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The best Oculus Rift games you can buy right now


Our pick of the best Oculus Rift games

The Oculus Rift is available now, and is taking the gaming world by storm as VR gaming becomes a legit thing (let's forget about the Virtual Boy, yeah?).

With the HTC Vive also out now and PlayStation VR right around the corner, we've got plenty of options when it comes to headsets, but we also already have an amazing array of games to play.

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Palmer Luckey, Oculus founder and Hawaiian shirt wearer, confirmed that the Rift will see at least 100 games in 2016, so although you've already spent quite a bit of money on the headset, you may want to dig behind the sofa for some change to pick up some games, too.

Watch the Oculus Rift game show reel:

For anyone who’s still on the fence about investing in VR, here are some of the best games available for the Rift right now.

This list will mainly include Oculus Rift exclusive titles. You can check out our Best VR Games list right here for the best of the best across all three platforms.

Eve Valkyrie 13
Developer: CCP Games
Release date: Out now

As a launch game and one bundled with Oculus Rift pre-orders, EVE: Valkyrie has no right to be this good. An incredible arcade space combat sim that will see you barrel roll, loop and shoot your way through space against fellow Rift owners.

Perhaps not the best starting point for new VR owners, though, as all the topsy-turvy movements could see your stomach doing flips of its own. But this is definitely a prime example of what virtual reality is capable of.
Lucky's Tale

2 / 8

Lucky's Tale

Developer: Playful
Release date: out now

Another game included with the Rift, Lucky's tale is a brilliant example of how to do platforming gaming in VR. The headset is used to control the camera, meaning you can zoom, pan and peak around the level without needing to use an analogue stick. It's also used really well in the game as a means of revealing secrets and you can even push enemies out of Lucky's way.
It's a simple game, and won't push you like a Mega Man or old-school Mario will, but as an early example of third-person platforming, it's excellent.
The Climb
Developer: Crytek
Release date: Out now

One of the more unique Oculus Rift games is The Climb. This brand new IP from Crytek is an incredibly intense VR experience.
It sees you tackling the extreme sport of free solo climbing. That’s the kind of rock climbing that’s done without any ropes, harnesses or protective equipment whatsoever. And, as you can imagine, the experience is quite intense in virtual reality.
You’ll need to find handholds, re-chalk your raw hands, leap from ledge to ledge and emerge at the top triumph – and sweaty. Mainly sweaty.

With the impending launch of Oculus Touch, games such as these could become even more immersive.
Edge of Nowhere

4 / 8

Edge of Nowhere

Developer: Insomniac Games
Release date: TBC 2016

My personal favourite game inbound for the Rift is Insomniac Games’ Edge of Nowhere. This third-person action-adventure title sees you travel to the far reaches of the Antarctic mountains in search of a missing expedition team.
You act as a godlike surveyor, accompanying the explorer as he ventures into the deep unknown and discovers a surreal, terrifying world. Nothing is quite what it seems in the Edge of Nowhere and it’s exhilarating.
Just make sure to keep your wits about you and your eyes peeled.
Adr1ft  7
Developer: 505 Games
Release date: Q1 2016

Like space? LOVE space? Wanted to be an astronaut as a kid? You need to play Adr1ft. Again it's better to get used to the Rift and all of its topsy-turvy ways first, as floating and spinning around in zero-G is definitely a quick way to get overwhelming motion sickness.

But, once you settle, Adr1ft can be an engrossing experience as you try and discover what on earth has happened on the space station. It's Gravity the movie the game.
Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality

6 / 8

Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality

Developer: Bossa Studios
Release date: “Early” 2016

Bossa Studios is taking its hilarious ER game into VR with Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality. The Oculus Touch controllers become your hands in this version of Surgeon Simulator – also available on PC, Mac and iPad – allowing you to perform surgery on strange beings on Mars.
And that’s surgery in zero gravity too, so be prepared to see things floating about around you, including bits of the alien that should probably have stayed where they were.
There are plenty of hilarious and rather gruesome tools for you to use too. It’s a fantastic VR experience to get you started.
Rock Band VR

7 / 8

Rock Band VR

Developer: Harmonix
Release date: TBC 2016

It’s all gone a bit mad on the music sim gaming scene over the past year, what with the launch of Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4. But then in December, Oculus and Harmonix dropped the Rock Band VR bomb.
As you’d expect, the game situates you on a virtual stage so you can live out your ultimate rock and roll fantasy in VR. Without having to learn guitar or drums from scratch – or even be able to sing in tune.
We’re not quite sure how it’s going to work as yet, as there still seems to be the five coloured button set-up, but we’ll keep you posted.
We do know we’re going to look even more ridiculous than ever though. But we’re fine with that.

8 / 8


Developer: Mojang
Release date: TBC 2016

Minecraft: Windows 10 version is coming to Oculus Rift and we couldn’t be more excited. You’ll be able to play Creative or Survival Mode in full 3D, seeing all the creepers and skeletons attacking from all directions.
What’s more the Oculus Rift version will also support multiplayer, so you’ll be able to play cooperatively as well as build and explore your virtual world with friends.

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