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PS5: release date, specs, news, rumours, all the latest news and wishlist


Sony PS4 Pro 19

PS5: release date, specs, news, rumours, all the latest news and wishlist

Microsoft is launching "the powerful home console ever", Xbox Project Scorpio, at the end of this year. But could Sony be quietly prepping its own next-generation hardware?

According to one expert, yes. Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong predicts Sony will launch the PlayStation 5 in 2018. The news comes via the Wall Street Journal, in which Thong claims Sony will probably release its next-gen PlayStation in the second half of the year.

Normally these sorts of rumours are ignored, especially with such little noise coming from Sony, but Thong was the analyst who predicted the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. It’s worth taking his words into consideration.

So we've put together our own little wishlist and expectations of what to expect from Sony’s next-generation console. It's all speculation, and the idea of anything being announced at the upcoming E3 2017 is certainly not going to happen, but who doesn't enjoy a little bit of future-gazing?

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ps4 pro

We’ll be updating this page as new information crops up, and the console is eventually revealed, so be sure to bookmark it!

PS5 release date – When is the PlayStation 5 coming out?

Sony hasn’t actually said a thing about a new console – yet. The PS4 continues not only to be the best-selling console of the current crop, but is on course to be one of the best sellers in history, so it makes sense for the company to keep quiet.

The PS4 sold 20 million units in the last fiscal year, which is an astronomical number, especially when you add it to the 40 million sold as of May 2016. However, in its earnings report, Sony did admit it expected hardware sales to slow as the total number edged closer to 60 million consoles sold (via GI.biz).

With the anticipation of sales slowing, could Sony counter this with a shiny new console to get PlayStation fans buying hardware again?

Microsoft is coming back swinging with Scorpio, so the PS4 is also soon to become an inferior machine from a specs perspective, having been the industry leader for this console cycle. Logic would point to Sony having to respond in some fashion with a new, more powerful machine to keep performance-hungry gamers happy.

The latter half of 2018 seems very optimistic, but not impossible, as Sony won’t want Microsoft to be smug for too long if Project Scorpio proves a huge success.

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PS5 Specs – How powerful will the machine be?

Again, without any form of announcements, we can’t fully assess what the PlayStation 5 will look like from a hardware perspective. We can, however, take a look at the competition, and see what Sony will need to do with its new machine to compete and offer something new for consumers.

Let’s take a look at Project Scorpio, again a console Microsoft is supremely confident in, thanks to its incredible power and ability to deliver 4K gaming.

Scorpio’s CPU is an eight-core 2.3 GHz processor, paired with 12GB GDDR5 memory and a GPU sporting 40 compute units operating at 1172MHz. In layman's terms, this is a mid-range 2017 gaming PC, but with lots of clever software and hardware tricks to squeeze the absolute maximum performance out of it.

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Xbox Scorpio

As is ever the case with console launches, manufacturers have to balance cost with performance. The PS4 has been so wildly successful because it's been able to offer better performance on third-party titles over the Xbox One, in both visual fidelity and framerate.

Now the balance of power is swinging in Microsoft’s favour (albeit with a more expensive console), Sony will want to redress that and offer a console even more powerful than Scorpio. Or perhaps Sony will be able to counter with a less powerful but better-value console come that woolly 2018 launch date.

PS5 Price – How much will it cost?

As we don’t even know the console’s specs, we can’t accurately guess how much the machine will cost.

We will soon, however, get some form of barometer when we find out the cost of Project Scorpio. We will hopefully find out exactly how much Microsoft’s hardware costs at E3 2017, but early estimates predict around £450-550, which is pretty reasonable for the performance on offer.

PS5 Backwards Compatibility – What can we expect?

At the launch of the PS4 Pro, system architect Mark Cerny was at pains to clarify this was not the start of a new console generation. “I believe in generations. Generations are a good thing. So, philosophically, we believe in them. We believe they continue, and this is a mid-generation release,” he is quoted by Gamasutra.

Sony was at pains to make sure consumers saw the PS4 Pro, a modest improvement over the base console, as a mid-cycle refresh.

Microsoft, meanwhile, sees the Scorpio as the beginning of the end of console generations. Microsoft’s head of marketing, Aaron Greenberg, told Engadget "We think the future is without console generations.”

Both with very different outlooks, but both doing something important: allowing players to carry over their game libraries.

