Apple Arcade: iPhone maker takes on Google Stadia, sort of

Apple has announced Apple Arcade, the world’s first video game subscription service that spans over mobile, desktop and the living room.

This means that one subscription to Apple Arcade will give you access to over 100 new and exclusive hundred games, across all of your Apple devices, whether that’s your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. And even if the user wishes to swap devices mid-game, they’ll be able to pick up their progress rather than start from scratch. 

Apple has promised to keep adding games to the service too, so the number of games available should far exceed the hundred currently mooted. Many games will offer support for game controllers too, just in case you’re not keen on touchscreen controls. 

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Apple Arcade has over 100 new and exclusive games available on the subscription service

Every game in Apple Arcade will be playable offline, so you’ll be able to keep on gaming whether you’re on underground on the Tube or up in the sky on a plane.

Fed up of game developers trying to squeeze even more money out of you after purchase? Apple Arcade will apparently have no adverts, and games will be fully featured from launch so they’re be no DLC arriving at a later date demanding extra money. Apple also confirmed there will be no ad tracking within the service, citing an important to respect user privacy. 

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Apple Arcade will become available in over 150 countries and regions from Autumn 2019

Of course, a video game subscription is only as good as the games that it has on offer. Entirely original games from creators such as Hironobu Sakaguchi, Ken Wong, Will Wright will be heading to the service. Apple has also confirmed around 35 game developers to already be on board with the Apple Arcade project, including big names such as Sega, Konami, LEGO and PlatinumGames. Confirmed games to be arriving on Apple Arcade include Sonic Racing, LEGO Brawls and Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm.

Apple Arcade will be available in over 150 countries and regions from Autumn 2019. Pricing details on the subscription service are yet to be revealed however. Apple did confirm though, that families can join in on the subscription at no extra charge. 

The tactic is very different to the cloud based one deployed by Google, when it unveiled its new Stadia gaming service earlier this month. Google Stadia works differently letting gamers stream triple A titles to devices via the cloud, which means you’ll be able to get better graphics without needing expensive hardware. The downside to this is that you won’t be able to play games locally like you can with Apple Arcade.

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