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Best camcorders to buy 2016

Michael Sawh


Looking for the best camcorder to buy? From 3D shooters to rugged, pocket camcorders these are the top rated ones to look out for.

As smartphones and DSLR cameras continue to provide a compelling argument to ditch the camcorder, we know there are some out there who still want a dedicated movie-shooting device.

The likes of JVC, Canon and Panasonic continue to support the camcorder cause. Combining automatic and manual features, most are well equipped to shoot Full HD 1080p and 3D if you are still into the whole stereoscopic thing.

Most entry and professional camcorders feature built-in Wi-Fi making it easier and quicker to transfer and upload footage. Some even pack Android and iOS app functionality to remotely control key features like camera zoom and focusing from your smartphone or tablet.

The birth of the camcorder hybrid means you can expect to see more models sport DSLR-style sensors making sure you have the best of both shooting worlds for moving and still images.

Whether you want to shoot broadcast quality video or simply want to make amateur films look a little more slick, we've rifled through our camcorder reviews to pick out the best camcorders to buy right now.

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