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There’s one word to describe Samsung’s latest Touch of Colour (ToC) monitor: wow. Ever since its introduction in Samsung’s television range we’ve been fans of the ToC design, but its first implementation on a monitor, the rose-tinted T200, left us distinctly less impressed. However, Samsung’s new EcoFit SyncMaster P2370 more than makes up for its predecessors.

After a short hiatus, the 23in form factor appears to be making a comeback. For those avid readers who might be remembering the recent announcement of Samsung’s QWXGA (2,048 x 1,152) 23in monitor, we’re sorry but this isn’t it; the P2370 sports a 16:9 panel with a Full HD resolution of ‘only’ 1,920 x 1,080. But quite aside from this being plenty for many users, this monitor is as much about the chassis as the panel it holds.

There’s a multitude of reasons why the P2370 looks better than the aforementioned T200 or even the 24in Samsung T240HD. First of all there’s the titular Touch of Colour. Rather than the blatant red strip of its predecessors, this latest range has not only changed the colour to a (in my personal opinion) nicer blue, but its integration is now also far subtler. In fact, with the monitor assembled you might have a hard time spotting it.

You see the monitor’s ‘leg’ is now beautifully transparent, with a small blue section underneath it casting reflections into it. Just like the T200 this monitor has a transparent plastic ‘shield’ on its bezel, which extends beyond the bezel’s edges, but again its implementation is far more attractive.

It now extends equally everywhere and its edges are both thinner and more rounded, giving a smoother and more coherent overall appearance. This transparent covering also helps fingerprints to be less visible and though the piano-black base is still as susceptible as ever, Samsung provides a cleaning cloth to keep it pristine.

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