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Best Routers 2015: Top 6 Best Wireless Routers

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Best Routers

Is your internet performance poor? There’s a good chance it’s because of your router, the brain of your home network. Ditching a freebie router and opting for a dedicated one can solve a whole lot of headaches. But there’s more to the decision than just picking a brand.

We’re going to take you through the best router options on the market, starting at accessible bundled and budget routers, moving all the way up to £250 top-end ones.

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Best Router Overall | Linksys EA6900 AC1900

Fastest Router | Linksys WRT1900AC

Best Value 802.11ac Router | D-Link DIR-880L Wireless AC1900

Best Router Under £100 | D-Link DIR-850L Wireless AC1200

Best ISP Router | BT Home Hub 5

Best 802.11n Router | Asus DSL-N66U

If you want to get the most out of your home internet connection, you need a good router. And, unfortunately, the ones you get bundled with ISP deals generally aren’t much cop.

That’s doubly true if you’ve had the same router for a good old while. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade. But which one should you go for?

One of the biggest choices to consider if you’re out for a new router is whether to go for a Wi-Fi ac-grade router or one that only subscribes to the slightly older a/b/g/n standards. Ac offers better range and better maximum theoretical speeds.

However, you need to have ac support on the other end – in your computers and mobile devices – for it to be of any use. And you can sometimes get better n-grade performance for less if you stick to the old standard. Of course, for future-proofing you need to upgrade to ac.

Read our in-depth look at 802.11n vs 802.11ac to find out if that's what you need.

But how much do you need to spend to get a great router? Our cheapest top pick costs just £60-75, and we think the stress-free home internet it’ll get you is more than worth the investment.

It's not all about speed, though. Maybe you want something that is easy to setup. A router with a good range would make sure every room in the house picks up the same strong Wi-Fi signal.

Routers can now do more than spread the Wi-Fi love. There are USB ports to hook up printers, external hard drives and games consoles. Cloud support lets you take control and you can even use a smartphone or tablet to tinker with the settings.

Whether you are replacing the router provided by your broadband provider or you need the best router for gaming, we’ve picked five routers reviewed and rated by the Trusted Reviews team that you should spend your money on.

Last updated: 08/09/2014

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