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iPhone 7 release date, specs, news, rumours and price


iPhone 7: Everything you need to know

2016 is the year we'll see the launch of the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and possibly 7 Pro. And if you're looking for rumoured specs and price you've come to the right place. We've gathered all the information you need to know right here, including rumours on new storage tiers and whether the headphone jack is being axed. There's also been talk of three models – an iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro – adding to an ever growing mountain of speculation and rumours. Here's all you need to know:

iPhone 7 FAQ

iPhone 7 release date: September 7 or 16, September 23 on sale (expected)

How much will the iPhone 7 cost: It should cost the same as the iPhone 6S so prices should start at £539/$649

What's new about the iPhone 7: If rumours are to be believed then the iPhone 7 will make more waves because of what it's missing than what it comes with. It's very likely that we've seen the last of the 3.5mm headphone jack. The home button could also be replaced with a Force Touch version and a variety of new colour options added. There could also be multiple models.

iPhone 7 news and rumours in brief

Update (24 August 2016): Recent reports suggest OIS could make it to the 4.7-inch iPhone 7's camera, while elsewhere rumours of a 256GB storage tier have been bolstered by a new report.

A spate of recent reports seem to be solidifying out view of what the iPhone 7 will entail. Indeed, one report claims that Apple has started mass production of the handset, suggesting it's been finalised.

The Wall Street Journal claims that the iPhone 7 will be largely unchanged from the iPhone 6S, but for the notable omission of the 3.5mm headphone jack and possible inclusion of a dual-lens camera.

It's all part of a shift to three-year cycle rather than the usual two which currently sees S-models following plain-numbered models. As such, all the big changes will allegedly occur with the 2017 model, which could feature a bold all-glass design and an OLED display.

Meanwhile, reports from Japan claim that the iPhone 7 will ship with the same old Apple EarPods, but will feature a Lightning adapter. Which sounds like a bit of a fudge to us. Of course, we should also balance this against reports from a Gangzhou-based repair shop that suggest the iPhone 7's Lighting port assembly still features a headphone jack.

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iPhone 7 Release Date UK & US – When will the new iPhone 7 come out?

Apple, more so than many of its rivals, is a creature of habit, which makes it very simple to predict the iPhone 7 release date.

The best strategy is to look at previous iPhone launches, which we’ve outlined below:

  • iPhone 6S – Wednesday, September 9 (reveal), Saturday, September 19 (release date)
  • iPhone 6 – Tuesday, September 9 (reveal), Friday, September 19 (release date)
  • iPhone 5S – Tuesday, September 10 (reveal), Friday, September 20 (release date)
  • iPhone 5 – Wednesday, September 12 (reveal), Friday, September 21 (release date)

Based on those dates, we’d expect the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus reveal to take place on either:

  • Tuesday, September 6
  • Wednesday, September 7
  • Tuesday, September 13
  • Wednesday, September 14

And we’d expect the iPhone 7 release date to fall on either Friday, September 16, or Friday, September 23. If we were forced to mark our calendars, we’d probably place our bets on September 14 and September 23 for reveal and release, but we can’t say for sure until Apple starts sending out invites.

It seems we're not alone in this line of thinking either. Reliable leaker Evan Blass recently posted to Twitter with a claim that the iPhone (2016) would be released on the week of September 12:

The good news is that Apple has already kicked off mass-production of the 4.7-inch iPhone 7, at least according to a new report. Journalist and reputable leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer – better known on Twitter as @Onleaks – claims the final model manufacturing has “slowly started” at the Pegatron factory.

Along with Foxconn, Pegatron is one of Apple’s primary manufacturing partners. It’s a Taiwanese company, although the lion’s share of its employees are based in China. According to Hemmerstoffer, only the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 is being manufactured by Pegatron, not the 5.5-inch ‘Plus’ version. He previously alleged that Foxconn had won the contract for the larger iPhone 7.

