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Bose Bluetooth Headset

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Fitting the StayHear silicon tips into you ears is described in detail in the manual and sounded a little convoluted when we read it, but in reality it was a simple process and one which we found to provide an excellent fit.

The tip fits into your ear canal while the “tip wing” follows the contour of the ridges of your ear to make sure the headset goes nowhere while you’re wearing it. The arrangement is one which works perfectly and provides a very comfortable fit – even for hours at a time.

When you take your headset out of the box it is partially charged, but if you are planning on using it for any extended period of time we would recommend give it a quick charge before putting it into action. The pairing system is as straight forward as flicking the power slider from red to green, finding the headset in your phone’s Bluetooth menu and pairing. Even we managed it first time, which is a bit of a record.

If you have the headset in your ear you will have to get used to recognising a variety of beeps and tones to indicate what is going on. Four notes from high to low indicate the headset is turning on while the opposite indicates the headset is turning off.

A run of three quick notes means that you have connected with a device while low beeps indicate the battery is low. We much prefer the nice American lady who spoke to us in the Jabra Supreme set up, but it’s not too much of a strain to recognise what each beep means after a bit of use.

The Bose Bluetooth Headset can remember up to six devices and if you want to connect to a new one, simply long-press the call button for 5 seconds to make the headset discoverable again and repeat the set up process.

To answer a call, a simple press of the call button suffices and you can transfer the audio from your headset back to your phone by pressing and holding the call button again. Rejecting an incoming call is done by pressing and holding the call button and you can even transfer between two calls and begin conference calls

The Bose headset also supports Multi-point which lets you connect two devices simultaneously – however this process is less straightforward. It involves turning off Bluetooth on your phone, pressing a lot of buttons, turning on and off the headset and it’s all a bit over-complicated – however it does work.

Voice dialing is supported but as with all Bluetooth headsets it depends on which phones you are using - some HTC phones (even the Evo 3D) do not support the function.

Battery life is pegged at 4.5 hours of talk time and 175 hours standby and from our testing this seemed to be pretty much spot on (though we obviously can't attest to the standby figure) and while not the greatest battery life, should suffice for all but the most talkative among you.

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