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Best Routers 2014: Top 5 Best Wireless Routers

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Best Routers

What’s the best router to buy? Should you go for Netgear, Linksys, D-Link or one of the many other brands you might not have heard of? Will it keep your home broadband secure? Does it have the range you need?

All are important questions to consider when trying to boost the Wi-Fi in your home broadband setup.

If rapid data transfer speeds mean the most to you, then you also need to decide whether to stick with an 802.11n router or one that supports the new Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac. You'll need to make sure your devices support that standard, though. Read our in-depth look at 802.11n vs 802.11ac to find out if that's what you need.

It's not all about speed, though. Maybe you want something that is easy to setup. A router with a good range would make sure every room in the house picks up the same strong Wi-Fi signal.

Routers can now do more than spread the Wi-Fi love. There are USB ports to hook up printers, external hard drives and games consoles. Cloud support lets you take control and you can even use a smartphone or tablet to tinker with the settings.

Whether you are replacing the router provided by your broadband provider or you need the best router for gaming, we’ve picked five routers reviewed and rated by the Trusted Reviews team that you should spend your money on.

Last updated: 11/02/2014

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