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Zap&Go portable charger juices up in minutes

Zap&Go is another portable phone charger that promises to juice up in mere minutes.

Like the Pronto, it should juice up after just five minutes of being plugged in. (It will take a bit longer to actually charge your phone, however.) It’s so quick because it uses a supercapacitor instead of a standard battery.

In five minutes, it will have 1,500mAh of juice, which is enough to fully power up an iPhone 5 or Amazon Kindle. It will only charge newer handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 up to 75 per cent, however, so don’t expect it to double your battery life.

It will only charge an iPad Air to 50 per cent.

The supercapacitor is smaller than others because it uses graphene instead of aluminium. In 72 hours, it will only lose about 20 per cent of its power if not used, which is about on a par with a lithium battery.

It’s a little longer and thinner than a D battery, so will easily fit in a pocket. It features a USB port, so will charge anything you can plug into it, whether it be an Android device via microUSB, or an Apple gadget via Lightning port.

It’s sailed past its funding goal of $30,000 on Indiegogo. It will retail for $149 (£93), and will ship in October next year. It’s a pity the charger itself can’t be ready five minutes after you pledge your cash, but that’s life.

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