Naturally, we can’t verify Hemmerstoffer’s claims and, although he has a great track record for mobile leaks, you should take this report with due caution.

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iPhone 7 Features – What’s new about the iPhone 7?

One of the most obvious upgrades we’re sure to see with the iPhone 7 is the introduction of a new processor. It’s generally accepted that Apple’s A10 system-on-a-chip will feature in the new device, bringing with it assured improvements to processing and graphics.

It’s also looking very likely that Apple is going to abandon the 3.5mm headphone jack that you use to connect your headphones. Instead, users will be forced to plug in via the Lightning port, which will mean purchasing an expensive adapter for many, or using Bluetooth headphones. Conveniently, Apple's latest Back to School promotion sees the firm offering student buyers of Mac devices a free pair of wireless Beats headphones. They'll be perfect for a headphone jack-free iPhone, right?

Camera upgrades are also a dead cert. There’s potential to finally get optical image stabilisation on the smaller iPhone 7, something reserved for Plus models only until now. We’re also likely to see improved low-light performance on both the iPhone 7 cameras.

iphone 3

And finally, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will both feature Apple's upcoming iOS 10 software. The new software version was revealed at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, and we'll outline some of the additions below.

Is there an iPhone 7 Pro?

Apple is clearly a fan of the word 'Pro', sticking it onto laptops and iPads with glee, but we're yet to see it on a phone. Frankly, we're a little surprised by this and there are rumours suggesting the iPhone 7 will come in three flavours; iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro.

iphone 7 leak Three iPhones to debut this year?

As you can see by the leaked image above (take with a pinch of salt, please) the 'Pro' model has the dual-camera set-up and the Smart Connector ripped straight from the iPad Pro. It also looks like it'll be the same display size as the iPhone 6S Plus and the iPhone 7 Plus.

However, a report from well-respected Japanese blog Mac Otacara suggests Apple will once again go with the standard and Plus models for its next-gen iPhones – forgoing the 'Pro' model. MacRumours has also stated that the Pro model was always a fallback for Apple in case the dual camera setup didn't quite work with the iPhone 7 Plus.

Like most iPhone 7 information then, whether we'll see the Pro model remains a mystery.

Should I wait for the iPhone 7?

If the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus aren’t hugely popular, we’ll eat our keyboards. Apple devices always command hype like no other, and so we don’t need to do much convincing for fans of the brand.

That said, Android is now a slick, powerful operating system that most will find as easy to use as iOS. And with formidable rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5 and Nexus 6P already available, the iPhone 7 is very much up against it.

What’s more, the iPhone 7 will be launching at a similar time to other expected handsets like the Google’s Nexus 2016 handset(s), and the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy S7The new Samsung Galaxy S7

And if you're a fan of iOS but hate the large 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch frames of flagship iPhones, you might want to consider the iPhone SE, Apple's new 4-inch smartphone. The iPhone SE was unveiled on March 21, 2016, and released to the public on March 31. It boasts a near-identical design to the iPhone 5S, and comes in 16GB and 64GB storage variants.

It's worth a mention that the iPhone 7 doesn't sound like it will offer significant upgrades over the iPhone 6S. So if you've got last year's handset, you might want to wait for the next model, which is rumoured to be where the real changes will come.

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iPhone 7 Specs

Details on iPhone 7 specs are still light at this point, but we’ve heard some early rumours nonetheless.


First up is the probable introduction of the A10 system-on-a-chip, the next generation of Apple’s custom-built processors. While it’s not clear what improvements will be in store, we’ll likely see power efficiency savings, increased performance, and a boost to graphical processing.

It’s also widely rumoured that Intel is courting Apple to supply the modems for the iPhone 7. Until now, Qualcomm has been the lead supplier for modems in Apple’s mobile devices, but Intel is said to have a 1,000-strong team of employees on the case. However, it’s worth noting that Qualcomm isn’t being entirely shut out; apparently, it will still make a significant share of the modems.

