TrustedReviews Awards 2010

We like to think there is more to life at TrustedReviews than playing with the best technology money can buy, but when it comes to awards season, it’s hard to remember what that is, and that’s because we’re just as excited about consumer electronics as you are.

Since November 2009, a wide range of products have come out which have impressed us and provided a glimpse of the shape of things to come. We’ve seen innovations in almost all the categories we cover with digital cameras and mobile phones leading the charge. This year has also seen the birth of a new sector in the form of the tablet, while pioneering technologies of the last couple of years like e-book readers have now gone mainstream.

This year’s awards presented some tough choices, so as well as thrashing it out amongst ourselves in the office, we also threw it open to you to tell us what you thought were the best products of 2010. And the results certainly make for interesting reading!

If there’s one thing more annoying than awards ceremonies, though, it’s long intros. We know you want to find out who walks away empty handed, and who picks up a coveted “Trusty”. That will never catch on, so without further ado, we present the TrustedReviews Awards 2010.

(centre)TrustedReviews Awards 2010(/centre)

Laptops Award 2010

Televisions and Projectors Awards 2010

Digital Camera Award 2010

Camcorder Award 2010

Home Cinema Award 2010


Mobile Phone Award 2010

Sat-Nav Award 2010

Computers Award 2010


Printer Award 2010


TrustedReviews Product Of The Year 2010

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