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Best PS Vita Games 2016

Ys: Memories of Celceta

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Developer: NIS America

It might not be quite as famous as genre stable mates Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, but Ys has just as long and proud a history behind it. In recent years the series has undergone something of a rebirth, with new entries appearing on a wide range of formats. It’s now back under the control of original creator Falcom, and Memories of Celceta is a commendable stab at bringing the franchise to an entirely new audience.

Unlike many Japanese RPGs, the combat in Ys takes place in real time, and this means your fingers will get a pretty healthy workout during the epic quest to rid your character of his unfortunate amnesia. Spotting patterns in each enemy’s movement is key to success, lending the game a welcome tactical feel. With so many modern JRPGs falling over themselves to create new settings or break genre conventions, it’s actually refreshing to play a title which keeps one foot in the past, and is proud to do so.

Price: £34.99