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Monster Hunter World Bestiary: A guide to every Monster in the game

There are a fair few big beasties to take down in Monster Hunter: World. Luckily, we’ve devoted hundreds of hours to the game and learned how to take down every monster in its gorgeous lands, no matter what weapons and armour you carry.. From everything from the lowly Great Jagras to the mighty Deviljho.

Trusted Reviews has compiled a bestiary for you to devour as you prepare to take on the next great behemoth. We exploit every weak point, uncover every hiding spot and help you learn their attack patterns so you’re well equipped to collect those vital skins.

Take notes, pay attention and be ready to reap the rewards.

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The monster list below is organised in the order you’re advised to tackle the beasts. So if you’re a fair way through the game, scroll down for the more difficult enemies.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Great Jagras

Strengths: Water

Weaknesses: Fire, Thunder, Ice, Dragon, Sleep, Poison, Blast, Stun, Paralysis.

Monster Hunter World

The Great Jagras is probably the first large monster you’ll hunt in the game, and it isn’t terribly difficult. The Great Jagras’ weak points are its head, chest and legs, meaning you’ll have plenty to aim at. However, the Great Jagras has the capability to ingest other monsters, recovering some health if you allow it to do so. Chuck a flash pod just below its face to stop this.

After taking a beating and running off, the Great Jagras usually falls asleep. We’d recommend that you either set up a trap (if it’s ready for capture, denoted by the Skull icon on the mini-map) or lay down some bombs near its head and pop them with your slinger to give it a rude awakening. Taking down the Great Jagras shouldn’t present too much trouble.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Kulu-Ya-Ku

Strengths: N/A

Weaknesses: Water

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Monster Hunter World

Kulu-Ya-Ku can be tricky to find. Once you’ve spotted it, it’s actually a pretty challenging fight, considering how early on in the game it appears. The Kulu-Ya-Ku is small and fast, and can elude you at a moment’s notice. The trick is to not commit to any longer combos, or stay in one place – you’re going to need to chase it down pretty often.

Once the Kulu-Ya-Ku picks up a rock, you’ll want to flash pod it immediately or else it’ll dish out a pretty strong attack. It also uses said rock to defend itself.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Pukei-Pukei

Strengths: Water, Poison, Dragon

Weaknesses: Thunder, Sleep

Monster Hunter World

The Pukei-Pukei can be a bit of a nightmare to deal with if you’re not correctly equipped. Since it can vomit poison, you’ll want to stock up on antidotes to mitigate that. It’s best to first stick to its mid-section, but be wary of its tailspin attack, which can easily leave you vulnerable to being poisoned.

Also, beware of where the monster takes you; in an area of the Ancient Forest, it will take you to a small, narrow zone that’s littered with Poisoncups. The trick here is to be able to read the monster, so you know when to sheathe your weapon if it’s about to charge at you, is about to do a tailspin, or vomits at you. Once you’ve mastered that, you’ve mastered the Pukei-Pukei.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Jyuratodus

(Covered in Mud)

Strengths: Thunder, Fire, Ice, Dragon, Sleep, Blast

Weaknesses: Water, Stun


Strengths: Fire, Ice, Dragon, Sleep, Blast

Weaknesses: Thunder, Stun

Monster Hunter World

The Jyuratodus is a very straightforward fight. This monster likes to dive into water and cake itself in mud, which alters its elemental weaknesses. We’d recommend you go in with a strong raw damage weapon to rough it up. This monster is particularly vulnerable at its head and tail, so you’d be wise to target its tail as you’ll get an extra carve out of it and gain more materials.

Be wary of Waterblight, which the monster spits at you with Nullberries – and try not to become stuck in the mud, leaving yourself open to attack.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Barroth

(Covered in Mud)

Strengths: Fire, Thunder, Stun, Dragon

Weaknesses: Dragon, Water, Poison, Paralysis, Blast


Strengths: Dragon, Water, Thunder, Stun

Weaknesses: Fire, Poison, Paralysis, Blast

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Monster Hunter World

Barroth will be one of the most aggressive monsters you’ll face thus far, so be sure to eat and spec up for the best defence possible. Barroth cakes itself in mud, but if you’re able to find Watermoss in the Wildspire Waste, you’ll be able to attach it to your slinger and fire the mud off, which will weaken its defences. Like the Jyuratodus, the Barroth loves to throw mud at you, so be sure to dodge when you see it winding up.

