Fitbit Alta is a fitness tracker you’ll actually want to wear

Activity trackers aren’t exactly known for looking great. Is that about to change?

Fitbit has just unveiled a style-first fitness tracker – the Fitbit Alta.

It’s build with aesthetics in mind, touting a fancy leather strap and an OLED display surrounded by stainless steel.

As such, it doesn’t look much like a tracker at all; it’s closer to jewellery, or a bracelet at the very least.

fitbit alta

You can get the body in silver, or gold (soon, anyway), colour options, while plastic straps ship in black, blue, teal, or plum hues. The leather bands, meanwhile, come in grey, pink, and camel. Oh, and there’s a stainless steel link band available too. And if you wait long enough, there are gold and rose-gold bangles in the works. Anything else, Fitbit?

Right, so it looks good. But what does it actually do? Well behind the chic exterior are the usual Fitbit innards.

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You’ll get the standard activity tracking – distance travelled, calories burned, etc. – as well as sleep tracking too.

fitbit alta

The Fitbit Alta also recognises when you’re exercising, so you won’t need to set it to “run” – it will just track automatically.

There’s also a notification system to inform you when you’ve been engaging in the deadly sin of sloth for too long.

What’s more, paired smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows supported) will push alerts – like calls and texts – to the Fitbit.

The only obvious missing feature is optical heart-rate tracking, but that means you’ll get improved battery life. Five days of battery life, in fact.

So how much does it cost? The Fitbit Alta currently retails at $129.95 (or £99 in the UK). Extra plastic bands will cost you $29.95. The leather straps are even pricier at $59.95. And the stainless steel strap is $99.95.

fitbit alta

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The Fitbit Alta is currently available for pre-order, with a US launch set for March, and a wider global release in April.

What do you think of the Fitbit Alta? Let us know in the comments.