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The rumour is mostly interesting because of the suggestion that Apple is keen to reduce its reliance on Qualcomm. That’s a similar sentiment that’s reportedly held by senior Samsung officials, which explains the company’s recent push with its own Exynos processors. It’s said that Apple is looking to wean itself off third-party suppliers in the future too.


As far as other specs go, we’re not quite sure. The most recent round of iPhones featured 2GB of RAM, so we’d expect the same with the iPhone 7. After all, Apple has historically been very cautious and considered when it comes to arbitrary hardware upgrades.


Recent rumours have suggested that Apple will finally abandon the 16GB variant with the iPhone 7. The latest analyst to contend that is IHS Technology's Kevin Wang, who said: "Supply chain research shows that the new iPhone's RAM is 2GB, ROM 32GB onwards."

But Wang isn't alone. Speaking to TrustedReviews, CSS Insight Chief of Research Ben Wood said:

"I think it's a pretty good bet. I think for the next generation of iPhone, it would make a lot of sense for Apple to offer bigger memory configurations. The cost of memory keeps dropping all the time. So the marginal cost for Apple to put that really huge memory allocation in the phone would be minimal, and it would make a lot of sense."

A recent reported via research firm TrendForce also claimed that Apple has "settled on most of the specs for the next iPhone," including a 256GB storage option. That's not the first time we've heard such a contention. Speaking to TrustedReviews, Avril Wu, another TrendForce analyst, said:

"We believe 256GB storage being adopted in the next generation of iPhone is really likely to happen. However, even if 256GB is the case, it will only be used in 5.5-inch model's 'premium' version."

We also heard from James Moar, Senior Analyst at Juniper Research, who told us:

"If a 256GB iPhone is to be released, it will be as part of a wider...offering (potentially an iPhone 7 Plus), that can be used in the workplace in the same way as the iPad Pro is intended to be."

And new information via industry news site Digitimes, citing supply chain sources, appears to back up rumours of a 256GB storage tier. The report reads: “NAND flash vendors have increased chip prices citing strong demand for new smartphones, particularly the iPhone 7 featuring up to 256GB of storage.” It should be noted that Digitimes has a mixed track record when it comes to these things, but there certainly seems to be a lot of talk about a 256GB iPhone 7. We'll just have to wait to see if it's accurate or not.

Of course, 256GB of storage would mean the iPhone 7 would have more storage than some low-end MacBook models. That means, if such a storage tier is offered on Apple's next handset, you can be sure to pay a premium for it.You can read more about the prospects for iPhone 7 storage here.

iPhone 7 Design:

Apple is planning a major rethink of the iPhone design according to top industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, of KGI Securities - but more recently reports suggest that it's unlikely to arrive this year.

On April 18, Kuo issued guidance that Apple is hoping to differentiate the iPhone from rivals by adopting an "all-glass" design with an AMOLED screen.

This could mean that we'll soon see an end to the aluminium chassis that has featured on previous iPhones, as Kuo notes:

"If iPhone 7 still uses an aluminium casing in 2016, it will be the fifth year in a row that iPhone has done so, which means there is no longer a feeling of freshness to appeal to consumers. Also, a lot of Apple's (US) competitors are also adopting aluminium casings, which means iPhone no longer has a clear edge due to a lack of differentiation. On expectations that iPhone shipments will decline in 2016, we believe Apple will be more strongly motivated to use non-aluminium casings in 2017 in a bid to enhance the competitiveness of iPhone by offering an all-new form-factor design."

Unfortunately, Kuo expects that the all-glass iPhone won't actually arrive until 2017, which means this big change is more likely to appear in the expected iPhone 7S or iPhone 8.

Kuo also recently revealed that he believes the iPhone 7 won't have "many attractive selling points", putting a damper on prospects for this year's Apple flagship.

We've also seen leaked (and consequently unverifiable) schematics that suggest the iPhone 7 will be both shorter and thicker than the iPhone 6S.

iPhone 7 Battery Life:

The iPhone 6S uses a 1,715 mAh lithium ion battery, which Apple says offers 14 hours of talk time, 11 hours of video playback, and 10 days of standby time.

