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    1. Lexmark OfficeEdge Pro4000

      Lexmark OfficeEdge Pro4000

      Price as reviewed £185.00
      1 Jul 2012
      Our rating:

      Lexmark’s OfficeEdge Pro4000 offers good ink economy and fast print.

    2. Lexmark OfficeEdge Pro5500

      Lexmark OfficeEdge Pro5500

      Price as reviewed £296.00
      29 May 2012
      Our rating:

      Is the Lexmark OfficeEdge Pro5500 inkjet all-in-one a worthy rival to HP and Epson?

    3. Lexmark Pro715

      Lexmark Pro715

      Price as reviewed £192.00
      14 Feb 2012
      Our rating:

      The Pro715 is the mid-range device in Lexmark’s latest all-in-one releases, but at just under £200 does it pay its way?

    4. Lexmark Pro915

      Lexmark Pro915

      Price as reviewed £252.00
      27 Jan 2012
      Our rating:

      The Pro915 is an upgrade to Lexmark’s Pro901 all-in-one, with a revised print engine, and tablet and phone print capabilities.

    5. Lexmark E360dn

      Lexmark E360dn

      Price as reviewed £164.00
      24 May 2011
      Our rating:

      A no-nonsense small office laser printer that does pretty much what’s claimed of it, apart from printing at 38ppm.

    6. Lexmark Prospect Pro205

      Lexmark Prospect Pro205

      Price as reviewed £95.99
      7 Sep 2010
      Our rating:

      An inexpensive way of matching one of Lexmark's top of the range all-in-ones, if you can forgo the touchscreen.

    7. Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901

      Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901

      Price as reviewed £244.79
      4 Jul 2010
      Our rating:

      It can print, copy, scan and fax, but will this pricey multifunction inkjet woo potential buyers?

    8. Lexmark Interact S605 - Wireless All-in-One

      Lexmark Interact S605 - Wireless All-in-One

      Price as reviewed £170.96
      4 Oct 2009
      Our rating:

      Lexmark adds a capacitive touchscreen and Wi-Fi to this inkjet all-in-one.

    9. Lexmark Prevail Pro705 - Wireless Inkjet All-in-One

      Lexmark Prevail Pro705 - Wireless Inkjet All-in-One

      Price as reviewed £191.99
      22 Sep 2009
      Our rating:

      We take a look at Lexmark's new wireless 'professional' all-in-one printer.

    10. Lexmark X204n - Mono Laser MFP

      Lexmark X204n - Mono Laser MFP

      Price as reviewed £187.00
      15 Aug 2009
      Our rating:

      This mono laser incorporates a scanner and faxing ability.

    11. Lexmark X4975ve All-in-One Inkjet

      Lexmark X4975ve All-in-One Inkjet

      Price as reviewed £170.58
      3 Apr 2009
      Our rating:

      This SOHO all-in-one from Lexmark is one of a range of 30 printers.

    12. Lexmark E260DN Mono Laser

      Lexmark E260DN Mono Laser

      Price as reviewed £196.00
      10 Feb 2009
      Our rating:

      This mono laser printer from Lexmark could be ideal for a small office.

    13. Lexmark C543dn Colour Laser

      Lexmark C543dn Colour Laser

      Price as reviewed £257.32
      5 Dec 2008
      Our rating:

      Lexmark delivers a colour laser printer, with networking, for around £250.

    14. Lexmark X9575

      Lexmark X9575

      Price as reviewed £179.78
      25 Apr 2008
      Our rating:

      Fast duplex printing can't rescue the Lexmark X9575 from its otherwise pedestrian performance.

    15. Lexmark C500n

      Lexmark C500n

      Price as reviewed £188.53
      29 Feb 2008
      Our rating:

      Lexmark offers up an entry-level Laser printer with decent mono performance, but less astounding colour performance.