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CES 2013: What to expect

Andrew Williams


CES 2013
CES 2013

In January 2013, the next CES tech conference will kick off. It takes over Las Vegas for a week, cramming the place with all the gadgety tech that will be lightening your wallet over the next year or so.

Here are the top tech bits we’re looking forward to seeing. Why not test out our brand new comments system by letting us know your most-wanted gadgets of 2013 below?

1080p HD phones

The next big move for phone screens is into the realm of full HD resolution. The first phones in this club have already been leaked too, such as the ZTE Grand S. We wouldn’t be at all surprised if some of the phone world’s bigger names made similar devices too. We’ll bring you previews of the lot in January.

Asus 7-inch Android tablet

One of the smash hit gadgets of the year has been the Google Nexus 7. Did you know it is made by Asus? By CES time, it’ll have been six months since the tablet’s launch, a likely time that Asus will be free to tweak the tablet’s design and release it under the Asus name. What’s most likely is a low-cost tablet that looks and feels a lot like the Google Nexus 7 but with expandable memory.

Samsung Galaxy tablet

Samsung has teased that it is to release something special during CES 2013. But what will it be? One possibility is a new Galaxy-series tablet. For tips on what to expect, take a look at the Google Nexus 10, made by Samsung. In particular, note the high-resolution 2,560 x 1600 pixel display, the 10-inch screen and stereo speakers. We expect the dual-core processor of the Nexus 10 may be improved-upon for Samsung’s version, though.

Full-HD Samsung Galaxy S4?

Here’s something that has been rumoured, but is highly unlikely to show up at CES in January – the Samsung Galaxy S4. Flagship Galaxy phones have become Apple iPhone-sized in their importance, and this phone is likely to get its own glitzy launch event, rather than having to share the limelight at CES.

New HTC phones

HTC is expected to launch a pair of new smartphones. Possible candidates are the HTC M7, a high-powered Android phone that’s set to take on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4. Rumoured features include a 5-inch screen, quad-core CPU and 13MP camera. These specs match those rumoured to be offered by the Samsung Galaxy S4. A coincidence? We think not.

Ultra HD TV

We’re likely to see a fistful of Ultra HD TVs at CES 2013. These are tellies that use the 4k and 8k resolution standards – much more detailed that the blocky old 1080p we currently have to make do with. In particular, keep those retinas ready for the 85-inch Samsung Ultra HD TV that’s likely to be shown off.

A cheapie Windows Phone 8 mobile from Huawei

So far, we’ve seen Windows Phone 8 mobiles from HTC, from Nokia and Samsung. Huawei is about to get in the game too, with a Windows Phone 8-powered Ascend-series phone. Why care? Huawei is a pro at keeping costs to a minimum, letting their prices drop to jaw-dropping lows. We’re not sure how cheap the Huawei Ascend W1 will be, but if it’s cheap it could become the Windows Phone 8 mobile to watch.

Intel Haswell

Haswell is the next generation of computer processor chips from the renowned chippie Intel, set to take over from Ivy Bridge. Haswell will offer a claimed 10 per cent performance increase over its predecessor. Not a world-changing amount, perhaps, but enough incentive to keep from buying a new laptop for a month or two, perhaps. It may be a little early for Haswell to appear, though, as a leaked laptop roadmap suggests these new Haswell computers won’t arrive until the middle of the year.

£30k headphones from Sennheiser

Sennheiser is to resurrect its frankly bonkers Orpheus headphones project, once the “flagship” model in the headphone veteran’s range. The new Sennheiser Orpheus cost $40,000 a pair, complete with a giant headphone amplifier. Sennheiser has showed off these mad headphones before, and we’re hoping they’ll make an appearance at CES. That said, a noisy show floor is hardly the way to experience cans this special.

Tegra 4 chipset from Nvidia

Nvidia is likely to show off its new-generation Tegra 4 processor in January. It’ll use the codename Wayne (based on Batman’s alter ego Bruce Wayne) and should come in both quad-core and eight-core versions. A computer chip by itself isn’t all that interesting, but given it’ll power phones and tablets of the future, we’re keen to see what Tegra 4 is capable of.

Let us know what gadgets or tech you want to see in 2013 in the comments.

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