Best Running Headphones: The best sport headphones for every budget

Trusted Reviews reveals its pick of the best running headphones 2019. Whatever your sport, our recommended headphones will be able to keep up.

What are the best running headphones for most people?

If you’re an avid runner or gym goer a decent pair of sweat resistant headphones is a must have purchase. But with every company under the sun offering gym sets knowing which to get is tricky.

First you’ll want to pick a form factor. Some people enjoy the tight fit and flexibility of band running headphones. Others will want to opt for the complete cable free freedom of true-wireless.

After that you’ll want to consider fit and water resistance. If you just want to use them in the gym basic sweat proofing will be enough. If you regularly run outside come rain or shine you’ll want to consider something with IP certification, which guarantees the headphones will survive a heavy downpour.

The following is our summary of the best running headphones for most people but you can scroll down the the page to read our full reviews:

  • Best overall: Jaybird X4
  • Best value: TaoTronics Lightweight Sports Headphones
  • Best quality: Jaybird Tarah
  • Best over-ear: Soul X-tra
  • Best for accuracy: Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless
  • Best for comfort: Bose SoundSport Pulse
  • Best premium: Jabra Elite Sport

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After all that you’ll want to factor in price. If you’ve got cash to burn the Jaybird X4 are the best all-round set of running headphones currently available. If you’re on a slightly stricter budget the Jaybird Tarah’s share many of the same features, but have a slightly shorter battery life.

If you’re on a truly shoestring budget the TaoTronics Lightweight Sports Headphones. are the best value running headphones we’ve reviewed.

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1. Jaybird X4

The best overall running headphones


  • Solid, comfortable fit
  • Decent sound for a sports set
  • Great build quality


  • Prone to dropouts in busy areas

The Jaybird X4 are the benchmark we currently compare other running headphones against. They offer a robust, nigh indestructible IPX7 design that’ll easily survive the odd accidental mid-run downpour and sweaty gym sessions.

The generous selection of silicon tips and wings options, coupled with an intelligent cable management system also make it quick and easy to get a solid seal that won’t break mid-workout.

Add to this a lengthy eight hour battery life and above average audio quality – by running headphone standards – and the Jaybird X4 easily earn a place as Trusted Reviews current gym headphones of choice.

TaoTronics Sports Headphones

2. TaoTronics Lightweight Sports Headphones

The best value running headphones


  • Secure and comfortable
  • In-line remote
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Seriously budget-friendly price


  • Certain parts feel cheap

The TaoTronics Lightweight Sports Headphones are super budget-friendly sports headphones that punch above their weight. If you’re looking for an inexpensive upgrade from the wired pack-in headphones you’ve been exercising with (and becoming increasingly frustrated by) then these are a great way to upgrade.

They’re sweat-resistant as you would expect and they also have a super secure fit to ensure they don’t budge during intense workouts. There are also clever little features like magnets on the earbuds that let you wear them securely around your neck when not in use, and a handy in-line remote.

Sound quality is even pretty respectable considering the low cost. If you just want something to help keep your heart racing during a workout, these check the right boxes.

Best running headphones

3. Monster iSport SuperSlim

Washable headphones for heavy workouts


  • Bright, bassy sound
  • Great noise isolation for blocking out the world
  • Secure, comfortable fit
  • You can wash them under a tap


  • Not everyone will appreciate the bass
  • Lacks the same clarity as some rivals

The Monster iSport SuperSlim are one of the best value running headphones you can buy right now, simply because we reviewed these headphones at a significantly higher price.

Originally £130, these are now available for just £29.99. You’re not going to find better running headphones from a recognisable brand for this price.

The Monster iSport SuperSlim wireless in-ear headphones are a great fit for fans of big, pumping tracks. While it lacks the detail and finesse provided by some rivals, the SuperSlim is all about the bass, though this isn’t delivered in the erratic way of other wireless sports headphones.

We love the washable, secure design too. These headphones have about six hours of battery life, which is more than enough to get you through a marathon. The Bluetooth wireless range of 50ft is also exceptional.

We thought the iSport SuperSlim were great even at their original price, this is even more true at the new reduced price.

4. Jaybird Tarah

The X4’s affordable sibling


  • Great value for money
  • Excellent fit and build quality
  • Sound good for the price


  • Battery life could be better

The Jaybird Tarah are the affordable siblings of the stellar Jaybird X4’s. For less than £100 they offer solid audio quality, a comfortable tight fit and IPX7 sweat and dust resistance.

The only design difference between them is that they have single piece wing and tips. This makes them slightly less customisable than the X4’s, which have separate tip and wing pieces. If you want an unbreakable fit you’ll be better of investing in the X4’s as a result.

They also have a slightly shorter six hour battery life. Though unless you’re planning on running a marathon with them this won’t be a huge issue.

Best running headphones

5. Soul X-tra

The best over-ear gym headphones


  • Solid fit for running and most purposes
  • Washable ear cushions
  • Easy to use media controls
  • Long battery life and fast charging


  • So-so sound quality
  • Slightly uncomfortable ear cushions

While generally, over-ear cans aren’t the first headphones you might think of for exercise, some people do prefer them to in-ear ones. That doesn’t mean you should make do with wearing any old headphones for a run, though.

The Soul X-tra are wireless ‘cans’ that can also withstand the rigours of exercise with a sweat-resistant design and ear cushions you can pop off and wash when they get grubby. The lack of a wire will also mean you can run or exercise unrestricted. There’s also handy media controls on the side of the earcups for adjusting your music without breaking your stride.

A really useful feature for runners are a set of LEDs that make you easier to spot if you like to run at night. Once you’re finished exercising, the headphones fold down to a more compact, easily-transportable size and the included case will keep them nice and safe.