As the iPhone 7 isn’t expected to differ hugely from the iPhone 6S, it seems probable that a similar battery capacity will feature again.

iphone 9

However, we could see improvements to battery life, even if the battery capacity doesn’t change. That’s because it’s likely Apple will make some efficiency improvements with its A10 processor.

Still the Galaxy S7 has significantly increased the size of its battery so Apple may have to do something similar or risk being left behind in the battery life stakes.

And if you believe a recent tweet from @the_malignant, the company is planning to up its battery game with the addition of fast charging. The hazy image, purporting to show the iPhone 7's logic board, apparently shows that the new phone will support chargers that output sy 5V/2A (five volt, two amp), a significant improvement over the current one amp current.

But to say the image is dubious would be a hefty understatement. Both in terms of its visual quality (dodgy) and its origin (a mystery Chinese source as tweeted by someone on Twitter for less than a year) it doesn't stand up to serious scrutiny.

iPhone 7

Still, we're excited to see whether Apple has indeed added fast charging tech to its upcoming handset, particularly because it seems every other phone manufacturer is jumping onboard the fast-charge wagon these days.

iPhone 7 Screen

Apple may be planning a significant upgrade for its iPhone 7 displays, at least according to this latest leak.

A Weibo user called @KK – a reputable mobile industry leaker – has released an image depicting what they claim are screen panels for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7. Both the panels for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are included, with one important titbit of info: the display resolution.

According to @KK, the iPhone 7 will feature a 4.7-inch 1080p display, while the iPhone 7 Plus will feature a 5.5-inch 2K display. So what does that mean?


Well, the iPhone 6S currently features a panel with a 1,334 x 750 pixel resolution. But a 1080p display has 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, which means the iPhone 7 could feature a huge rise in pixel density, resulting in a sharper, more detailed screen image.

The iPhone 6S Plus, meanwhile, features a 1,920 x 1,080 pixel display, but @KK says we can expect the iPhone 7 Plus to move to 2K. But we’re not convinced, because 2K panels are only 2,048 x 1,080 pixels, which isn’t a huge jump, and has a 17:9 aspect ratio – not the conventional 16:9.

However, 2K is often used interchangeably with QHD when talking about displays. And we’d say that a QHD display – that’s 2,560 x 1,440 pixels – is far more likely to feature, especially since it sticks to the 16:9 aspect ratio. What’s more, several flagship iPhone rivals already use that calibre of display, including the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

So what else does the leak tell us? Well, one of the panels is reportedly built by JDI, which is a known Apple screen supplier, and that’s about it.

Unfortunately, the main problem with this leak is that we have no way of telling whether it’s legitimate. Weibo’s @KK has often been reliable in the past, but this particular leak confuses us. Firstly, we haven’t seen any other leaks suggesting that Apple is planning a display resolution bump. What’s more, hiking display resolutions creates a number of problems, including forcing developers to adapt their apps, and also increasing the drain on battery life.

That said, the iPhone 7 is expected to be a fairly underwhelming affair, at least in terms of upgrades. Improving display resolution would be an easy way for Apple to woo customers.

iPhone 7 Features

The most contentious rumour about the iPhone 7 is that Apple will remove the headphone jack. Several leaks seem to suggest that Apple will drop the 3.5mm audio jack on the next iPhone, forcing users to instead connect their headphones via the Lightning port. That means, of course, that you won't be able to use your existing headphones, unless they either support a Lightning connection, or you're willing to pay for an adapter.

But a new report from China might put a hold to such predictions - or at least raise a few doubts.

Gangzhou-based repair shop Rock Fix has been posting pictures of alleged iPhone 7 components on Chinese social media (via Engadget). One of those components is a Lightning port assembly for the 4.7-inch model. What's notable about this piece is that it still has a headphone jack attached to it. Does this mean Apple has delayed its 3.5mm-ditching plans until next year's model?

