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Best PS4 Games 2016


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A list of the best games available for PS4 right now, including links to the best deals and offers for each. Be sure to bookmark and check back for future updates.

2016 has already seen a selection of fantastic games come to PS4, many of which stand a solid chance at picking up Game of the Year accolades during awards season. Some of the highlights include Uncharted 4, Doom, Overwatch and Dark Souls 3.

The best part is we still have plenty of potentially amazing titles yet to come, including Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Final Fantasy 15, and plenty more!

Of course that doesn't touch upon Sony's big new hardware release this year: PlayStation VR, which will bring with it plenty of exciting new titles and experiences to the platform, something which Microsoft cannot yet brag about. However Xbox Scorpio, due out holiday 2017, will be bringing VR support, so we could be seeing virtual reality really come into its own over the next couple of years.

We also have the launch of PS4 Pro, coming on November 10 with a new design, upgraded specs and support for 4K upscaling. The PS4 Slim is also set to replace the original PS4 as the standard model going forward.

This Week's Best PS4 Games Deals

Uncharted 4 at Amazon.co.uk | Was £49.99 | Now £29

Doom at Amazon.co.uk | Was £49.99 | Now £22

No Man's Sky at Amazon.co.uk | Was £49.99 | Now £29

Assassin's Creed Syndicate at Amazon.co.uk | Was £44.99 | Now £19

Assassin's Creed Syndicate at Amazon.com | Was $59.99 | Now $19

Rainbow 6: Siege at Amazon.com | Was $59.99 | Now $24.99

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 at Amazon.com | Was $59.99 | Now $25

Fallout 4 at Amazon.com | Was $59.99 | Now $28

The PS4 is positively ripe with fun experiences regardless of what genre you're into. If you're a Playstation Plus member, you'll be able to dip your toes into a selection of new games each month, many of which are more than worth the monthly subscription.

Fans of epic role-playing adventures will find a lot to love in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4 or the dark, rich and magnficent lands in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Those looking for an impressive library of exclusive games will find plenty to keep themselves entertained on PS4. From Software's Bloodborne is a gothic masterpiece, taking the best from Dark Souls and twisting it into a faster, more visceral experience.

You've also got Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and The Last of Us Remastered, four of the best games from last generation completely enhanced at 1080p/60fps.

We'll be sure to update this list with any new exclusives, blockbusters and exciting indie experiences as they emerge throughout 2016.

Be sure to let us know some of your favourites in the comments.

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