Amazon



  • Inventive and varied action that’s always fun
  • A diverse cast of characters and abilities
  • Constantly surprising


  • Sometimes the walk back into battle can feel overly long
  • If you’re in a bad team it can make you want to cry

Blizzard’s first new IP in almost two decades delivers a wonderful shooter full to the brim with character.

At launch Overwatch has 21 playable heroes with 12 maps. Every character is unique and with multiplayer game modes actively encouraging you to switch on the fly to adjust team tactics, it won’t be long before you have a group of your favourites.

Overwatch is a must-have for anyone with an Xbox One. With more maps and characters to come after launch for absolutely free this game will only get better and better as the months roll on, and it’s already brilliant.

Buy now: Overwatch from for £30 / $38.46 from Amazon

Ori and the Blind Forest


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Classic Metroidvania gameplay
  • Inventive powers and puzzles
  • Seriously challenging


  • Fiendish difficulty spikes
  • Occasional slowdown

Ori and the Blind Forest is one of the most exciting and absorbing games on Xbox One, even if there are a few difficulty ramps to overcome. It’s a rather inventive take on the classic Metroidvania game style, with stunning hand-painted graphics.

But it’s not all about the presentation, there’s a surprisingly affecting story here and a skill tree system that sees Ori develop before your eyes.

Buy now: Ori and the Blind Forest for £23.89 / $34.95 from Amazon



  • Challenging from the off
  • Riddled with things to do
  • Genuinely tense
  • Good story
  • Lots of hidden extras


  • A little unforgiving
  • Can be frustrating

IO Interactive has taken Agent 47 to France, Morocco, Thailand, Italy and the United States in his first season of relentlessly creative murder. Our favourite bald assassin will be finishing up in Hokkaido, Japan later this month as his debut outing concludes.

Hitman is easily the best game in the franchise, providing a selection of wonderfully unique global playgrounds for you to wreak havoc upon. The sheer amount of oppurtunities available to Agent 47 are almost staggering, and have only grown crazier with each new episode.

With a such a fantastic first season we can’t wait to see what IO Interactive has planned for future instalments, and where on earth Agent 47 will end up next.

Buy now: Hitman for £28 / $34.99 from Amazon

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