Another interesting feature here is the presence of a second SIM slot, which would be a first for the iPhone range. We also see a 256GB memory chip and a dual-lens camera for the 5.5-inch model. Of course, this is all still just speculation at this point. There are various conflicting rumours going around at the moment about the iPhone 7's final feature set.

One of the more compelling leaks came courtesy of Japanese magazine Mac Fan. The publication revealed supposed schematics for the iPhone 7, with no headphone jack in sight. Of course, it's impossible to verify such an image this early, so take it with due caution:


However, the death knell isn't necessarily sounding for the headphone jack. French tech site Nowhereelse – known for its regular mobile industry leaks – has published an image that seems to depict a Lightning cable assembly for the iPhone 7. The assembly is clearly different than the one built into the current iPhone 6S. But what's notable about the image is that a headphone jack features on the iPhone 7 assembly.


Nowhereelse claims to have acquired the image from an anonymous source posting to Chinese social media site Weibo. Unfortunately, we can't verify this image either. That's important, because the assembly pictured could quite easily be faked. We have, however, seen images of what the Lighting-to-headphone adapters might look like. Chinese accessory maker Tama Electric posted images of three such adapters online:

Headphone Adapter

Headphone Adapters

Adding fuel to the fire, new photos posted online via Weibo in July seem to back up rumours that Apple will offer its stock EarPod headphones with a Lightning jack. The photos appear to show a hardwired Lightning solution rather than the 3.5mm jack with adapter often rumoured. However, leaks of the nature are impossible to verify, so take this with due caution.


On the matter of connectors, a recently leaked image that depicted a never-before-seen iPhone showed a device with three dots near the base. Many speculated that this could be a Smart Connector.

iphone smart connector

But a more recent report suggests this image is false. According to Japanese Apple-centric news site Mac Otakara, Apple has "shelved" plans for a Smart Connector on the iPhone 7.

To date, the Smart Connector has only appeared on the ipad Pro. It's used to let the tablet connect to Apple's custom-built Smart Keyboard accessory. If Apple's next iPhone did feature a smart connector, it would likely serve a similar (if not identical) function.

Another rumour doing the rounds is that the iPhone 7 will come bundled with wireless Beats in-ear headphones. If this does happen we’d expect them to be Apt-X compatible so that audio quality isn’t significantly compromised by being compressed over Bluetooth.

Several leaks also appear to show the inclusion of dual-speakers on the bottom of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. However, as this rumour is based on early case renders, it’s tough to speak to the legitimacy of the claim.

In terms of sensors, we’re not expecting any huge departures from previous Apple handsets. For reference, the iPhone 6S featured a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, a barometer, a three-axis gyro, an accelerometer, a proximity sensor, and an ambient light sensor.

However, there's new evidence that the iPhone 7 could come with a 'Force Touch ID' button. The report stems from analyst firm Cowen and Company, which claims that Apple is looking into replacing the physical home button on its next smartphone with a capacitive alternative.

According to the analyst firm's research, Apple would utilise the Force Touch screen technology implemented in the iPhone 6S to enable pressure sensitivity and haptic (or Taptic, to use Apple's nomeclature), feedback for a virtual equivalent. The resulting 'button' would, naturally, sit flush with the display.

iPhone 7 Benchmarks

As with every new iPhone, we'd expect to see a nice speed gain. While this has yet to be confirmed, we'd guess we'll be seeing an A10 (following on from the A9 in the iPhone 6S and the A9X in the iPad Pro) SoC power the iPhone 7. And, would you believe it, some of the Geekbench benchmark scores has reportedly already been leaked. According to the results, the new iPhone will have an 18% boost over the A9, which doesn't seem much considering the A9 was around 43% faster than the A8.

iPhone 7 Software: iOS 10 confirmed

We'll be seeing the upcoming iOS 10 appear on the iPhone 7.

