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Best Laptop 2014: Find the best laptop for you

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Looking to buy a new laptop? Weighing up whether to buy an Ultrabook or break the bank for an Apple MacBook Air? Maybe you don't want to spend big at all and actually want to buy something for under £250. We take a look at the best laptops available to help you choose.

If you’ve finally given up on the desktop life and an iPad or Android tablet lacks the power and simply doesn’t feel right without a physical keyboard, there are plenty of all-in-one portables to take your computing on the move instead.

Gone are the days when Windows-based laptops were your only viable option. Apple with its Mac-running Air and Pro ranges are now arguably amongst the best on the market. Google’s Chromebook range aims to bring cloud computing to the masses for an affordable price with the likes of Samsung and Acer already signing up to the Chromebook cause.

PC laptops, whether it’s for gaming or just watching movies, are not going anywhere just yet, though. More Windows 8 laptop and tablet hybrid devices continue to flood the market offering more versatility for everyday computing tasks. Then there is the new breed of lean, supremely powerful Intel-based laptops better known as Ultrabooks that aim to offer an alternative to Apple’s sleek and powerful machines as some of the best laptops around.

There’s clearly plenty to pick from, so to help you find the perfect 15-inch or 13-inch laptop and spend that money wisely, we’ve rounded up our regularly updated list of the top ten best laptops to buy that all come with the TrustedReviews seal of approval.

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