iPhone XR 2 2019: Latest rumours, specs, pricing and more

With the iPhone XR still riding high as the UK’s best-selling smartphone and outselling both the iPhone XS and XS Max in Europe, Apple would be foolish to omit a successor from this year’s lineup. Thankfully, early signs suggest that a follow-up is on the cards, set to bring a more affordable take on the 2019 flagship experience to the table.

Below you’ll find everything we currently have on the next iPhone XR. Check back often as we’ll continue to update this feature as more is leaked/revealed.

iPhone XR 2 – At a glance

Arriving as part of wider iPhone 11 (or iPhone XI if you prefer) leaks, an iPhone XR 2019 or iPhone XR 2 is also in the works. Right now pickings are slim with regards to the sort of experience it’ll offer up but there’s a logical progression with Apple’s hardware that should shed light on what the XR 2 will be capable of.

Like the iPhone 11, the XR 2 is expected to arrive at an Apple ‘Special Event’ sometime in September 2019, with a release expected up to a month after the headline devices. It’ll come running iOS 13 – the next major release of Apple’s mobile operating system, expected to be unveiled during its annual developer conference, WWDC 2019 in early June.

It’ll likely run on Apple’s own A13 chipset and sport a new dual camera setup. With 5G expected to pass the iPhone 11 by, its inclusion on the XR 2 is even less likely. The phone is expected to hold on to Apple’s Lightning connector, however, a fast-charger USB-C adapter is expected to come in-box, if Apple grants it the same treatment as the iPhone 11.

iPhone XR 2 release date – When is the next iPhone out?

After the shift from summer to autumn launch events, back with the introduction of the iPhone 4S in 2011, Apple has remained fairly consistent with its iPhone unveilings ever since. As such, we’re expecting a September 2019 launch for the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR 2, especially if the past three years are anything to go by. Here’s when previous iPhone models were launched:

  • iPhone − January 2007
  • iPhone 3G − June 2008
  • iPhone 3GS − June 2009
  • iPhone 4 − June 2010
  • iPhone 4S − October 2011
  • iPhone 5 − September 2012
  • iPhone 5S − September 2013
  • iPhone 6 − September 2014
  • iPhone 6S − September 2015
  • iPhone SE − March 2016
  • iPhone 7 − September 2016
  • iPhone X/iPhone 8 − September 2017
  • iPhone XS − September 2018

The one caveat to all of this is that, if Apple makes the same move as it did with the iPhone XR, the phone will actually make its appearance on store shelves up to a month after the iPhone 11 and 11 Max are available to buy.

Apple likely staggered the roll-out last year in an effort to push early-adopters to fork out for the more expensive iPhone XS series, leaving the draw of the original iPhone XR’s affordability for more mainstream buyers, less interested in being the first to own a next-generation iPhone.

iPhone XR 2 price – How much will it cost?

One of the most appealing aspects of 2018’s iPhone XR was its price. Despite not exactly passing for cheap when placed alongside Android competitors, in iPhone town, it started at a whopping £250 less than the most affordable SKU of the more powerful iPhone XS.

We’re hoping that this trend continues with its successor, undercutting the iPhone 11 by a notable margin while still offering a comparable quality experience.

Right now, the iPhone XR starts at £749/$749 for the 64GB model, £799/$799 for the 128GB version and £899/$899 for the largest-capacity 256GB model.

In an ideal world the XR 2 will cost the same or less (as if) as the 2018 version but even if it does still fall underneath the iPhone 11 series in terms of price, there’s every chance that the asking figure will instead creep up; influenced in the UK, at least, by the effects of Brexit and elsewhere by general market trends.

iPhone XR 2 – Performance

Expectations currently place the iPhone XR 2 in the same boat as its predecessor, with its creators making the same compromises to allow for comparable power to this year’s iPhone 11 at a lower price.

Apple’s own A-series chipsets have been a staple of iPhones and iPads for generations, and we’re expecting the next A13 SoC (as it’s suspected to be called) to make its debut in both the iPhone 11 series and the iPhone XR 2.

The company hasn’t chosen to (or really needed to) add heaps of RAM to its devices, as you’ll find in the Android camp. As such, it’s unlikely the iPhone XR 2 will pack in any more memory than the 2018 XR, at 3GB.

There haven’t been any notable reports or complaints from existing iPhone XR owners surrounding lacklustre performance, so Apple probably won’t mess with the recipe too much if it doesn’t have to.

iPhone XR 2 – Design & Display

The iPhone XR is a well-built glass and metal smartphone with a 6.1-inch ‘Liquid Retina’ IPS display that ditches Apple’s pressure-sensitive 3D Touch technology in-place of simpler haptic feedback.

In this regard, the XR 2 isn’t expected to be any different, with the same notched top edge accommodating the company’s TrueDepth camera system for Face ID and animoji/memoji support, as well as an 828 by 1792 resolution.

iPhone XR 2 rumour render red by @OnLeaks iPhone XR 2 rumour render yellow by @OnLeaks iPhone XR 2 rumour render blue by @OnLeaks

As for the design, renders (created in part by @OnLeaks) based on images of supposed leaked phone case moulds, published by Bloomberg writer – Mark Gurman, showcase familiar bodies, albeit with a couple of key differences.

The iPhone XR 2 (along with the 11 and 11 Max) all look to sport similar rounded forms to their predecessors, with the most notable difference being a new, large square camera arrangement.

In the case of the 11 and 11 Max, it’s seen sporting three discreet camera sensors, however, on the XR 2, it only packs two, begging the question – why hasn’t Apple just used the same dual-camera design found on the current iPhone XS series (assuming these designs hold any water come launch time).

As for the other notable difference, it’s a little less obvious at first glance but something that every iPhone user will immediately notice when they have the XR 2 in-hand. Apple may be swapping out the physical horizontal ring/silent switch for a verticle one, similar to those found on its iPad line. Why? We’re not sure, but it’s a small change that has the potential to ruffle some feathers.

The iPhone XR brought a long-absent injection of colour back into the iPhone portfolio and the XR 2 is expected to continue this trend with two new hues – lavender and green, bringing the total to six, again – as these two new colourways will replace the XR’s existing blue and coral options, according to Macotakara.

iPhone XR 2 – Camera

As for what the dual camera setup on the back might be comprised of, there’s nothing even close to official out there right now.

The XR used the same main sensor as the XS and XS Max, so it stands to reason that the primary and secondary sensors of the XR 2 might mirror that of two of the three cameras found on the back of the iPhone 11 series – most likely a primary sensor with a secondary telephoto offering.

If the 11 series makes use of OIS (optical image stabilisation) across multiple camera sensors, there’s a chance that the XR 2 might only employ the technology on its primary rear snapper – similarly to the iPhone X and 8 Plus respectively.

Unless Apple chooses to update its TrueDepth front camera setup, the XR 2 will probably leave the current 7-megapixel well alone.

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