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Budget Samsung Windows Phone 8 Mobile Leaked?

Andrew Williams


Samsung Focus 2
Samsung Focus 2

A leaked XML document harvested from Samsung’s servers suggests that one of the first Windows Phone 8 handsets from the mobile phone market leader will bear the code title SGH-i687. And we even know a couple of its specs.

The one big clue that this is a Windows 8 phone rather one running plain old Windows Phone 7.x is that the XML file says it uses Internet Explorer 10. This is the version of Microsoft’s mobile web browser that’s set to launch with Windows 8 – the current Windows Phone OS uses Internet Explorer 9.

More interesting than this tip-off, though, is that the Samsung SGH-i687 is listed as having a WVGA or 480 x 800 pixel screen. Although this is the maximum resolution for current-gen Windows Phone devices, Windows Phone 8 is to open up the screen res ceiling, to make competing with super high-res Android devices and Apple’s iPhone easier.

Why the old-fashioned screen? There are two obvious possibilities. Either this is to be a Windows Phone 7.x device, and Internet Explorer 10 is to come to the current Windows Phone platform, or the detailed phone is to be a budget device. The latter idea opens up a whole new can of worms, though.

Samsung XML

The XML file, "in person"

Recent reports indicate that Windows phones of the moment will not get an upgrade to the Windows Phone 8 platform – and if that’s not down to screen issues, then what is it? Will Windows Phone 8 demand a dual-core CPU? And won’t that rule out cheap Windows 8 phones for the time being?

For more clues as to what the Samsung SGH-i687 will offer, take a look at the spec list of the Samsung Focus, a Windows Phone 7 handset with an eerily similar product code - SGH-i667.

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