Since the Barroth loves to head-slam, we’d advise positioning yourself to its sides to ensure you don’t get knocked out by the ferocious headbutt attacks.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Tobi-Kadachi

Strengths: Dragon

Weaknesses: Water, Poison

Monster Hunter World

The Tobi-Kadachi is extremely flighty, with attacks that can inflict Thunderblight and paralysis. Be super-careful of its enraged state, as being hit with a flying electrical attack could easily cause you to faint. If you want to hunt Tobi-Kadachi effectively, you need to know where to attack and when. During its enraged state, don’t commit to any long attacks or combos; instead opt for light, quick attacks. In addition, try to sever its tail to mitigate the reach of some of its attacks. Bring some Nullberries to protect against Thunderblight.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Anjanath

Strengths: Fire, Dragon, Blast

Weaknesses: Water

Monster Hunter World

The Anjanath is likely to be the first monster that’ll cause real trouble. This is because it has impressive range, can set you on fire, and cause huge damage with stomps. With all the monsters listed thus far, you can usually find success by  simply sticking closely to a particular side or attacking it from a certain angle. However, the Anjanath can attack from all angles. The key to this fight is to read the monster’s movements and position yourself accordingly. 

If you can gain the high ground, mounting the Anjanath is very effective, and leading it to any area with water will help nullify its fire breath.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Rathian

Strengths: Fire, Blast, Water, Poison, Ice

Weaknesses: Dragon, Stun

Monster Hunter World

Like Anjanath, Rathian is able to hit you from almost anywhere. This time, you’ll have the threat of fire damage plus poison from its tail. It’s a flying monster, but Rathian doesn’t take to the skies often. When it does, it’s usually because it’s about to whip you with its tail. This results in poisoning, knocks you back and leaves you open to a fireball attack. Stock up on antidotes and learn to stop, drop and roll.

On the offensive, you’ll want to go for the Rathian’s tail and cut it in order to make that vertical tail whip less of a threat – while also eliminating poison damage. A great way to do this is by stocking up on flash pods beforehand and flashing the monster as it flies up. From there, wail on the tail and soon you’ll have the Rathian mastered. If you’re struggling, the Pukei-Pukei armour will help to mitigate poison damage.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Tzitzi-Ya-Ku

Strengths: N/A

Weaknesses: Thunder, Ice

Monster Hunter World

The Tzitzi-Ya-Ku is very similar to the Kulu-Ya-Ku, but this monster is able to daze with its huge ears. Luckily, it has a huge wind-up time for this, so be sure to get out of the way or a close enough distance get behind it. From there, you’ll be able to attack its head and dismantle the ears, making the incessant flashing a thing of the past. Since this is another flighty monster, use quick attacks, trap and chase it down in order for a quick kill.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Paolumu

Strengths:  Ice, Dragon

Weaknesses: Fire, Blast, Stun

Monster Hunter World

The Paolumu might look cute, but its offensive capabilities are extremely varied. Stocking up air in its neckwill make the Paolumu dish out an air-attack that could deal serious damage – as well as knock you down – so bring some trusty flash-pods to bring it crashing down. From there, the monster’s neck and head are incredibly vulnerable.

Still having trouble? The Paolumu can often be found in the wilderness of the Coral Highlands among Paratoads. Give them a kick at the right time in order to freeze it in place, which will give you the opportunity of a few free hits. 

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Great Girros

Strengths: Dragon, Paralysis, Thunder

Weaknesses: Water, Sleep

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Monster Hunter World

With dangerous fangs that can easily paralyse you, the Great Girros can initially seem like a bigger threat than it actually is. This monster is pretty weak, all you’ll really need to do is smash its fangs by hitting its face. Be careful, however: its smaller Girros minions will also want to join the fight, and can inflict you with Effluvium, where your health bar will dramatically shrink. Bring along some Nullberries just in case – otherwise, stick to bashing this one in the head.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Radobaan

Strengths: Thunder, Water, Fire, Sleep

Weaknesses: Dragon, Blast

Monster Hunter World

Radobaan can be intimidating. It’s able to swiftly roll around, meaning it can quickly cover great distances to attack you. The trick to this fight is to wait until the Radobaan unfurls and then attack its hind legs or head.

