How to schedule an email in Gmail

15 years after the launch of Gmail, Google has finally added a much-requested feature − the ability to schedule emails. Better still, the process is really straightforward.

If you’re scratching your head and wondering why anyone would want to schedule their emails, there are plenty of good reasons for it. You may have announcements to make at a certain time or on a particular date, for example, or you might need to send a timely email when you know you won’t be near your phone or a laptop.

Here’s how to schedule emails in Gmail.

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How to schedule an email in Gmail

Once your email is ready to be sent, click the downwards-pointing arrow (white arrow, blue background) that sits immediately to the right of the prominent ‘Send’ button at the bottom of your email window (more on this below). Then select ‘Schedule Send’.

A popup box will then appear on-screen, prompting you to pick a specific date and time. You can either do this manually, or select one of the options presented in the box. Once you’ve settled on a date and time, Gmail will schedule your email.

It’s as easy as that.

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gmail schedule email

“We understand that work can often carry over to non-business hours, but it’s important to be considerate of everyone’s downtime,” wrote G Suite’s Jacob Bank in a blog post announcing the feature.

“We want to make it easier to respect everyone’s digital well-being, so we’re adding a new feature to Gmail that allows you to choose when an email should be sent. Just write your email as you normally would, then schedule it to arrive in your recipient’s inbox at a later date and time.”

What to do if you can’t see Gmail’s email scheduling button

If you can’t see the aforementioned downwards-pointing arrow button, we’re afraid to say you don’t yet have the ability to schedule emails. We’ve asked Google for more details on the rollout of the email scheduling feature, and this article will be updated when we hear back.

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Fortunately, there are other options open to you. The third-party browser extension Boomerang, for example, adds scheduling without breaking the familiar Gmail interface.

Or if you prefer not to install browser extensions and prefer to do things the hard way, you can always use this script to schedule emails from Google Sheets.

Do you have the option to schedule emails in Gmail yet? Let us know on Twitter @TrustedReviews.