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TomTom GO LIVE 825
  • TomTom GO LIVE 825
  • TomTom GO LIVE 825


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  • 5in screen
  • LIVE services
  • European maps


  • LIVE services require subscription
  • Mount not detachable

Key Features

  • 5in widescreen
  • LIVE mobile data services
  • Maps of 45 European countries
  • Integrated screen mount
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Manufacturer: TomTom
  • Review Price: £229.99

When TomTom launched its LIVE services, this was a premium feature only available in its top-of-the-range GO models. But in the last year or so they have filtered down to the XL LIVE and recent Via 120 LIVE. In fact, if you take a look at TomTom’s current range, it’s now absolutely enormous, with more than half LIVE-enabled. The GO LIVE 825 is the first step towards TomTom rationalising its selection to connected GO LIVE models and non-connected Starts, the new members of which we will be looking at in a future week, although for now the range is still larger than the largest thing in largetown.

The 1000 and 1005 remain the flagship members of the GO LIVE range. So the GO LIVE 825 is the new midrange offering, and uses the same integrated mount as the Via range, which means you need to attach it to your screen every time you use it. However, this also folds quite flush with the unit, so it still fits in a pocket. Lots of people remove their sat-nav mount from their car after every usage anyway, in case its presence encourages a break in. So this isn’t necessarily as big a drawback as it at first seems. The car power adapter is also TomTom’s latest two-part affair, with a USB cable connecting to a cigarette lighter plug. So the same cable will be used for hooking up to PC as well as in-vehicle power.

Of course, the jewel in the 825’s crown is its LIVE system. Surprisingly, this hasn’t changed considerably since its arrival in the GO 740 LIVE and GO 540 LIVE. The headline act remains HD Traffic, which is still unquestionably the best jam-detection system on the market. This augments traditional RDS-TMC information with data gleaned from Vodafone mobile phone triangulation and TomTom LIVE devices, providing a much more accurate and detailed picture of real-time traffic flow. It’s not an infallible system, but it’s currently the most effective way to avoid being stuck in gridlock.


January 5, 2012, 8:55 pm

I do not understand how this device gets 9/10. Card slot doesn't work, so I can't keep both US and Europe map on a same device (Swapping takes lot of time), MapShare doesn't work with MyTomTom, so user corrections are not available for this device (and latest map is really outdated)... overall very disappointed.


August 24, 2013, 4:35 pm

I would recommend taking a good map with you if you own one of these contraptions, you'll need to search for several street names close to the one you're heading for and hope it will recognise one. The display change from one page to the next is painfully slow. As mentioned in other posts the mount is hopeless, you resort to trying to type in your destination with it still attached to the windscreen which leaves both your arm and neck aching. During the 2 months I've owned the thing I have wasted time searching for a location that it refused to recognise, for example: Eltham Palace Road, Eltham entered, result nothing. Many times I simply revert to the map. I've lost count of the number of appointments I've been late for having struggled with it and given up. I was recently prompted by their program loaded onto my computer to update camera locations after which it took several days off before it decided to remember where any cameras were at all! It sometimes decides to switch its self on when the ignition is turned on but not every time. I was prompted to renew Live services on the display recently, I then received an email asking me to complete the purchase totalling £47.50. So in the 2 months I've struggled with the thing it's already gone out of date! How often are they going to want £47.50 from me? The sales pitch from Halfords was free maps!

Albert Visser

September 2, 2013, 2:56 pm

I could'nt agree more. What makes it worse is the plugging in of the power supply and removal every time you need to take it out. They have one product!!!! .I need a GPS and I think the mapping and live trafic seems to be better than the Garmin. But the frustration to work with the integrated mount is just too much. So the solution from the sales people? Why don't you buy the most expensive one? No sir I would just have to live without live traffic and go and buy me a nice design from Garmin. What realy frustrate me is the fact that you have 100's of people in TomTom designing a single product and they have the ability to totally screw up the common function on all GPS's


September 25, 2013, 7:11 am

Has it Got a SD Slot

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