Having a blast damage weapon made from the Paolumu will help you – and get those essential breaks that you need to penetrate it’s boney outer layer and expose its skin. Once you do that, you’ll be able to inflict huge amounts of damage. You can achieve the same effect by laying down Barrel Bombs and letting Radobaan roll into them.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Legiana

Strengths: Ice, Dragon, Water

Weaknesses: Thunder, Poison

Monster Hunter World

Legiana is the Apex Predator of the Coral Highlands. It’s agile, can easily inflict Iceblight from its wings, and is extremely hard to hit while in the air. To prepare for this fight, bring along Nullberries in addition to some flash pods to bring it down and wail on it.

With regards to weak points, you can’t go wrong swinging at the Legiana’s head or tail. You should easily be able to avoid its Iceblight attacks by dodging left or right before it hits; the attack leaves a vertical trail. Legiana’s nest is at the top of the Coral Highlands, so you want to consider a shortcut using the Glider Mantle, rather than taking the long way up and giving the monster opportunity to recover health.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Odogaron

Strengths: Fire, Water, Poison, Dragon

Weaknesses: Ice, Paralysis

Monster Hunter World

Odogaron might not be the biggest monster you’ll face, but it’s probably the most aggressive. With its fast, strong attacks and the ability to cause bleeding, you’ll want to go into this fight with every curative item available and more.

Odogaron’s deadliest attack is its fast front-claw slash, which inflicts Bleed. Once you’re bleeding, you’ll need to duck and stay in place for 5 seconds to stop the damage – not ideal when you’re taking on one of the most aggressive monsters in the game. We’d recommend you carry some Astera Jerky along to the fight, which cures Bleed immediately after using it.

You’ll need to dodge against Odogaron and learn its attack patterns in order to predict what it will follow up with. In terms of its unpredictable jumping attacks, where it can suddenly vault to the other side of the area, this can be a problem. Don’t commit to any long combos unless you’re 100% sure of pulling it off, or else you’ll struggle.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Rathalos

Strengths: Fire, Water, Poison, Blast

Weaknesses:  Dragon

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Monster Hunter World

The king of the skies returns with some new tricks up its sleeve. Rathalos loves to fly, and like its mate, Rathian, it can also dish out some pretty deadly poison damage. Note that Rathalos inflicts poison through its talons instead of its tail, and also likes to breathe fire far more than the Rathian. To this end, equip yourself with some decent fire-resistant armour and get ready to take down the apex predator of the Ancient Forest by stocking up on additional antidotes and flash pods.

Again, the real key to the Rathalos fight is to throw flash pods at it as soon as it takes flight. Once it comes down, you’ll have ample time to go for its head and dish out plenty of damage. You’ll also be able to dish out KO damage with a blunt weapon, knocking it down once again. The Rathalos might seem intimidating, but there’s a clinical way to take him down – bring flash pods with you and use all the environmental flash bugs you can.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Diablos

Strengths: Fire, Thunder, Stun

Weaknesses: Ice, Paralysis

Monster Hunter World

Diablos hits like a truck. Whether it’s charging at you, does a tail whip or bursts from the ground, you’ll need to be quick on your feet to dodge this beast. However, Diablos has its weaknesses. Use a Paralysis weapon to make your life easier, and having any window to freely wail is incredibly valuable. This can be aided by the use of screamer pods, which you should be able to use any time that Diablos burrows into the ground.

Once it retreats into its nest, Diablos will dive into the pillars of sand, making its movements hard to predict. You’ll want to sheathe, run and be as agile as possible when it dives attacks. Stick to the tips, and you should be able to see this fight through.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Zorah Magdaros

Strengths: Thunder

Weaknesses: Dragon, Water

Zorah Magdaros is a very strange “fight”. Be sure to destroy all the Magmacores in the first part of the fight and know when to stop and recover health from the bursts of magma. Afterwards, on the ballistas, align yourself with an NPC or Palico to fire the cannons at it. You can load up the crossbows with a special ammo type to bind the monster in place. Once you’ve done that, use the Dragonator to inflict huge damage. Then, rinse and repeat. Simple.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Dodogama

Strengths: Dragon, Blast

Weaknesses: Thunder, Poison

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Monster Hunter World

Dodogama is very easy. Beware of its Blastblight, and know when to move out of its rolls, especially when the monster swells to a larger size. Carry Nullberries in order to mitigate against the magma damage it inflicts, too. If Dodogama retreats into the depths of the Elder’s Recess, bring along some Cool Drinks to mitigate the persistent damage you’ll get from being in the area.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Lavasioth

