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Best Soundbars 2014

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Looking for the best soundbars to buy? We pick five more room-friendly surround sound set-ups to look out for this Christmas.

If you’ve had enough of the poor quality sound from your HDTV and you're on the hunt for the best soundbar to buy, you’ve come to the right place.

So what is a TV soundbar? Well, it’s a slim speaker system that can sit below or near your TV. The technology packed inside can deliver a surround sound experience minus the clutter of 5.1 surround sound speakers dotted around the room.

Whether you are watching a film on Blu-ray, streaming content from Lovefilm or playing Call of Duty on your Xbox One or PS4, a soundbar can take your home entertainment domain to the next level.

Most soundbars are 2.1 channel sound setups. That means you’ll get two speakers and a separate subwoofer. There are of course the few exceptions that bundle subwoofer and speakers all into one device.

Beyond hooking it up to a TV, soundbars can offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to stream content from smartphones, tablets and computers. Physical connections can include USB ports to plug-in external hard drives, HDMI inputs and outputs to support full HD and 3D TV playback.

There’s plenty out there to choose from and we want to help you find which soundbar is right for you. So if space is at a premium, and you are ready to break free from the snaking cables, read on.

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