Android Q beta spills Pixel 3 Lite’s real name – and it makes perfect sense

The first Android Q beta is here and it spills plenty of information about the next generation mobile operating system. However, it also dishes out a tasty little morsel about yet to be released Google Pixel handsets, until now dubbed the Pixel 3 (and 3 XL) Lite.

The eagle-eyed folks at XDA-Developers have uncovered the name Pixel 3a XL within the Android Q beta, next to the previously mooted “sargo” codename. That would suggest the Pixel 3 Lite devices will be given a somewhat more impressive-sounding 3a monicker.

It’d certainly make sense if Google went down this road. Lite has a connotation for being a compromise. Bud Light, for example, might save you a bit on the old calories, but it tastes like cat urine from a soda stream.

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Meanwhile, a Pixel 3a offers the impression the phone could actually be a modified version of the original, like the OnePlus 6T. If it is a compromise, Samsung recently took a similar route with the Galaxy S10e, which many thought would be called the S10 Lite.

Whatever Google decides to call the device, it’s unlikely to be long before we find out for sure. The company is going into fill details on Android Q at the Google I/O show on May 7 this year. It seems likely the company will also reveal the new Pixel 3 variants during the keynote event.

Recent speculation has suggested the phones will be slightly stripped down versions of the Pixel 3 handsets, both in terms of specs and build materials.

For example, leaks have suggested they’ll have a plastic finish, rather than the glass on the standard Pixel 3 devices. It is thought the Snapdragon 670 or 710 SoC will be used to power the phones, while the dual front-facing selfie camera on the Pixel 3 is unlikely to transition towards the Lite.

On the plus side, renders have also suggested the 3.5mm headphone jack could be set for a comeback after being dropped for the Pixel 2 range in 2017.

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