Strengths: Dragon, Blast, Fire, Thunder, Ice

Weaknesses Water, Poison

Monster Hunter World

If the Lavasioth seems familiar to you, it’s because it has an incredibly similar moveset to the Jyuratodus you fought earlier. Be wary of the lava that explodes on impact. Luckily, this attack has a huge windup, so be sure to dodge. After Lavasioth coats itself in magma, it will become susceptible to Thunder Damage. However, you’re attacks will bounce off unless you have a weapon with the ‘Mind’s Eye’ skill. Be wary of those few points and you’ll soon have a big, hot, dead fish.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Uragaan

Strengths: Thunder, Sleep, Fire

Weaknesses: Water, Poison, Stun

Monster Hunter World

Uragaan likes to coil up and chase you, as well as deal a huge amount of damage with the magma drops it leaves along the way. Be sure to not stand in the way of these explosive droppings, otherwise, you’ll be set on fire and lose a chunk of your health. Additionally, Uragaan will suddenly stop in place – but don’t take the bait. It will expel a gas that can put you to sleep or set you on fire – so be careful!

This can be long fight – Uragaan has a lot of health – so bring along a raw damage weapon to dish out the most harm.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Pink Rathian

Strengths : Fire, Ice, Blast, Poison, Water

Weaknesses: Dragon, Stun

Monster Hunter World

Pink Rathian is more than just a simple reskin; this one has a tail-swipe variation that moves horizontally instead of vertically. This means you’ll have to change strategy. Here, the tail is vulnerable only at its tip. Use flash pods again as the monster is in the air, gearing up with some high rank armour, and the Pink Rathian will be as easy to slay as the normal Rathian. Again, ensure you have some antidotes or else you’ll be in for a bad time.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Azure Rathalos

Strengths: Fire, Water, Thunder, Blast, Poison

Weaknesses: Dragon

Monster Hunter World

Azure Rathalos has an expanded arsenal of fireball attacks, as well as having an airborne poison-talon attack. As such, bring the usual round of antidotes and flash pods to bring it to the ground, delivering hits to its tail. On suffering a cut, Azure Rathalos will lose the ability to hit you with its tail. However, we can’t stress enough: Flash Pods are the key to winning this fight.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Black Diablos

Strengths: Thunder, Stun

Weaknesses: Ice, Paralysis

Black Diablos is incredibly dangerous, even more powerful than the Diablos before it. This variation of the monster intentionally switches up signs of the regular Diablos to try to trick you. Black Diablos has a different tunnelling attack, where it will pause. However, throwing screamer pods at it does the job, while providing an opening to attack it. The charge attack remains, and you’ll want to be even more careful since the Black Diablos can follow up with a deadly horn attack. Run with a Paralysis weapon to stick it in place and deal some meaty damage. And stock up on curatives for this fight.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Bazelgeuse

Strengths: Water, Blast, Stun

Weaknesses: Thunder

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Monster Hunter World

Bazelgeuse is a hugely intimidating foe. It’s Monster Hunter World’s B-52 bomber. This monster drops explosive pods around the arena, so you’ll want to watch your step and get this one out of the air as quickly – and as often – as possible. Stock up on trusty flash pods once again to hit its head to deal the most damage possible. While on the ground, be aware of fighting it head-on – it has a deadly head-butt that can lead to a rain of bombs you’ll soon regret.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Deviljho

Strengths: Ice

Weaknesses: Dragon, Thunder

Monster Hunter World

Deviljho is an aggressive, huge monster that stays on the ground, has Area-of-Effect (AoE) options, as well as a massive ranged attack that will cut your defences down. With a huge amount of health, Deviljho is no slouch. We’d recommend staying underneath its belly in order to hit its weak spots.

Beware of its foot stomps, and also the smaller monsters it picks up with which to attack you. In this instance, throw a flash pod to make your life easier. Deviljho is open for a long time when doing its Dragon Breath attack, leaving it vulnerable to full combos. Positioning and near-constant movement is key to taking this devil down.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Kirin

Strengths: Thunder, Paralysis, Dragon, Stun, Poison

Weaknesses: Fire

Monster Hunter World

Kirin is one of the most agile monsters in the game, as well as being one of the most powerful. With deadly thunder attacks that fill the arena, while also inflicting paralysis, it’s very easy to die from Kirin’s AoE attacks, which are telegraphed on the ground. You’ll want to go into this one with the highest amount of thunder-resistance armour you have, like the Tobi-Kadachi armour, plus the Thunder Mantle in addition to equipping a weapon that you can quickly put in a hit or two before retreating.

