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Sony PS4 release date rumoured for 'autumn 2014'

Luke Johnson


Sony PS3 Controller
Sony PS3 Controller

The eagerly awaited Sony PlayStation 4 will not launch next year, latest reports have suggested, with a Sony PS4 release date tipped for spring or autumn 2014.

With Sony PS4 rumours having done the rounds for a number of years, new reports of the as yet unconfirmed console have suggested that the Sony PS4 will hit retailers in less than two years’ time, with the eagerly awaited console currently in development under the code name ‘Thebes’.

Having previously been tipped to go under the code name ‘Orbis’, new reports have suggested that the next-generation PlayStation console will launch a year after the expected 2013 Xbox 720 release date, with a spring unveiling likely to be followed by an autumn release.

Discussing the upcoming Sony PS4 release date, SemiAccurate has suggested that Sony’s PlayStation 4 launch will “most likely be the spring of 2014, but it could be fall of that year too.”

Citing Japanese speaking sources, the latest PS4 rumours added: “Other than it being an AMD CPU and GPU, we don’t have much more specific details [on the PS4 specs]. It is said to be a 28nm part, likely fabbed at Global Foundries or OBM fir the first run.”

Sony PS4 Rumours

The long rumoured replacement to the now ageing Sony PS3, the PlayStation 4 release has been the thing of much speculation for a number of years with the Nintendo Wii U rival widely expected to launch after Microsoft’s next-generation console.

Although a disc-less, download only console has been mooted, it is believed that the Sony PS4 will continue to support disc-based media whilst the console is, like its predecessor, also expected to host a Sony Blu-ray player as standard.

What would you like to see Sony incorporate with the expected Sony PS4? Would you be happy with a download only console? Let us know via the Trusted Reviews Twitter and Facebook feeds or through the comment boxes below.


December 12, 2012, 12:31 am

Id agree with this. I don't think MS or Sony are as keen to let go of their now huge install bases as quick as some people think. Also its pretty reasonable to suggest next gen consoles will be announced at E3, with the next one in June 2013 there was never enough time there to then get their product to market by Christmas 2013. Sony wll undoubtedly use their blu ray platform, maybe even MS will. An alternative would be far too expensive and DVD for console games is dead.

Eric Kolotyluk

December 14, 2012, 5:16 pm

I really hope the PS4 does away with obsolete HDMI and USB and goes strictly Thunderbolt. Compatibility can be done with connectors and cables, but hopefully future TVs and audio equipment will be Thunderbolt based too.

I hope they allow both video input and output so the PS4 can run Google TV. For that matter, they should just wrap the entire PS4 gaming experience in an Android or Chrome shell so we can have a decent Home Theater PC experience that integrates with our phones and tablets.

Does anyone know how to provide feedback to the PS4 design team?


December 15, 2012, 2:25 pm

A download only option would count me out as I only pay a maximum of £5 per game pre-owned. Rumor mill has already mentioned ms going blu-ray for next gen as they feel broadband globally wouldn't be ready for 2013/14 to go with download only. Sony needs to get the psn to a level that can rival xbox live to make it more competitive for the next gen. As for a change in connection options people in the uk don't upgrade their tv's that quickly so to move to thunderbolt is no good, they should skip it and offer wireless connections instead, but not proprietary!!!! We know how bad Sony is at that one!!! WiDi is an option, but others are also in development.


January 15, 2013, 10:03 am

Thunderbolt is Intel only, the PS4 will be AMD based. AMD has Lightning Bolt. It is doubtful that it would use the technology for the first version. It will take many years for the majority of TV owners to have a compatible TV. The PS3 Ultra Slim that was just released in the fall of 2012 didn't even include an HDMI connector, it was boxed with composite.

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