Toshiba 27WLT56 27in LCD TV



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  • Review Price: £800.00

Toshiba has already set our TV pulses racing in recent times with the seriously excellent 32in 32WLT66. So there seems little reason to suppose that we’ll be able to turn up anything serious to worry about with the 27in 27WLT56 either.

Having said that, the 27WLT56 is, as the 56 part of its model number suggests, lower in the Toshiba LCD pecking order than the current 66 flagships. And the impact of this can actually be seen straight away in the 27WLT56’s looks, which are frankly nothing like as appealing as those of its more expensive brother. We guess the combination of angular sides, matt dark silver screen surround and thin metallic trim might suit people who like their TVs to sit demurely in a corner of the room, but frankly it’s all a bit too sedate for us.

The 27WLT56’s connections are distinctly underwhelming, too. Particularly upsetting is the absence of that key high definition dynamic duo of HDMI and component video inputs. Indeed, you might very well wonder exactly how the 27WLT56 can call itself truly HD Ready without these jacks, given that component and digital HD connectivity is an integral part of the HD Ready spec sheet. The answer lies in the set’s provision of a DVI jack for digital video duties, and the fact that a VGA PC socket on the TV is used via a provided adaptor to take in component video HD signals. Of course, this component video situation will mean regular trips round the back of the TV to switch connections over for anyone with both a PC and a component video source to hand. In other words, a true couch potatoes’ dream this TV is not.

The set’s provision of just two SCARTs hardly sets the world on fire either – though at least both are able to take high-quality RGB signals.