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Best Xbox One games to look out for in 2013 and beyond

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Looking for the best Xbox One launch games? We pick out the top new Xbox titles plus the games set to launch in 2014.

The Xbox One is finally here. Microsoft's answer to the PS4 is landing on the 22nd of November and there will be over 20 games to play on it.

The mix of Xbox One exclusives and cross platform titles aim to take full advantage of the ramped up power on board, put SmartGlass to good use and make the most of that new Xbox One controller. If you are planning to pay out £429 to own an Xbox One at launch, game prices will range from £15.99 all the way up to £59.99.

It looks like there should be something for everyone when the next generation console lands so the question is: which game should you be buying first?

We've had some hands-on time with the standout titles and plan to have full reviews in the near future. We’ve picked out the Xbox One games that made a good first impression and we think should be high on your list of priorities once you’ve secured the hardware.

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