Apple showed off iOS 10 at its WWDC 2016 event. It's set to feature a much smarter, more powerful lock screen with glanceable notifications and advanced widgets. The new OS will also make better used of 3D Touch, with many functions accessible without having to enter apps.

iphone 7Credit: Jermaine Smit

Siri will be a lot more powerful, with third party app support being added at last.

The new dedicated Home app, meanwhile, will turn the iPhone 7 into a proper smart home hub.

iPhone 7 Camera

A report from the China Times published in June suggested that Apple had scrapped plans to introduce a dual-lens camera to the iPhone 7 – specifically the larger rumoured iPhone 7 Plus. The report didn’t name its sources, but some market watchers suggest it was enough to cause stock prices to fall for a number of firms reportedly involved in the manufacturing, including LG Innotek, Japan’s Alp Electric, and Taiwan’s Largan Precision.

Shortly after, analysts have spoken out against the original report, saying that it’s very unlikely Apple would make such a key design change so late in the game, as reported by investment site Barrons. A note from Morgan Stanley reads:

“While we don’t rule out the possibility that Apple could change the spec just two months before the iPhone 7 launch, we are unsure about the reliability of the source of the information, and our checks with the supply chain suggest so far there have been no changes to order forecasts for [the second half of 2016].”

CLSA, meanwhile, said:

“Our analysts spoke to Alps and LG Innotek, which both denied the speculation. Such a last-minute spec change is unlikely as we believe dual cameras will be a key feature for Apple. Moreover, suppliers have expanded capacity already and look confident to begin mass production next month.”

Rumours that Apple is plotting a significant camera upgrade for the iPhone 7 have been circulating for the past few weeks. It’s alleged that Apple has already placed a high number of orders for a dual-lens camera for the bigger of the two iPhone models expected to launch this September.

Apple hasn’t made any official comment on the matter, but a number of different publications have cited industry sources suggesting the design change will go ahead. The iPhone 7 is expected to boasts minimal modifications compared to the iPhone 6S, so improvements to the camera could be one way to appease prospective phone buyers.

iPhone 7 camera leak

Elsewhere, in terms of camera upgrades, Apple looks set to introduce optical image stabilisation (OIS)on the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 – something previously reserved for the 5.5-inch Plus models. A seemingly leaked image via French site Nowhereelse appears to show the iPhone 7's camera module, complete with cutouts housing the necessary tech for OIS.

Again, this is far from confirmed, but it looks fairly likely, especially if Apple is planning to add a dual-lens setup to its Plus model phone. Doing so would mean leave the company free to transfer OIS from the Plus to the standard model without encroaching on the Plus model's positioning as a premium device.

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iPhone 7 Waterproof?

It’s no secret Apple may be planning to release a water resistant iPhone, allowing it to keep pace with Samsung, Sony and other top smartphone manufacturers. However, a new patent filing published this week, suggests any handset resistant to the wet stuff will also take pretty awesome underwater photos.

The 2013 filing, granted in 2015 and unearthed by Patently Apple (via Wired) explains new colour-balancing editing software, which would “remove undesirable tints from objects in a scene,” to ensure the water looks blue. The filing states: “Removing undesirable tints without removing the tint of the water itself results in images with more realistic coloring of people and objects in the scene, without eliminating the color cues (e.g., blue water) that indicate that the image is a photograph of an underwater scene.”

Given the filing is three years old, rather than newly made, it would indicate the technology might now be ready for prime time. Of course, Apple does not roll all of its parents into real world gadgets, but there is cause to believe the company may do on this occasion.

Multiple rumours have suggested next month’s iPhone 7 will be the first to officially claim water resistance. The current iPhone 6S has been shown to offer some level of waterproofing, but it’s not something Apple has ever acknowledged. While better underwater photos would be a bonus, it seems highly unlikely it’ll be a tool that can be used by divers. Most smartphones claiming water resistance only do so to depths of 1.5 metres for around 30 minutes. That would make it ideal for a scuba session at least.

iPhone 7 Price:

As with the release date, the iPhone 7 price isn’t too tough to guess. After all, Apple tends to stick with similar mark-ups year in, year out.