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PS4 Pro review

Sony made a misstep in a lack of PS4 backwards compatibility with previous PlayStations. Fans became frustrated by the inability to carry over their games to the new console. Microsoft capitalised on this by offering extensive Xbox One backwards compatibility via consistent updates, with new games added almost weekly.

Both Scorpio and PS4 Pro, as they’re not fully fledged 'next-gen' consoles, play all current and future Xbox One and PS4 titles respectively, but with improvements over said titles being played on base consoles.

The PlayStation 5 simply must offer backwards compatibility so that all PS4 games work on the machine.

PS5 Games – What will we get?

With 2017 offering some of the best PS4 games the console has seen, it’s important to think about which series are due a sequel so we can judge which titles might be around at launch of a new console.

With the likes of God of War, The Last of Us Part 2, Spider-Man and Gran Turismo Sport all on the horizon, those series are pretty much locked down for the forseeable future. Plus with Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted 4 and Persona 5 all recently launching, we wouldn’t be seeing those titles arriving with the PS5.

It’d be more likely we’d see brand-new IP with the new console, or a return of an old favourite like Infamous or the Resistance series.

PS5 VR – Will we get a new headset?

PlayStation VR has proven a big success for Sony. Even today it’s hard to find a headset in stores or online.

It also has a great library to support it, with new releases arriving on the PlayStation Store frequently for current owners of the headset.

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PlayStation VR

However, as a console VR headset, it naturally couldn’t match the power and fidelity of its PC counterparts. If the PS5 is significantly more powerful than the PS4, could we see a hardware revision to offer a better virtual reality experience?

It would make sense, as Microsoft is planning on offering VR with the Scorpio, though the company's remained relatively coy about exactly how well supported it'll be. This could be where we see the VR war really heat up.

What do you think? Is 2018 far too soon for the PS5, or does Sony have to act because of Project Scorpio? Let us know in the comments.


May 3, 2017, 4:02 pm

SMH its gonna be 2020 at least,with death stranding as its launch title.

Steve Arturo

May 3, 2017, 6:25 pm

Nah 2018 is perfect. I see no later then early 2019 marks the Playstation anniversary. People need to remember that the Pro is part of the PS4 life cycle if you get maybe 2 years out of it thats good.

Peder Aas

May 3, 2017, 6:32 pm

A second generation of psvr is a must with the arrival of an eventual PS5 launch. Project cars 2 developers are for instance not sure if it will be a psvr version of the Project Cars 2, because they may have to do too many artistic sacrifices. The limitations are obvious.


May 4, 2017, 3:16 am

this is a load of vacous, speculative BS

Rata Villalobos

May 4, 2017, 7:18 am

Ps4 y ps4 PRO, pueden soportar perfectamente 2017, 2018 y hasta 2019, siempre y cuando tengan buenos juegos, son y no debe sacar una ps5 aún, recordemos que son y, tiene un compromiso para 2020 con los juegos olímpicos, y ahí podría aprovechar, para 2018 llegarían nuevos procesadores y entonces realmente tendría mayor ventaja son y en una ps5, lo mejor para sony es sacar la ps5 para finales de 2019 o principios de 2020 (creo que 2019 hacer el prepago y en 2020 tener la consola), ya que en esas fechas podría aprovechar las tecnologías en tv's, procesadores mas recientes, etc. Son y tiene la gran oportunidad de dos años para empezar a diseñar la ps5, puede si quiere manejar la expectación durante un año, ya la hay por el ps5, y aún son y no ha dicho nada


May 4, 2017, 10:15 am

2018 is too early. PS5 will be announced 2018 to thwart MS who revealed XB Scorpio early, but will actually arrive 2019 which gives the PS4 Pro a 3 year lifespan. Any less than 3 years and the fans would revolt.

The wish list is very easy if Sony want to crush MS.

The hardware should be powerful enough to run ALL GAMES native 4K 60fps with perfect frame pacing and eye candy on max. The price should be as stated above $450-$550.

MS would have no answer to that. XB Scorpio would be coming up short at a time when 4K TV gets mass adoption, and MS would not be able to rush out an XB Scorpio 2 to combat it or the expensive XB Scorpio would only have a 2 year lifespan, enraging the fans.


May 4, 2017, 3:53 pm

the next play station should be revealed in 2019
also the ps4 pro should be able to play ps5 games until the ps5 pro comes out.

