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  1. Dell Precision M6800

    Dell Precision M6800

    Price as reviewed £2,075.00
    3 Jul 2014
    Our rating:

    A Core i7 processor and Nvidia Quadro graphics make this a monster workstation laptop

  2. Dell Latitude E7440

    Dell Latitude E7440

    Price as reviewed £1,504.00
    5 Mar 2014
    Our rating:

    This is a top-notch ultrabook for business minded folk with a removable battery

  3. Dell XPS 15

    Dell XPS 15

    Price as reviewed £1,779.00
    17 Feb 2014
    Our rating:

    An excellent but pricey 15-inch powerhouse of a laptop

  4. Dell Precision M3800

    Dell Precision M3800

    Price as reviewed £1,865.00
    4 Feb 2014
    Our rating:

    The best reason not to buy a MacBook Pro

  5. Alienware M14x 3

    Alienware M14x

    Price as reviewed £1,438.67
    12 Aug 2011
    Our rating:

    A 14.1in gaming laptop that has it all; stunning design, more lights than you can shake a stick at, great ergonomics, and oodles of power under the hood.

  6. Dell Studio XPS 16 with RGB LED Display

    Dell Studio XPS 16 with RGB LED Display

    Price as reviewed £1,419.00
    10 Mar 2009
    Our rating:

    A 16in, Full HD, RGB LED display is the undoubted highlight of this multimedia powerhouse.

  7. Dell Latitude E4200 12.1in Ultra-Portable

    Dell Latitude E4200 12.1in Ultra-Portable

    Price as reviewed £1,733.05
    19 Jan 2009
    Our rating:

    An instant-on OS, excellent performance and a solid design make the E4200 one of the best ultra-portables about.

  8. Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC

    Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC

    Price as reviewed £1,823.48
    1 May 2008
    Our rating:

    Is Dell's attempt at a Tablet PC the definitive example in this niche field?

  9. Dell XPS M1730

    Dell XPS M1730

    Price as reviewed £1,529.00
    12 Dec 2007
    Our rating:

    Is this 'The Beast' or more of a Christmas Turkey? Andy finds out as we look at Dell's latest gaming notebook, the XPS M1730.

  10. Dell XPS M1330

    Dell XPS M1330

    Price as reviewed £1,296.12
    11 Oct 2007
    Our rating:

    Is this the notebook to revive Dell's flagging consumer range?

  11. Dell Latitude D430

    Dell Latitude D430

    Price as reviewed £1,724.90
    27 Sep 2007
    Our rating:

    Andy spends some time with Dell's updated ultra-portable. Is this another hit for its Latitude range?

  12. Dell Latitude ATG D620 - Semi-Rugged Notebook

    Dell Latitude ATG D620 - Semi-Rugged Notebook

    Price as reviewed £1,498.12
    12 Mar 2007
    Our rating:

    Dell produces its first rugged notebook, but how does it stack up to the established ToughBook competition?

  13. Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2

    Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2

    Price as reviewed £2,561.00
    10 May 2005
    Our rating:

    Dell might not be the first name that springs to mind when you think of mobile gaming, but the XPS Gen 2 is about to change that.

  14. Dell Latitude D410

    Dell Latitude D410

    Price as reviewed £1,291.00
    1 Apr 2005
    Our rating:

    With a sub-notebook, portability normally means having to make sacrifices on the performance front. With the Sonoma based Latitude D410, Dell takes a very good stab at delivering both.

  15. Dell Inspiron 9100 - Gaming Notebook

    Dell Inspiron 9100 - Gaming Notebook

    Price as reviewed £1,644.00
    7 Sep 2004
    Our rating:

    Dell is first out of the gate with the latest ATI mobile graphics solution, and the result is a blisteringly fast mobile gaming machine.