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Surprise! The Nintendo Switch will soon support VR

Ever since the Nintendo Switch launched, people have been wondering why it doesn’t support VR. Unlike the PS4 and Xbox One, the Switch has a built-in screen, meaning it could easily just adopt a Google Cardboard-style solution, rather than requiring players to shell out on an expensive PSVR alike option.

Well now Nintendo has belatedly agreed, and its plans have more in common with Google Cardboard than anyone predicted: it’s releasing a line of Labo VR accessories, meaning it too will be made of cardboard.

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The VR Labo kit will be available to buy from April 12 and will come in two flavours. An $80 version will come with software, goggles, and five other builds (blaster, camera, elephant, bird and wind pedal) or a $40 edition with just the goggles, software and blaster. Nintendo says that buyers of the latter will be able to buy the other designs as an expansion some time down the road.

Rumours of Nintendo adding VR support to the Switch have been around for some time, and one of the most common ways of rebutting them was the comparative weakness of the Switch hardware. Bluntly, the Switch is nowhere near as powerful as the PlayStation 4 that powers PSVR, so you shouldn’t be expecting to suddenly be playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey in glorious virtual reality. VR is intensive and not only requires a stable high framerate to avoid motion sickness, but for said smooth experience to be delivered twice: once to each eye.

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Still, the Switch compares favourably to most smartphones from the last few years, and there were plenty of fun VR experiences for Google Daydream View and Samsung’s Gear VR platform. Labo VR may not deliver the next Mario Galaxy, but we’re confident it’ll have plenty going for it.

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