Battery life at 24 hours is excellent and the headphones even support quick charging in case you need to top them up before rushing out the door. If you’re dead set on a pair of over-ear headphones for running, then the Soul X-tra are our favourite choice.

Best running headphones

6. Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless

Fantastic headphones with an accurate HRM


  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Accurate heart rate monitor
  • Great companion app
  • Useful voice prompts


  • Bigger battery life would be nice

The Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless used to be one of the most expensive headphones in this list, but the price has dropped considerably since we first reviewed them. That means they can now be picked up for around half the price, making them an amazing bargain for what are fantastic running headphones.

The Pulse are wireless for starters so there’s no flailing cable to tuck under your gym shirt or running jacket. The earbuds sit snug and comfortable inside the ears and cleverly conceal the Micro USB charging port, which will give you just over four hours of battery life.

Heart rate monitoring is the Pulse’s special trick hosting the technology to track the biometric data without a chest strap or dedicated sports watch. Crucially, it’s accurate too and all of the data is available to view in the excellent Jabra Sport Life app. Sound quality is fantastic as well, offering rich, bassy audio with plenty of detail and clarity.

Best running headphones

7. Bose SoundSport Pulse

A great choice for music fans


  • Super-comfortable
  • Good sound quality
  • Reliable heart rate monitor


  • No dedicated fitness app
  • Better value alternatives

The Bose SoundSport Pulse can not only deal with the rigours of sweat and rain without, well, breaking a sweat, they also have an integrated in-ear heart rate monitor. These have a super-comfortable and secure fit thanks to a generous selection of tips.

The included wingtips ensure these headphones aren’t going anywhere, and a 5-hour battery life will get you through even a marathon. The one thing they do lack compared to rivals such as Jabra’s Sport Pulse is a dedicated fitness app. Instead, you can use the heart rate monitor with your app of choice, such as Strava or Endomondo.

An inline remote will let you change tracks or adjust volume without breaking your stride. Sound quality lives up to the Bose name, so these headphones won’t struggle to get you pumped for your next gym or running session.

Best running headphones

8. Jabra Elite Sport

Amazing true wireless gym headphones


  • Extremely secure fit
  • Good sound quality
  • Integrated media playback controls
  • HearThrough mode for situational awareness
  • Well-made charging case
  • Accurate HRM


  • Only two additional charges from the case
  • Expensive

If you’re willing to spend more and are looking for an advanced pair of running headphones, then consider the Jabra Elite Sport.

These are currently the only ‘truly wireless’ earbuds currently on our list. This means they are completely cord-free, with two separate earbuds.

Thankfully, the fit is still incredibly secure thanks to a range of wingtips and tip sizes, so there’s no worry about them falling out and getting lost.

These headphones have a fantastic in-ear heart rate monitor and work with Jabra’s excellent Sport Life companion app so you get in-ear coaching and readouts as you run. The app can also take you through bodyweight exercise circuits that will help support your running.

An included case not only keeps the earbuds secure when not in use, but will also top up the battery. The model we originally reviewed are rated at 3 hours of playback, and the case can provide two additional charges.

Jabra has since updated the Elite Sport, and they now have 4.5 hours of battery life from a single charge. This corrects one of our chief complaints – the fact that the old model couldn’t get us through an average marathon.

While these earbuds definitely come at a high price, they’re worth it if you want advanced training features as well as a liberating cord-free form.

How to pick the right running headphones for you

How we pick the best running headphones

The best test of a pair of running headphones is, of course, running. For that reason, our reviewers between them have amassed marathons’ worth of miles, pounding the pavements and hitting the treadmill to really put these running headphones through their paces.

We make sure they’re not going to fall out of your ears and that they’re going to survive copious amounts of sweat without ending up in a sad heap (even if sometimes we do after an intense workout).

But we’re also conscious that you might want your running headphones for other exercise, such as in the gym. So we make sure we wear them under different scenarios, such as during an explosive Olympic weight lifting session or a spin class. But we also test running headphones away from the track or gym to see how they cope with regular listening.

We take into account a multitude of elements when reviewing running headphones, such as how securely they fit in your ears, their durability, the sound quality and battery life.

Best running headphones – Truly wireless, in-ear or on-ear?

You’ll notice the above list is a mixture of these three types of running headphones. We’ve left out wired headphones because, in this day and age, there’s no need to mess around with cables that get in the way during exercise.

Deciding what’s right for you is largely down to preference, however. Do note that as truly wireless headphones are still a relatively new technology, these headphones tend to cost more than standard wireless headphones (the type that have a cable connecting the left and right earbuds).

Some people don’t like in-ear headphones and prefer to wear over-ear (sometimes referred to as ‘cans’). But while you might see people wear Beats headphones in the gym, this is a sure-fire way to shorten their lifespans, so make sure you still look at over-ear headphones designed for exercise.

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Best running headphones – Battery life

As you might expect, you generally get better battery life from bigger headphones. This is simply due to the fact you have space for a bigger battery.

For this reason, on-ear headphones lead the pack by a considerable margin. The Soul X-tra can last a full 24 hours of non-stop playback. A pair of truly wireless earbuds might only last 4 hours. Standard wireless ‘neckband’ style headphones might get away with slipping a bigger battery into the section that also holds the in-line remote control. These kinds of headphones typically offer around 8 hours of battery life.

Best running headphones – Heart rate monitors

Some running headphones now integrate a heart rate monitor (HRM), which takes readings from your inner ear. These are typically more accurate than wrist-based HRMs, like the type you find in fitness trackers or running watches, but lag behind chest-worn heart rate monitors.

These are a useful extra training tool for more avid runners and fitness enthusiasts, letting you keep an eye on your overall performance and cardiovascular health.

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