Rhea Nicole Rekart

May 4, 2017, 9:41 pm

why? Death Stranding is already out Dec 29th 2017 on preorder from Amazon.


May 5, 2017, 8:43 am

2018 is not perfect for every Sony gamer. It's perfect for you who probably has a standard PS4, so you're approaching the ideal 5 year lifespan and ready for a change.

But a 5 year lifespan is too long for some gamers and a 2 year lifespan is definitely too short. Citing 2 years is actually selfish and uncaring for you to say such a thing to those that bought the PS4 Pro, You clearly still harbor some jealousy.

While PS4 is starting to struggle and show its age, the Pro is delivering wonderful graphics to see the gen out in style. The PS4 Pro was not expensive, so if you are starting to see screen tear and frame stutter on the PS4, you should have bought the PS4 Pro.

So the ideal compromise is a 6 year gen, split with a mid gen console allowing two 3 year gens. That is what we have. Sony have called the PS4 Pro a mid gen upgrade and it was released in year 3 of the PS4 gen. What is 3 the middle of?

Hopefully the same will happen with the PS5.


May 5, 2017, 8:57 am

The idea of a gen usually involves big changes that make backwards compatibility not possible, but the fact that the PS4 now employs a scaleable PC architecture via AMD, makes backwards compatibility a possibility.

It all depends whether Sony still go with AMD and whether AMD build it into their new chips. But running games in emulation is never as good as running the games native on the real hardware.

Unless you employ 'forward compatibility' like MS where you actually change the games to match the new hardware. Then they run the same as the old hardware, but that's a lot of work so not every game gets the treatment.

Kedar Rao

May 6, 2017, 2:30 am

you are right sir

Eddie Battikha

May 15, 2017, 7:33 pm

Without a doubt PS5 is launching Fall 2018, The Last Of Us 2 and Death Stranding are gonna be the last 2 PS4 exclusives launching for PS4 in 2018.

Eddie Battikha

May 15, 2017, 10:19 pm

I recently thought the same as u that Sony is switching to 3 year hardware refresh cycles, this way technology isn't held back and evolution will continue. I got told a while back from Business Contacts going to Computex 17 that a PS5 Prototype will be shown behind closed doors and that PS5 will launch Fall 2018. I fully believe it and will gladly trade my PS4 Pro In Fall 2018 for PS5.

Eddie Battikha

May 15, 2017, 10:25 pm

Death Stranding and The Last Of Us 2 are gonna be the final 2 PS4 Exclusives for PS4 in 2018. PS5 is launching Fall 2018 100%

Eddie Battikha

May 15, 2017, 10:26 pm

2018 😉

Ismail Cem Izgi

May 16, 2017, 10:33 am

I don't get this 4k obsession. I prefer playing my games 1080p 120hz rather than 4k 60hz. and by the way most of the modern TV's upsclae any good 1080p content to 4k with unnoticable difference.

Darth Kaltavius

May 23, 2017, 2:02 am

same with me. My PC I play games on a 1080P 120hz asus monitor and I'm happy with my setup . My ps4 also looks great too. A friend of mine has a 4K tv and he still prefers to play his PS4 Pro on his Asus Gaming monitor in 1080P..


May 23, 2017, 2:13 pm

What is possible would be this: E3 reveal 2019 and release November 2019 of a PS5, a true next gen. The Hardware would be 8 or more Zen 2 Cores at GF or TSMC's 7nm with AMD Navi Graphics Card, GDDR6 or HBM2 with 24-32 Gbyte of RAM.
The Hard Drive would be something above 2 Tbyte i guess.

This would, by the way make it a +10 Tflops GPU monster with around 3840 Navi Cores, maybe even 4096

Ivan K.

May 23, 2017, 9:25 pm

Despite Scorpio's greater power, it'll be playing catch up for most of 2018. Sony will also see far more VR games released over the next 12 to 18 months. More software & cheaper price may keep PS4 & PS4Pro well ahead of Scorpio over 2018. This allows Sony time to release an even more powerful PS5 & a new VR headset in 2019, to again steal a march on MS. I think Sony will wait until 2019.

Ismail Cem Izgi

May 24, 2017, 10:38 pm

on fast pacing games 1080p 144hz is noticebly better than 4k 60hz.

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