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Best Projector 2016: 6 Best Projectors You Can Buy

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Looking for the best projector for your home cinema setup? Whether it's for gaming at home, films or presentations in the office, these are our pick of the top rated projectors you can buy.

Watching a film or playing your PS4 or Xbox One to a 60-inch TV is not exactly a shabby experience, but what if you could do it all on a screen the size of a wall? Swapping a TV for a projector is one of the best ways to supersize your home cinema setup and not have to break the bank.

The likes of Sony, BenQ, JVC and Epson are among the major players making the latest crop of full HD, 3D and 4K projectors. Prices can range from a more wallet-friendly £500 all the way up to a ridiculous £30,000.

Essentially, there are three types of projectors you need to be aware of -- LCD, LED and DLP. LCD projectors use display technology similar to LCD TVs and the key advantages are delivering the kind of brightness, impressive contrast ratio and black levels necessary for producing great image quality.

LED projectors are more energy-efficient than LCD projectors, promising longer lamp life and the ability to offer more colourful and vibrant images.

Last up is DLP or Digital Light Processing projectors that use the same kind of technology found in cinema projectors to handle higher resolution images and have lot less need for maintenance than LCD or LED projectors.

Whichever option you go for, you can be sure to find something that has the right amount of brightness, vibrancy and amount of connectivity to use it at home or at work. Looking back at our latest reviews, we've picked the best projectors for whatever your budget can stretch to.

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