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Best PS Vita Games 2016

Final Fantasy X|X-2 Remaster

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Developer: Square Enix

You’ve probably spotted a theme by now – the Vita is home to a lot of remasters and ports. This is one double pack which is worth revisiting however, as it brings together two of the finest RPGs ever created. Final Fantasy X was the first title in Square Enix’s million-selling series to hit the PS2, and brought with its impeccable production values, full voice acting and incredible cutscenes. It’s joined here by Final Fantasy X-2, which was the first direct sequel in Final Fantasy history and expanded on the gameplay of the original as well as taking the sprawling storyline into exciting new directions.

The visuals in both titles have been spruced up considerably to take advantage of the Vita’s high resolution screen, and the fact that they’re now in portable form makes them even more enjoyable than they were more than a decade ago. Even if the divisive X-2 leaves you feeling a bit cold, Final Fantasy X is RPG storytelling at its finest and practically worth the price of purchase on its own.

Price: £29.99