Committing to a combo could easily leave you vulnerable – and soon dead. The Tempered Kirin quest late in the game is one of the most difficult, and you’ll want to smash off its horn to ensure it doesn’t hit you with the full extent of its thunder and paralysis moves.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Nergigante

Strengths: Fire, Water, Ice

Weaknesses: Thunder

Monster Hunter World

Nergigante is one of the first Elder Dragons you’ll fight, and you’ll need to prepare for it. Bring along as many curatives and flash pods as you can. Nergigante attacks with its spikes, which make it deal more damage as it aggressively tries to hit you. Its huge range means you’re never safe from Nergigante’s attacks. You’ll need to break off those spikes in order to mitigate the amount of damage dealt,. Watch out for its shoulder-barge attack, which has a massive range.

Nergigante’s most deadly attack is the two-part dive-bomb – a one-hit kill, if you’re health isn’t above 100, followed by a spike ejection that spreads across the arena. Once Nergigante flies in the air, you’ll want to flash pod it and hit it in the head or tail as often as you can. Rinse and repeat – and you should have no reason to worry.

If you’ve beaten it a few times but are still struggling, building an “Elderseal” weapon will make Nergigante dive-bomb less often. Be aware that because this is an Elder Dragon, you’re not able to trap this one.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Teostra

Strengths: Dragon, Paralysis, Fire

Weaknesses Water, Ice

Monster Hunter World

Teostra is one of the most difficult fights in the game – this Elder Dragon doesn’t mess around. Ignore elemental weaknesses, farm Nergigante in order to make its weapon, and go in with its high Elderseal weapon – the strongest fire defence armour you have in addition to Cool Drinks. Teostra is often surrounded by moats of fire and magma, and the Dragon itself also coats itself in a Fire Aura that damages you as you get close to it.

As well as having to dodge the standard set of melee attacks, Teostra also leaves explosive powder that can be triggered at any point. Be careful when Teostra starts to charge up. It does an AoE blast that’s likely to kill you if you don’t interrupt the monster or have a high Elderseal weapon to make it do its “Special” attack less often. Break its horns to destroy the Fire Aura and be aware of your surroundings – this is a hard one.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Kushala Daora

Strengths: Fire, Water, Ice, Sleep, Paralysis

Weaknesses: Thunder, Poison, Blast

Monster Hunter World

This Elder Dragon doesn’t mess around. Kushala Daora is covered in metal and will deflect your attacks on its wings in addition to firing bursts of air. Kushala likes to create pillars of wind, which can cause problems for hunters using a melee weapon. To get around this continuous cycle of being surrounded by wind that interrupts your actions, equip yourself with flash pods to bring it down from the sky – and hit its head and tail to deal the most damage. Once you’ve got your head around the challenge of how to bring it down from the sky and away from the pillars of air, you’ll have mastered the hunt.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Vaal Hazak

Strengths: Water, Thunder, Sleep, Poison, Paralysis

Weaknesses: Dragon, Fire

Monster Hunter World

Bring Nullberries for this fight, as well as your best Elderseal weapon. While this monster seems like the most docile of the Elder Dragons, its Effluvium attacks can surround the arena, leaving you with less than half a health bar. Be aware of Vaal’s Effluvia beam, which can be a one-hit kill for those with low health. However, this attack leaves the monster open if you’ve dodged it, and presents huge opportunity to get in your full combo attacks. The same can be said after Vaal does it’s Effluvia AoE attack. Dodge out of the way and wail. This is far by the easiest Elder Dragon you’ll face in the game.

Monster Hunter World Monster List – Xenojiva

Strengths: Sleep, Stun, Paralysis

Weaknesses: Poison

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Monster Hunter World

Xenojiva is the final boss of Monster Hunter: World, and while it might seem intimidating at first, it’s a pretty simple fight. Stay close, hitting its hands on the floor in order to stagger it. The Xenojiva can’t exactly do much to stop you, aside from swipe at you occasionally. Where the danger really comes from is in the later stages of the fight, where the monster will dig into the ground – if it does this, get away from it as quickly as you can, and avoid the blast pods that it leaves in its wake.

Additionally, if you find yourself up against its laserbeam attack, hide behind a pillar for cover. When the monster flies up into the air, fire off some dragon pods to take it down to deal some extra damage. Aside from that, the Xenojiva is pretty easy to telegraph, so be sure to keep a close eye on it to avoid getting hit by its strong attacks.

Congratulations! You’ve made it this far and have everything you need to beat the game!

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