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DJI drones will need to be registered to get maximum air


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As drones become more popular and widespread, the push for tighter regulation on their use is ramping up. That probably explains why DJI has increased the security across its range of unmanned fliers.

If you’re thinking of getting a DJI drone in the near future, you’re going to have the register the product through the company's app in order to access the full suite of the drone’s functionality, after the company recently added a new application activation process.

The activation process is tied to a firmware update that is available for DJI’s drone lineup that also includes the recent entry level Phantom 4 model.

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Until you activate this update, the ability to use the camera streaming functionality of the device will be held ransom, as well as the ability to fly beyond 98 feet in the air and over 164-foot away from the user.

This move by DJI is the latest in a series of efforts the curb the use of drones over prohibited spaces and cripple people's ability to engage in illegal activities with the drones.

This year has already seen the first prison to install an anti-drone field similar to existing jamming technologies.

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