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Best of CES 2015: New products that impressed us

Samsung spent a large part of its keynote blowing its own trumpet, and followed this up by declaring, “Our biggest competitor is ourselves, and my biggest worry is that we will become vain.” Humbler words have only ever been spoken by Apple executives. However, the South Korean behemoth backed up its big chat by launching an impressive new line of SUHD TVs.

So why is SUHD getting so much hype? Firstly, the TVs will be first widely available models to play HDR (high dynamic range) content, designed to deliver more detailed images, especially in the darkest and brightest areas of the screen. They also make use of impressive-sounding Quantum Dot colour technology, which ensures outstanding colour expression and contrast levels – this was very evident when we spent time with the Samsung JS9500 and JS9000 SUHD TVs. Samsung has talked up the machines’ energy-efficiency credentials too and says they’ll all run a Tizen-based Smart TV platform when they come out in March.

The only downside to all of this is that there’s currently very, very little HDR content out there, and it could be a long while before this changes even slightly.