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Nexus 6 release date, rumours, news, specs and price round-up

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All you need to know about the Nexus 6, smartphone sequel to the Nexus 5

A Nexus 6 release date has been the subject of multiple leaks and teases in recent months, yet remains one of the most enigmatic dates in the tech calendar.

Google I/O has come and gone and still we are no clearer as to when the Nexus 5 successor will enter the realms of reality. What's more, aside from the Nexus 6 release date, there are still many unanswered questions surrounding the handset.

Will it still be made by LG and Google or will HTC take over as some rumours suggest? What Nexus 6 features should we expect? Will it even be dubbed the Nexus 6 given the mooted move to 'Google Silver' branding? These are all still things we are waiting to be confirmed.

Although Google has yet to give an official voice to all these questions, a raft of Nexus 6 leaks and rumours are starting to give us a pretty good insight into the device.

We will be updating this page with all the latest Nexus 6 release date details, leaks, news and rumours as new information emerges, so bookmark it now.

Nexus 6 Release Date: When will it come out?

The Nexus 5 was announced on October 31st 2013 and went on sale the following month while the Nexus 4 was unveiled almost the same time a year before that. So, based on previous launches we are tipping the Nexus 6 release date to be held around the same time of year.

As luck would have it, this timeframe would also coincide nicely with the launch of Android L, the latest major update to Google's mobile operating system.

Google hasn't stuck to the same product cycles for other Nexus hardware, specifically the Nexus 10, but it has been more consistent for its Nexus handsets. The chances of turning up before October are slim considering we are now almost into August but it's not entirely out of the question.

Maybe we won't see the Nexus 6 at all. The latest from serial leaker @evleaks suggests the Nexus 6 is no longer going to happen tweeting: "There's is no Nexus 6. Farewell, Nexus."

This however has been contradicted by two developers who spotted a mention of Nexus 6 alongside the rumoured Nexus 8 tablet in the Chromium issue tracker although it didn't reveal any details on specs.

Nexus 6 concept

Nexus 6 Specs: LG G3 Lite with 64-bit power

The Nexus 5 was and is still a firm favourite at TrustedReviews HQ. It has a brilliant 5-inch Full HD screen, an impressive 8-megapixel camera and zippy overall performance. Best of all, for £300 it offers great value for money. The Nexus 6 certainly has a tough act to follow.

If LG are tasked with building the Nexus 6 just as they did with the Nexus 5 and Nexus 4, it's strongly suggested that the LG G3 smartphone will provide the foundations for the next Google smartphone. That's according to a 'business-related source' quoted by Gizmodo.de that claims the Nexus 6 will be a "lightweight" version of the LG G3. That suggests we might not see some of the more premium features like 2K touchscreen display.

Prior to Google’s I/O conference, LG though seemingly ruled itself out of the running to make the next Google Nexus smartphone. Speaking to Dutch site Draadbreuk, LG Communications Director Ken Hong suggested that the LG G3-makers had not been approached by Google to produce the Nexus 6.

Hong stated that if the company was chosen they’d normally be informed. He also added, ““That can mean two things. Either I got ignored, or we simply won’t be making [the Nexus 6].”

That's however contradicted by website Ausdroid citing an unnamed source within Google close to the project that work on the Nexus 6 is well and truly underway and will feature a LG G3 mimicking 5.5-inch display as the standout feature.

The LG G2 and the Nexus 5 share very similar specs lists like display resolution, processor power and some design elements so it's a fair assessment that the G3 and Nexus 6 could be closely linked as well.

While the HTC One M8 and the Xperia Z2 upgraded to the new Snapdragon 801 processors, it's rumoured that the Nexus 6 will move to a MediaTek 64-bit processor. That's according to Taiwain's Economic Daily News which claims the new Nexus will be powered by a “quad-core MT6732 64-bit chip clocked at 1.5GHz, or the octa-core MT6752 SoC running at a frequency of 2.0GHz.”

Nexus 6 concepts
Nexus 6 concept via Nexus6Price.com

The Nexus 5 is certainly no slouch thanks to its quad-core 2.27GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU with 2GB of RAM but a move to a 64-bit CPU could potentially make the Nexus 6 a real powerhouse. Battery life though is one of the Nexus 5's weaker points and we hope this is something that will be addressed for the next handset.

The 8-megapixel camera with flash and optical image stabilization on the Nexus 5 is good but it's no match for leading cameras on the HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z2 or the Samsung Galaxy S5. There’s definitely room for improvement here.

One thing we can be sure about is that the Nexus 6 will run on Android L and should benefit from features like a new interface look, redesigned nav soft keys, dynamic 'heads up' notifications and improved GPU support.

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Nexus 6 Rumours: Fingerprint Tech and Bigger Display

According to Android Geeks and an unnamed "trusted insider", the Nexus 6 will follow the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5 by adding a fingerprint sensor. It also suggests that it will move to a 5.2-inch QHD display already confirmed for the LG G3. The LG-built Nexus 4 featured a 4.7-inch display before moving to a 5.2-inch screen for the Nexus 5 so there's clearly a trend here to go bigger.

Nexus 6 concepts
Nexus 6 concept by Jermain Smit via Concept Phones

HTC Nexus 6 anyone? Well, this seems unlikely but that's not stopped the speculation. The HTC One M8-makers have been linked to building a Nexus 8 tablet but there's very little rumours to suggest anything other than LG taking the reigns once again.

Maybe, just maybe Google will ditch the Nexus 6 altogether. According to slides published by Android Police, 'Android Silver' phones which comprise of several high end phones from top manufacturers could spell the end of the Nexus program. The Silver phones will run on the latest version of Google's mobile operating system at all times, get access to the updates first and have minimal carrier and manufacturer software added on top.

Other rumoured features include a service similar to Apple's "Find My iPhone" and 24/7 Google Hangout to help out customers in the same way MayDay tech support does on Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets.

Nexus 6 Price:  How much will new Nexus smartphone cost?

This has been key to the success of the most recent Nexus smartphones. Offering excellent value for money. When the Nexus 5 originally went on sale it cost £300 making it cheaper than leading smartphones from HTC, Samsung and Sony. It even dropped down to £240 at one point making it even more of a steal.

We'd like to think Google will still be able to offer the new Nexus at a similar price point as there are very few phones in the same price bracket that can compete with it. However, if Google does decide to go with this new Android Silver approach, this could spell the end of a reasonably priced, well-specced SIM-free Android phone and that would be disappointing.

Stay tuned for all the latest Nexus 6 rumours and breaking Nexus 6 release dates right here.

What do you want to see from the Nexus 6? Do you think it will still launch at all? Let us know in the comments section below.

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