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Best Blu-ray Players 2015

Michael Sawh by

Looking for the best Blu-ray player to play your HD and 3D discs? We pick five of the top rated decks to consider

You’ve picked out one of the best TVs and set up a soundbar nearby, but there's something missing from that home cinema scenario. The perfect place to play your Blu-ray discs.

There was time when Blu-ray players were chunky, expensive blocks of plastic that delivered high-def films and video, but that was about it. The technology has come a long way since then and now Blu-ray decks are sleeker and can do a bit more than play Blu-ray copies of Avatar and the Hobbit.

Blu-ray players now support 3D playback and more recent models can upscale to 4K in preparation for the flood of 4K TVs. Most have built-in Wi-Fi so you can stream movies, videos and photos from your own home network. Some can offer extra connectivity support including HDMI and analogue outputs so you can also easily hook up projectors, games consoles or a sound system.

It wouldn’t be a modern gadget of course if you couldn't interact your Blu-ray player via a smartphone or tablet. With the right iPhone or Android app downloaded, you can navigate around menu screens and adjust setttings without having to hunt out the remote control.

Currently, the likes of Sony, Samsung, Pioneer, Panasonic and Cambridge Audio are among the key manufacturers offering Blu-ray players at both ends of the price spectrum.

So if you don’t have a PS4 or simply want a more dedicated setup, we’ve taken a look back at our most recent Blu-ray player reviews to give you the best Blu-ray players to buy in 2015.

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