Here are the UK launch prices for the most recent Apple handsets:

  • iPhone 5 – £529
  • iPhone 5S – £549
  • iPhone 6 – £539
  • iPhone 6S – £539

Based on those figures, we’d expect to see the iPhone 7 price fall around £539 for the base model.

However, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a slight price hike – perhaps £549? After all, the rival Samsung Galaxy S7 launched at £569, and Apple would be remiss to appear less premium than its South Korean competitor.

iPhone 7 Videos and Images:

Though it’s still early days, we’ve already seen a tonne of iPhone 7 video and image leaks. You can check out these in our iPhone 7 images, pictures and concepts round-up. In the meantime, check out this video. This is our biggest look yet at what the next iPhone could look like. In the clip, which you can see below, the reported iPhone 7 is shown alongside the outgoing iPhone 6S.

It's also worth giving these shots, tweeted by Twitter user The Malignant, a look over. While they're almost certainly not official Apple wares, they give us a good idea of what we might expect from the iPhone 7, at least in terms of design:




We also saw some further images sourced via Weibo, which we can't verify. Nevertheless, they seem to gel with previous leaks. As such, even if they turn out to be dummy units, they give a prospective look at what we might expect to see from the iPhone 7 anyway. They also give a good overview of the differences between the three rumoured iPhone 7 variants:

iphone 7

iphone 7

iphone 7

iphone 7

Steve Hemmerstoffer also published another leak that seemingly confirms the existence of a new iPhone colour option, posting an image that depicts what he describes as a 'Space Black' iPhone 7 mute switch:

However, he rightly caveated his post with a second tweet that made plain how easy it is to "falsify" such a leak:

New spy shots also turned up on MyDrivers, supposedly showing the iPhone 7 in 'Space Black':

iphone 7

iphone 7

iphone 7

iphone 7

Some images posted to Weibo, and published by MacRumors, seem to depict iPhone 7 components, specifically showcasing a traditional cut-out for a standard home button arrangement, which suggests earlier rumours of a pressure-sensitive home button may not be true:

iphone 7 leak 2

iphone 7

A more recent leak came courtesy of prolific tipster @the_malignant, who posted the following tweet. It suggests that the iPhone 7 may support fast-charging at 5V2A:

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What would you like to see from the iPhone 7? Let us know in the comments.


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so I lose/break/forget my apple headphones and what? I now have to buy an overpriced replacement from Apple? I can't use one of the dozen of sets of 3.5mm headphones that everyone on the planet have lying in a drawer somewhere? And what happens when I'm trying to charge my phone... woops, sorry no audio out when the lightning cables plugged in...sorry. But hey, you can always invest yet more money in a set of bluetooth speakers? or yet another proprietary adapter? Solution for a problem that doesn't exist.
Didn't the EU give Apple huge flak over changing the power cable to a proprietary format as it results in increased production of specialised cables and negative environmental impact? Same thing all over again!!


May 23, 2016, 6:51 am

You're really in the wrong industry if you want stable, consistent connector types across all devices.


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Bob Foss

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Agree. I hate rechargeable and Bose just went to a wireless headphones with a short 20 hour battery, compared to their previous models that had 35 hour batteries. Waiting to charge, sending the unit back when the battery fails is not a real option, but most people can't seem to handle wires so it will be good for those types of people.

Bob Foss

June 22, 2016, 3:45 am

True. Most people who don't have premium headphones or like their music higher quality will be satified with this, but like you said, those who have invested in wired will only have two choices---get an adapter, or go to a user-friendly Android version. They will likely still respect the headphone user.

Ganske Rettferdig

June 28, 2016, 6:34 pm

On the bright side: If it will need an adapter, it will be offered a dac & headphone amp, making it worth it for hi-fi nerds ;)

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