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Aliph Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset - Aliph Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset

By Hugo Jobling



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Aliph Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset


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The USB charger is, as before, useful for powering anything that charges over a USB cable. Hardly worth mentioning, but it's one of those fringe benefits that makes you feel like you're getting your money's worth from a well-thought out product bundle.

Fully charged, Aliph says the Jawbone Prime will deliver 4.5 hours talk time, which sounds about right to me. Unless you're some manner of high-flying executive unable to spend more than five minutes off the road and phone (in which case why are you driving your own car?) I can't see battery life being a problem.

A charge to 80 per cent capacity takes less than an hour, which is pretty swift by anyone's standards and when not connected to a phone, the Prime will turn itself off after 15 minutes of non-use helping preserve its battery. Quick enough for a top-up over a leisurely breakfast, cup of coffee and newspaper in the morning certainly.

The Jawbone Prime can be connected to as many as eight devices, using the standard search, connect, enter the passcode (0000 - surprise, surprise) and go technique you're surely all familiar with. Usefully, two phones can be connected to the Jawbone Prime at once, handy for those who carry both a work and personal phone.

Or, of course, if you leave a second mobile hidden in your car away from a significant other. Not that I condone such behaviour, but growing up on American dramas has left me with the impression that at least one person in a good 80 per cent of all couples is being unfaithful.

But I digress; being able to connect the Jawbone Prime to two phones at once is bound to be a deal-sealer for some to my mind.

stuart 13

August 1, 2010, 9:13 pm

I've been using Motorola bluetooth headsets only and kind of believes only Motorola can produce the best until... I came across Plantronics and Jawbone while surfing the net. I was using the Motorola H710, H375, H12 and then H790. The H790's performance met about 70% of my personal expectations on a good all-round performance bluetooth unit. H790 did outperformed the H12 on speaker volume and Crystaltalk (noise "reduction" technology). I was happy with it and kind of wanted to look for a better unit. Did quite a bit of reading on Plantronics and Jawbone, based on my research, decided to buy the Plantronics 975. It was an ultimate sounding bluetooth unit, really, and I mean really clear sounding bluetooth unit, the best so far that I've tried. Returned the Plantronics 975 due to clear background noise (no background noise cancellation) eventhough it was the clearest sounding bluetooth I've ever owned... todate. Got the 2nd unit, the same thing persisted, talked to the local Plantronics distributor and they are willing to refund me since I'm not happy with it. Purchased this Jawbone Prime, this time I tested it while I was at the store, the 1st brand new unit I tested sounded badly. Opened up another brand new unit, this time it was good, did my testing by calling several of my friends.

My conclusion, the Plantronics 975 has the best audio quality for both outgoing and incoming, it was unfortunate that the background noise cancellation is poor. At noisy environment, I did call my friends to test out on its quality, they all said the same, they heard me really clear and I sounded like I was calling from landline but they all heard the background too. Now Jawbone Prime did not sound as great as Plantronics 975 in terms of audio quality but J.Prime edge P.975 on Noise cancelling by a big margin. So it boils down to individual's preference and my priority is on background noise cancelling quality. J.Prime's audio quality is not great and I would say it's OK but I need my clients or friends to hear me comfortably without background disturbances so I opted for Jawbone Prime. So which one you choose is depending on what you are looking for. Clarity, go for Plantronics, noise cancelling, go for Jawbone. Comfort level, both are about the same for me. Plantronics 975 might have the charging case, all I need is additional Jawbone cable in my car when I need it so it's not a big deal for me too. Had the Jawbone Prime possesses the clarity of Plantronics 975, I would rate it as a perfect bluetooth headset.

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